Sports Illustrated Call Tar Heels Jayhawks Final

Have I been saying something about 3/24?.. UNC =243. TWENTY SIXTEEN NCAA CHAMPIONS =2430. WE GOT THIS DANCE =72/1322. Demise of Barack Obama =72. Act of Terrorism =72. Forty-Fourth US President =322. Nine Eleven Terrorist Attacks =322. Brice Johnson =132. Bubba Cunningham =132 (UNC’s athletic director). North Carolina & Kansas =213. North Carolina Tar Heels NCAAB Champions =2130.

  • Thirteen Twenty-Two =84. The Big Dance =184. Obama =84. It’s Anybody’s Title =84/1420. Brice Johnson Number Eleven =142. President Obama =142. Terrorist =142. University of North Carolina =142. The Heels =241. Final Four Victory =214. Houston Final Four =214. Final Four =412.
  • Brice Johnson Eleven =114. Brice Johnson and the No. 1 Seeded Tar Heels Disagree =411. President of the United States =114. Obama Murdered at Fifty-Four =114. Assassin =411.

The first game of the tournament, UNC scored 83 points, reducing to 11 like Johnson’s jersey number. (Johnson also reminds of Lyndon and Andrew, the Vice Presidents who became President after assassinations.)

  • Brice Johnson born June 27, 1994: [6+27+19+94] =146. Barack Hussein Obama II =146. [6+27+94] =127. Johnson’s 21st birthday was 271 days before 3/24. Death of Barack Obama =127. [6+27+1+9+9+7] =56. President =56. [6+2+7+1+9+9+7] =41.
  • 3/24 is 3 months 4 days (34) before his next birthday. Tar Heels =34. NCAA Champs =34. Super Bowl 50 saw 34 points scored and 34 years ago Tar Heels won the championship with Michael Jordan at the helm.
  • Johnson’s 21st birthday was 9 months 8 days before 4/4. Jonathan Brice Johnson =98. Lorenzo Charles =98. The SI preview article is called “Offensive Developments” =98. And the timespan from 4/4 to his next birthday: 84 days / 2016 hours / 2 months 23 days. Them’s even more Obama coding.

What’s weird about June 27th… is that’s the day #43 Lorenzo Charles died. As Sports Illustrated informed me, he scored the winning basket for N.C. State in its upset victory over Houston in the 1983 NCAA championship game with both teams tied at 52. There’s a Carolina connection; the Final Four, Super Bowl and Wrestlemania are held in Houston this year; and the 52nd prime is 239 – America currently 239 years old.

  • Lorenzo Charles =72/126. North Carolina Number One Seed =126. NRG Stadium =126. Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =216.
  • He died in a bus accident at age 47, 1744 days before this year’s final on 4/4. Kansas City =744. President Obama =477. US President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =474. And in that 1744 I see KILL=17/44. The feature preview article highlights North Carolina beating Duke on March 5th. From 3/5 to 4/4 is 744 hours (that’s also 4 weeks 3 days, like Charles’ #43). It’s all so head-spinning. Especially when we connect that even further to NC =43 / Tar Heels =43 / NCAA Champs =43.

And as for that vaunted Sports Illustrated prediction… Same as Obama’s. Remember, those two also chose Panthers over Broncos (though Obama admitted on Colbert that he had advanced knowledge of a win for Denver).

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