Abdeslam Captured: Easter Warnings

WE HAVE HIM =1666. “Man Suspected Off Dropping Off Suicide Bombers in Paris is Captured” =327. CNN even time-stamped 3:27, just so you know it’s no coincidence. Another terrorist-themed reference to our 3/27 date of Easter 2016, connected right into the perp’s name: SALAH ABDESLAM =273. And in the title words I see 2-4-3 in the letter count (24/3). This is confirmed with the duration between 11/13 and this capture: 3024 hours (3/24).

That car is deliberately staged to flash the license plate into the subconscious. DLB=4+3+2. Or if we don’t reduce L, the whole plate is coded to [1+4+12+2+8+6] =33. 

According to Abdeslam’s profile on Interpol, he’s born on {15+9+89} =113. The fulfilment of his birth numerology is 1113, the date of the attacks. Remember, it happened 311 days after Charlie Hebdo and Abdeslam’s brother was caught and released the day after the attacks: his name was Mohammed Abdeslam =311/129 (and at the time there were 129 reported fatalities).

  • Notice the date 15/9 connected to the Gematria of “November Thirteenth Twenty-Fifteen” =159. Triskaidekaphobia =159 (fear of Friday the 13th). President Barack Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =159. “Paris Attack Suspect Captured Injured But Alive” =159. The attack hoax happened on 59 numerology.
  • He was captured 6 months 3 days after his birthday. Abedslam Brothers =63. Paris =63. Charlie Hebdo =63. Terrorism =63. False Flag Event =63. And two of the other terrorists are similarly coded: Omar Mostefai =63. Ibrahim Abdeslam =63. Just like the leader of ISIS himself: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi =630. Barack Obama Dies =630.
  • That’s also 4440 hours later. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH TERRORISM IN PARIS =444.

In this clip of an anonymous hooded man loaded into a car that we’re made to believe is this Abdeslam character, another coded plate. DKN=4+11+14. The entire plate sums out 42, matching perfectly with its 33 pair. Masonry =33/42. False Flag =33/42. Obama Dies =33/42.

  • And that 228 is important, as the propaganda highlights several times the phrase “Foreign Fighter Problem” =228. Rothschild Zionist =228. Death =228. United States of America =228. Also the timestamp of 2:32. Satan =232. Lucifer =323. Brussels on High Alert =232. Islamic State Soldier =232. Assassination Threat =232. Obama Killed at Fifty-Four =232.

Paris Attack Suspect Captured =130. The death toll is 130, as the 13-narrative goes. (As I write this, #13-seeded Hawaii just upset 4th-seeded California with a point total of 143 – more evidence in support of a UNC victory: Tar Heels =43 / NCAA Champs =43 / etc).

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