Point Break Theory: Obama / JFK Pinched for Armed Robbery

According to the Daily Mail, “four men were arrested last month in Las Vegas after committing a string of armed robberies while disguised as Barack Obama and John F Kennedy” – à la Point Break. The first incident took place at a T-Mobile store on 2/12 – that’s Abraham Lincoln’s 207th birthday. Some coincidence, seeing all we’ve been discussing. Especially that big juicy 207. The Number of the Beast =207. The New World Order =207. Poisoned President =207. Barack Obama Assassinated =702.

  • T-Mobile =216. Barack =216 and was born on the 216th day of the year. From the release of the Point Break remake on 12/25 to 3/24 is 2160 hours. 6x6x6 =216. Point Break =48/666. Dead Kennedys =48/666. Six Six Six =48. Illuminati =48.
  • Point Break =357. Dollar Crash =357. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse =357. Oaxaca Mexico =753 (the man named Oaxaca is said to be the only one in the JFK mask). 
  • The four men’s names as a whole: “Fred Oaxaca, Marcus Hammon, Martin Garcia, Luis Cuevas” =211. There Has Been an Attempted Assassination of the President =211. Mason =211 (the 47th prime number). President =47. It’s 1 month 12 days from 2/12 to 3/24. And their ages sum (19+21+18+31) to 89. Barack Killed =89. Barack H Obama =189. 

The original Point Break came out on 7/12/91. That’s exactly 24 years 7 months to the first robbery of this fake news story on Lincoln’s birthday. Gun =247. Problem =247. From the film’s release to our 3/24 we find 9023 days. That’s a big 9/23, Yom Kippur, when Francis visited the White House at 9:23 AM on his 923rd day as Pope. And from then til 3/24 is 6 months 2 days. Dead Presidents =62.

  • [7+12+91] =110. From 3/24 to the 25th anniversary of Point Break is 110 days. The thing about 25 is it’s the 25th Amendment to the Constitution that deals with succession to the Presidency in case of something like an assassination. 
  • It was adopted [2+10+67] =79. Assassination =79. Murder =79. Lincoln =79. The Death of Barack Obama =79. 

From the adoption of Amendment XXV to our second target date of 5/23, the 144th day of the year: precisely 18,000 days! That’s 432,000 hours (an anagram of 3/24) and even the seconds code out — 1,555,200,000. Amendment XXV =1555. United States Currency =1555. America invaded Iraq exactly 555 days after 9/11. Making it all so extremely sus. 

How’s that tagline! 27 banks in 3 years. An anagram of 237 connected to dead presidents (Bobby Kennedy assassinated exactly 237 weeks after JFK) and 27/3: the date of Easter 2016. “Twenty-Seven Banks in Three Years” =123. Conspiracy =123. Anything to Catch the Perfect Wave =325. Good Friday falls on 3/25 this year, the same day Lincoln was shot. Reagan Carter Nixon =187/88. George Washington =187/88. And from 9/23 to Easter Sunday is 187 days. Forced Retirement =88.

  • One Hundred Percent Pure Adrenaline =332/161. John Fitzgerald Kennedy =233. President Abraham Lincoln =233. Second Nine Eleven =1061. Terrorists =161. Dead at Fifty-Four =161. President Obama =61, born in ’61 gone in ’16. 
  • Point Break 100% Pure Adrenaline =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. In the movie their gang is called ‘Ex-Presidents’ =59. John F Kennedy =59. Kill =59. Vaya Con Dios Bra =59.

4 thoughts on “Point Break Theory: Obama / JFK Pinched for Armed Robbery

  1. You’ve been hitting on some next level shit lately. Awesome work. It’s hard for anything to surprise me anymore, but it really is mind-blowing just how tangled up sports, entertainment, and consensus reality really are. What the hell are we up against?


  2. To answer your possibly hypothetical question:We are up against people who are psychopathic liars. People who lack the slightest compassion for thier fellow human beings. It almost seems like there’s competition within each different secret society who can come up with the most outrageous lie and have the most people believe it; even amongst themselves. We can only begin with ourselves and spread truth and speak no lies. Change always comes from within.
    Bigotry And Hate 149
    Champions League 149
    The Game Is Fixed 135
    Money Talks 135
    Admin, I couldn’t resist checking Stephen King after I seen work connecting the movie Dead Zone and assassination attempts on politicians.
    Under The Dome 132
    The Firmament 132
    None of this is coincidence. It appears that the English language is the pinnacle of mind manipulation and enables the propagandists to cast spells upon us with maximum effect.
    Masonic Pledge 123
    “City Of Lies” in the English Ordinal system equals 123

    “Jesuit Controlled ” in the English Ordinal system equals 202

    “All The World’s A Stage” in the English Ordinal system equals 202
    “Obama Shot In The Head” in the English Ordinalsystem equals 168
    “Obama Resurrected” in the English Ordinal system equals 168


  3. “That’s a big 9/23, Yom Kippur, when Francis visited the White House at 9:23 AM on his 923rd day as Pope.” = And tomorrow “20/3/9” that papist is in office 1103d or 3y7m0d and it is “Crowley 93 weeks” after “the beast” asteroid alledegly flew overhead at “777k miles…..”


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