Flydubai Russian Plane Crash


PLANE CRASH =62. A plane crash in Russia killed all 62 people aboard. It was scheduled to land at 6:20 PM ET Friday, the coded media tells us, because they absolutely froth over synchronizing numerology. It was Flydubai Flight 981. Nine Hundred Eighty-One =224/116. The Halloween Plane Crash (also of Russian passengers returning from the Middle East) killed 224 passengers and happened 116 days (3 months 24) before 2/24, a date which saw another plane crash in Nepal. And it’s 611 days since MH17 crashed in Ukraine.

  • “At 03:42 local time the air traffic controller (ATC) of the airport alerted the local emergency services about the crash.” That looks like yet another coded 3/24.
  • CNN’s headline: “Tail Clips Ground Plane Crashes” =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. The flight’s final transmission is reported as “121.2 Bye-Bye.” BYE BYE =64. Plane Crash Hoax =64. And that 212 is curious as it’s 2 years 12 days (106 weeks) since MH-370 vanished and 2/12 is Lincoln’s birthday. (12×12 =144.) The Russians onboard: 44 passengers 1 crew. 
  • There was a notable Russian politician onbaord, Igor Pakus =507. [3+18+20+16] =57. No Survivors =57. Fake Plane Crash =57.

In total there were 7 crew and 55 passengers. Fifty-Five =108. Plane Wreck =108. It happened on the 18/19th of “March” =43. Plane Crash =43. This incident comes 360 days (full circle) after the Germanwings Crash of 3/24 last year, which killed 144 passengers. March Eighteenth =144/81. It crashed at an airport called “Rostov on Don” =81. Terrorism =810. And like the Germanwings crash, looked a lot like a bunch of trash strewn about.


Flydubai Flight Nine Eight One =1110/141. The flight aborted its first landing attempt at 01:41 local time. Israeli Secret Intelligence =141. US Department of Defense =1410. World War III =141. Flight Nine Eight One =106. Again, it happened exactly 106 weeks after MH-370 vanished. Prophecy =106. False Flag Event =1006.

  • Flight Nine Eight One =1122 (JFK’s death date, a lot like that “121.2 bye bye” famous last words”). It also crashed on runway 22 on a date with 22 numerology [3+1+9+2+0+1+6].


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