NBA’s 144th Day Forecast: Cavs-Warriors Final


Today is March 19th, the 144th day of the NBA season. March Nineteenth Twenty Sixteen =144. Cleveland is going for its 50th win while Golden State is 62-6 and Oklahoma is 47-22. Cav’s 50th potential win gets us stretching a duration from SB50, like a stepping stone between rigged championships, and finding 1 month 11 days. The NBA Finals =111. Lupercalia =44 on 4/4 came 111 days before the Cavs-Warriors Finals last year – which we expect to see a rematch of this season, as this evening’s games may very well forecast.

  • March 19 is also 2 months 16 days (6x6x6 =216) before start of The NBA Finals =666; or 10 weeks 6 days. Prophecy =106/666. Warriors are going for a 66-6 record.
  • March 19th [3+19+20+16] =58. [3+19+16] =38. [3+19+2+1+6] =31. [3+1+9+2+1+6] =22. Basketball =22. It’s also the 79th day of the year. Miami Heat =79. Miami =79. Champion =79. There’s a fair chance that the Spurs-Warriors and the Cavs-Heat matchups will be the final four, with Warriors-Cavs advancing to the finals.

Cavs head coach is “Tyronn Lue” =144/45. Cavs =45 in their 45th season. King James =44. Lebron James =114. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. Heat =114. (Now you know why he played for those two teams.) From the hiring of Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr to this trifecta is 1 year 11 months 4 days. From Lue’s hire to start of NBA Finals on 6/2 is 4 months 11 days. That can also be expressed as 18 weeks 7 days. Tyronn Jamar Lue =187.

From Lue’s hire on 1/22 is 1 month 25 days. The last time Spurs-Warriors was played was 1/25, 1 month 22 days ago. Golden State =122. San Antonio =122. This will be the 158th matchup between Warriors-Spurs. Spurs lead 103-54 (32-0 at home since 1997) and are at 58 wins on a date with 58 numerology. Warriors =58 and are in their 44th season. Spurs are going for their 44th straight win at home tonight. Forty-Four =144.

Similarly, it’s the Cavaliers and Heat’s 101st time playing and Heat lead the all-time series 58-42. It’s too tempting to set that record at 58-43 than 59-42. Cavaliers locking down their 43rd series win against the Heat =34 in March =43 with 143 days to the playoffs. Then Spurs lose and go 43-1 at home overall and 34-1 at home this season, especially in light of all the 43/34 coding for a UNC championship. Several NCAA games were coded 143 and the last time Cavs Warriors played Golden State won by 34 points after scoring 34 points in the 1st quarter and 34 points in the 3rd.

  • The Bulls historic 44-game win streak ended on 4/4 and last season, Steve Kerr set the record for most wins by rookie coach on 4/4. Monty Williams, head coach of the Thunder, recently lost his wife at age 44 in a ‘Car Crash’ =44. 22 days later, Thunder’s part owner Aubrey McClendon also died in a car crash. Earlier today there was a Russian plane crash on runway 22 with several 144 connections.


Also, with regards to our search for 131 connections to championships, Philadelphia Eagles hired head coach Doug Pederson on 1/18 — 1 year 18 days before Super Bowl 51 (or 55 weeks). That’s the same day the Cavs and Warriors last played! He’s got a birthday of 1/31. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.

Four days after Pederson was hired, Cavs fired Israeli coach David Blatt following that aforementioned 34 point loss to the Warriors, symmetry which is probably coding a Warriors payback loss to the Cavs in the Finals. Blatt was sacked 83 weeks after being hired with 83 wins out of 143 games (Spurs loss tonight puts them at 43-1) and was born on the 143rd day of the year, 5/22. Doug Pederson =143 and while playing QB in the show he made a career total 522 attempts and retired with a rating of 62. Doug Pederson =62. NBA Finals start on 6/2. It’s been 62 days since Cavs and Warriors last played.

2 thoughts on “NBA’s 144th Day Forecast: Cavs-Warriors Final

  1. Very interesting stuff lad. Didn’t know the 1/31 birthday on Doug Pederson. Have ta keep an eye on the Eagles next season.


    • Aye, specially with Eagles of Death Metal and the two Eagles blood sacrifices. With Obama gone over Easter could be fireworks in DC. Isis threatens DC =1038. Easter Nine Eleven =1038. “I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington” =1138


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