Predictive Programming and a 3/24 White House Attack

PREPARE FOR BLOODY HELL =1006. The White House address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The State of Our Union is Strong =1600. Plane Crashes Into White House =160. White House Terrorism =106. Prophecy =106. And here we are in the year ’16.

  • PREPARE FOR =64/118. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Death =118. BLOODY HELL =47/110. President =47/110. TERROR AT THE WHITE HOUSE =110. March 4th (the 64th day of the year) used to be the inauguration date for US Presidents until it switched to 1/20 to match the Gematria: Illuminati =120. Inauguration =120. 

In that inverted Union Jack I see an X=144, the Templar Cross. NEXT NINE ELEVEN EVENT =1404. WHITE HOUSE BOMBED =1044. SIXTEEN HUNDRED PENNSYLVANIA AVE NW =144. Here we find yet more heavy predictive programming for the upcoming blue chip assassination and major American false flag. The film’s title appears to allude to the nursery rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down. The invisible words there are BRIDGE DOWN =56/101. ASSASSIN =56/101. This could be dually suggesting political hits and something like the Golden Gate Bridge being taken out, as we’ve sure been subjected to our fill of bridge demolition imagery. They even do it several times in the trailer:

This deep coded fear porn propaganda piece opens on the British Prime Minister having died under mysterious circumstances. The American president is then kidnapped and threatened with execution on live TV (just like the plan in Big Game). The President’s name is BENJAMIN ASHER =911/119/56. Ha, wow. In case you’re new here, Star of David =119/56. Assassin =56. President =56. And the double 9/11 coding, priming for the next.

District of Columbia =199. Olympus Has Fallen =199. This precursor to London Has Fallen came out on 3/22/13. That’s 3 weeks 3 days before the Boston Bombing (like the Brussels Bombings on 3/22), which is also Lincoln’s deathday and the birthday of Belgium’s King Philippe. From the release of that movie to our Thursday target of 3/24 is 3 years 3 days. And to the three-year anniversary of the Boston Bombings on April 15th this year is 3 years 24 days. Sixteen Hundred Pennsylvania Avenue =2340.

The movie White House Down came out exactly 1000 days [1,440,000 minutes] before 3/24. Thousand Days =43. Including the end-date that’s exactly 143 weeks. D=4 C=3. The 14th prime number is 43 and it’s been 14 years since 9/11. The sequel, London Has Fallen, was released on 3/4, a date with 43 numerology. President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =434. White House Down =1134. White House Attack =1134. White House Down Olympus Has Fallen =3410. London Has Fallen March Twenty-Fourth =2340.

  • White House Down =72. White House Under Attack =72. Capitol Hill =702. African American President =702. Remember in the movie Independence Day when the aliens blew up the White House? Of course you do, that’s been seared into our collective subconscious. That flick came out on 7/2 of ’96. From 3/24 to July 4th is 14 weeks 4 days (144).
  • Independence Day and White House Down were both directed by “Roland Emmerich” =138. London Bridge Is Falling Down =138. Easter Nine Eleven =1038. ISIS Threatens DC =1038. 
  • From Independence Day release to the 138th annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House: 7210 days. This year’s theme is “Let’s Celebrate” =127. Death of Barack Obama =127. Pennsylvania Ave NW =217. MH Three Seventy Crashes into White House =172. M=13 H=8.
  • White House Attacked =1188. The Second Nine Eleven =1188.

Terror at the White House =119/281. Lincoln =182. Obama Dead Before His Fifty-Fifth Birthday =182. President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =182.

From London Has Fallen release to Easter Sunday is 3 weeks 3 days. Asher =33. Has Fallen =33. Nice 3:30 on the Big Ben, free association with Roethlisberger (this movie was co-written by one Creighton Rothenberger), the Pittsburgh themed football team demolished in the Dark Knight Rising. Steelers =395. London Has Fallen =395/152. Obama Killed =152. Pennsylvania =152, like the White House street and the 33rd largest state.

Construction on the White House began 10/13/1792. That’s 223 years 5 months 11 days before 3/24. Therein I see a major WH connection to Paris Attacks on 11/13 and Brussels Bombings on 22/3. Plus the 1511 link I established on the BB write-up.

  • 1511 days between Lincoln’s assassination attempt and his death. That’s also exactly 216 weeks. Barack =216, born on the 216th day. Washington DC Three Twenty-Four =216. 6x6x6 =216.

Want some more clues to a false flag at the White House on 3/24? Both 1600 and the zip code 20500 reduce to “Seven” =840. State of the Union =804. Eighty-Four =804. Obama =84 born on 8/4. United States of America =84. Second Nine Eleven =84. The Next Nine Eleven =84. March 24th is the 84th day of the year. And check the poster for Olympus Has Fallen: ‘When our flag falls’ not only sounds like ‘false flag’ but, there was a strange event at the 2012 London Olympics where the American flag mysteriously fell from the rafters during the American anthem – right when the lyrics sang “And our flag was still there.” It happened on 8/4.

  • United States President =1137. Washington DC=137. White House March Twenty-Fourth =137. The fulfilment of MH-370. Three Seventy =166. The White House =166. Resurrection =166. Nine Eleven =166. Twin Towers =166. Terror Threat =166.
  • Plane Crashes Into White House =331. Washington DC Three Twenty-Four =1333. Government =133. White House =133. False Flag =33. The 33rd prime is 137, Easter False Flag =137.



    9 thoughts on “Predictive Programming and a 3/24 White House Attack

    1. What’s the background on all of these places having fallen?

      Any posts on that?
      I like reading here. I do not understand Gematria by my own lack of studying though I know what I’m reading here holds truth.


    2. Also,

      I am half asleep, lol.

      I realize within the post there are details about the movies and what is hidden with the Gematria but I meant do you have any posts with in depth discussion of the symbolism of these films and why they made them.

      Thank you.


    3. Croydon man Matthew P Doyle trending on Twitter for asking Muslim women to “explain Brussels” is shown standing before a bus with number 119.


    4. Frodo and SAM head towards mt doom and CRACKs of Doom on 3/22

      3/25 Mt Doom volcano blows, flames, ring, SAM-MAS

      3y4m3d (7-7-7) before 3/25/16 media falsely reported Mt Doom had erupted

      Asher / Ashley

      Why(te) Home- ing….yellowstone park 144+ years ago established


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