The Blood Sacrifice of Mayor Rob Ford

The crack-smoking former mayor of Toronto has died on 3/22, the number of Skull & Bones. He was the 64th mayor and died at age 46. Sacrifice =46. Former Toronto Mayor Ford Dies =146. Robert Bruce Ford =170. Mayor Ford =701. Crack Smoker =117. Toronto =117. Toronto Mayor Ford =1171. He was 17,100 days old when he died – or including the end date, exactly 2443 weeks. There’s yet another 24/3 reference, the frequency of that coding is increasing exponentially as we make our final approach to the date.

ROB FORD =272 in Jewish Gematria. Newsweek ran a cover with a suicide vest reading 27.2 – and on the very day Ford died, suicide bombers attacked Brussels in another terror hoax. Notice the title, “Homegrown Terror” =1272/212. Brussels Airport =1272. And the issue date from 2.12, Lincoln’s birthday. Mayor =72. Crack Smoker =72/702. He died 7200 hours after his last birthday and 2 months 7 days before his next. Former Toronto Mayor Ford =127.


  • Belgium Under Attack =79. Smoking Crack =79. Murder =79. Assassination =79. He died exactly 79 weeks after it was announced that Ford has “Cancer” =44. Chemo =44. Kill =44. Rob B Ford =44.

Ford also died 67 days before his next birthday. Blood Sacrifice =67. Brussels Belgium =67. Another connection between the two major events of 3/22.

2 thoughts on “The Blood Sacrifice of Mayor Rob Ford

  1. Great work, dude.
    Also notice there are five connection points on the dynamite on each side. Looks like 55 to me.
    There are five slot things-whatever they’re called on the left, and five dots under the 27.2 number. 55 again?
    One dot is not illuminated. Maybe a countdown?
    One more 55….44 days from 3/22=5/5


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