Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri


This is the Argentinian President whom Obama met with on the eve of 24/3. President Mauricio Macri =243/117. 24/3 is 11 weeks 7 days into the year and 1 month 17 days after Macri’s last birthday. The Second Nine Eleven =117. He was born Feb 8th, a date that leaves 327 in a leap year. That looks like 3/27, this Easter Sunday. President of Argentina =732, an anagram of his birth numbers – a man born to be. Biblical Prophecy =732. Islamic State Prophecy =732. Lone Wolf Terrorism =732. President of Argentina =1320. Bueneas Aires Argentina =1032. Easter Assassination of Barack Obama =1032. There are 32 rays coming off the sun (saturn) on the Argentinian flag. Thirty-Two Rays =68. Saturn-Chronos =68. Saturn is Satan =68. Dark Lord Saturn =68. Barack Obama =68. 

  • Mauricio =26. Macri =26. Retires in Argentina =206. Mauricio =44. Macri =44. Kill =44. President Macri =82, born 8/2. Just like that 44th president Obama =84, born 8/4. For the millionth time. Macri =123. Assassination of Barack Obama =123. Barack Obama Fake Death =321. Obama and Hitler =123, and as the story goes, Hitler faked his death and went into retirement in Argentina after playing his own role in the Grand Agenda. HITLER =432.
  • 3/24 comes 1 month 7 days before the 71st anniversary of Hitler’s alleged suicide. If Obama kicks the bucket he’s born in ’61 fake death in ’16. It’s also 330 days since the last anniversary of his death. Adolf Hitler =303. Berlin =33. Nazis =33. Holocaust =33. The Obama Regime =333. Obama Retired in Argentina =333. MLK died 333 days after his one and only public meeting with Malcolm X.

Macri was inaugurated on 12/10/15 — that’s 105 days or 3 months 14 before 3/24. Another Nine Eleven =105. Barack Obama Dies =105. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. And that 314 is a connection to Pi, indicative of cycles and history repeating. The Obama Hit =314. Next Nine Eleven =1314. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. [22/7] =3.14. And Wikipedia tells us he became chairman of a football team on 2/27. JFK Assassination =1227 and the car behind his in the motorcade was plate #227. The full name for the Warren Commission is “The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy =722. The 9/11 Commission Report was issued on 7/22. Obama Demise =227. Lincoln died at 7:22 AM and Reagan was shot at 2:27 PM. In the picture below from the March/April (3/4 – while showing 4-3 fingers and he’s the 43rd man elected president and 3/24 is a date with 43 numerology) issue of Popular Science, Obama is wearing “A Fitbit” =227 that reads 7:22. 


7 thoughts on “Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri

  1. 3/24 1m7d before the 71st anniversary of Hitler’s alleged suicide
    2y17d (two 17) after mh370
    616d (alt mark beast #) , 20m7d, 88w (HH) after mh17
    37d before 71st hitler
    Star pattern – one3two4 = 3/two4, 44 next to head
    Whose face is that shadow???


  2. Valencia bus crash on 21st March 2016 could be a pay op.
    The reported 13 casualties and 7 dead reminds me of the Berkeley balcony collapse with 13 casualties and 6 dead.
    The bus victims were Italian, the balcony victims were Irish.
    Could be linked to international sport success as a “reward” for the “sacrifice” of young people.


  3. 227/722
    Heads up date on georgia guidestones block 8/14/2016
    August Fourteenth in Simple Gematria Equals: 221
    Three Twenty Two in Simple Gematria Equals: 221
    Second War Of Independence in Simple Gematria Equals: 221
    Twenty Sixteen in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2094
    August Fourteenth = 322 969
    August 14 is the 227th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 139 days remaining until the end of the year.
    Freemasonry in Simple Gematria Equals: 139
    Julius Caesar in Simple Gematria Equals: 139
    Two Two Seven in Simple Gematria Equals: 181
    Barack Hussein Obama II in Simple Gematria Equals: 181
    Barack Hussein Obama 2nd in Simple Gematria Equals: 181

    I got the date from a new matthew nicholson video


  4. Ive thought along its gonna be in August. Remember that stupid song last year by Maroon V? This Summers gonna hurt hurt like a mother Fucker?? I felt that was predictive programming for this summer 2016. We shall see. I truly thought something was gonna go down today though.


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