BBC’s Deep-Coded Air New Zealand Ad

As of 2300 PST, 3/23, this ad is front and centre on BBC. Air New Zealand =133/1606. President Mauricio Macri =133 (the Argentinian leader Obama met with on 3/23). Government =133. The White House =133. White House =166. One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy-Five =166. White House =1375. Boom, right dead centre triple-word score coding as a warning for an attack on the White House. Paris France =375. As BBC is pumping out the relentless propaganda on the hoax event that was the Brussels Bombings.

  • Air NZ =630. New Zealand =630. Masonry =630. Zionism =630. Barack Obama Dies =630. Paris =63. Terrorist Attack =63. False Flag Event =63.

BOOK NOW =1102/32. Barack Obama =32. March Twenty Four =2003. Presidential Assassination =112. Obama Retires in Argentina =112. Zionist =112. Mason =211. PICK FROM 7 AUSTRALIA DESTINATIONS =342. PICK FROM SEVEN AUSTRALIA DESTINATIONS FROM =324. Damn, son.

  • March Twenty-Four =201. The Next Nine Eleven =201. Australia =102. Second Nine Eleven =102. Australia Air New Zealand =1410. Mr President =141. Ninth Assassinated US President =1401, which Obama will be.
  • Restrictions and Additional Baggage Charges May Apply =216. Barack =216, born on the 216th day of the year, 8/4. There are 2016 hours in 84 days and tomorrow is the 84th day of the year. Obama =84. President Slain =84. The Next Nine Eleven =84.

Holy fucking shit, truth-seeker. I calculated every letter in the ad and got 490/1201. The Synagogue of Satan =1201/223. BBC =223. And it’s the Book of Revelation, the playbook of revelation for these psycho programmers, that references “them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not,” who will rule in the End Times. Zionist =49. Revelation =49/121. Antichrist =49/121. Satanic Ritual =49. Blood Sacrifice =121. Easter Assassination =121. Barack Obama Killed =121. Obama Retires in Argentina =121.

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