Obama Dances the Tango While the World Burns

Obama Dances The Tango During State Dinner In Argentina =212. Centro Cultural Kirchner in Buenos Aires Argentina =212. That’s the location and the article title synching up with Lincoln’s birthday and the NYC area code. Vladimir Gundyayev =212 / Pope Francis Bergoglio =212, two men who have been tightly interwoven into this plot – and met in Cuba on 2/12; Obama visited Cuba just days ago. LBJ was VP for 2 years 10 months 2 days (212) before coming President after the assassination of John F Kennedy.

  • On 3/24, the Obama family is vacationing in a seaside town called BARILOCHE =438. The song they’re dancing to is AT LAST =438. OBAMA’S LAST DANCE =438. ILLUMINATI =438. ILLUSION =438. BLACK PRESIDENT =834. FREEMASONRY =834.

Obama Dances the Tango =168/69. False Flag =69. Next Nine Eleven =168. New York City =168. Barack Obama =68. (Obama’s Thursday vacay) San Carlos de Bariloche Patagonia Argentina =168/186. The President’s Last Dance =860. Another Nine Eleven =186. Barack Hussein Obama II =1086. Obama Dies in Argentina =1086. Obama Dances the Tango =538. Hillary =538. It’s 5308 days between 9/11 and 3/24.  Tango =342. The Argentinian leader is: President Mauricio Macri =243.

2016-03-23 (1)

So it’s 6 months 13 since the 14th anniversary of 9/11. Six Months Thirteen Days =100. Obama Dies in Argentina =100. Barack Hussein Obama II =100. Masonic Ritual Murder =100. Six Thirteen =61/151. President Obama =61. Terrorism =61. Obama Killed in March =151.

  • The Mossad Kills President Barack Obama in Argentina =241. The President’s Last Dance =241. President Obama =142. 9/11 lasted 1 hour 42 minutes. Beyonce covered At Last, the song they danced to: Beyonce At Last =142. The aforementioned vacation town’s full name is “San  Carlos de Bariloche Patagonia” =142. 
  • Argentina =44/283. Easter Monday on 28/3. Obama Retires in Argentina =238. Argentina March Twenty-Fourth =327. Easter Sunday on 3/27. Birthdate Eight-Four Sixty-One =327. President Obama Assassinated =273.  San Carlos de Bariloche Argentina =273. Bobby Kennedy was killed exactly 237 weeks after JFK. Three Twenty-Seven Sixteen =324. March Twenty-Seventh =243. President Mauricio Macri =243.
  • Argentine Tango =79. The Death of Barack Obama =79. Murder =79. Assassination =79. Three Twenty-Four =79. Three Twenty-Four Sixteen =79.

Argentinian Assassination =272: the Newsweek cover with the suicide vest. Notice the 2/12 issue date connecting to the first point in this post.


CENTRO CULTURAL KIRCHNER =107/1137. Mossad Kills Obama in Argentina =107. Retires in Argentina =701. United States President =1137. Argentinian Assassination =137. Washington DC=137. Easter False Flag =137. BUENAS AIRES ARGENTINA =1032. Easter Assassination of Barack Obama =1032. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. President Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =132. Barack Obama =32. Obama =32. CCK =3311. One Last Dance =113. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina =1131.

  • Mossad Kills Barack Obama in Argentina =161. Assassination of President Obama =161. Second Nine Eleven =1061. Barack Obama Argentina March Twenty-Fourth =161.
  • Mossad Kills President Barack Obama =988. Barry Soetoro =988. From the release date of the movie Murder at 1600 to 3/24 is exactly 988 weeks. Argentine Assassination =898. President Mauricio Macri =898. A Reuters article cites Obama calling Macri a “Man in a Hurry” =889.

March 24th is the 84th day of the year. 84 days is equivalent to 2016 hours. Obama born on 8/4, the 216th day of the year. Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri =2106. That 84 days also equals 2 months 24 days.  Terrorist Strike =224. Divide and Conquer =1224. Obama Fake Death =224. And according to the French Revolutionary Calendar, which began on 23/9, it’s now the year 224.   


Hold on to your butts.

7 thoughts on “Obama Dances the Tango While the World Burns

  1. There is a Roman festival called Tubilustrium that looks like it has special significance.
    Note, this festival takes place on 3/23…and then again on 5/23

    From Wikipedia, emphasis mine
    In Ancient Rome the month of March was the traditional start of the CAMPAIGN SEASON, and the Tubilustrium was a ceremony to make the army fit for war…this ceremony was a feast to cleanse and purify the TRUMPets used in sacrifices…special connection between music and cult in Roman ritual…
    The festival was held on March 23…The event took place again on May 23…The ceremony…involved the sacrifice of a ewe lamb (Phife Dawg)…would be reminded of the occasion by seeing the Salii DANCING through the streets of the city.


  2. Incredible amount of heavy Symbolism tied up in that dance. The words Tango & Argentine Tango are loaded with code, and I feel its open & shut right there.

    Dance Of Death =227, and 2:27 was on Obama’s fitbit. Reagan was shot at 2:27 – please read Bro Berg’s amazing blog for full understanding.

    Dance Of Death =86. Barack Obama =68.

    The Dance Of Death =119….to me it signals 911. The Dance Of Death =340. Please read Bro Bergs amazing blog for full understanding on the importance of 34 – especially to present day.

    Death Dance =171. Barry Soetoro =171. Symbolic Sacrifice =171.

    The Last Tango =142. President Obama =142. Like I said….heavy stuff. The Last Tango =522. That 522 is telling us Thelema is active.

    It Takes Two To Tango =64. Thelema =64.


  3. 2 months and 12 days from today is……..


    coded 11/9 (9/11)

    Plus let’s look at the interchangeable “6’s”…

    6/5 = 9/5 = “14” (5)

    The numerology number that often falls on days of big events….

    2016 = 2019 = “12/21”

    6/5 = 11
    2019 = 12
    11/12 (11/1+2)

    11/3 ……

    We all know that number……

    Could this be the next big event???…

    idk, but that coded 9/11 in the date is a good start….


  4. One more thing……

    That date falls on a Sunday…… which leads me to believe if anything did happen, they would wait until the next day……

    The thing about the next day is….


    6/6/9 = 666

    76 days after Brussels attack.

    76 = 13


  5. oh dang…..

    Obama took office 1/20/2009

    From that date to 6/6/2016..

    7 years, 2 months, 29 days!!!!


    2645 days…


    interchange the 6…

    29/45 …… another 9/11.

    pretty interesting!….


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^ OOPS….

      I had too many windows open and got confused and typed the wrong date….

      it’s supposed to be to APRIL 18th….

      27 days after the Belgium attack is 4/18.

      from the date the president took office to 4/18/16…

      is a span of 7 years, 2 months, 29 days…….

      ignore my post above……..


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