Bagpipes in Space: Amazing Grace and Even More Amazing Synthetic Synchronicities

Kjell Lindgren =61. President Obama =61. Bagpipes in Space =142. President Obama =142. There are 14 weeks 2 days left in the 239th year on Easter Sunday. Easter Nine Eleven =1150. Dr. Kjell Norwood Lindgren =115. Four Score and Seven Years Ago =115. Lindgren is first person to play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes in space, only NASA and the ISS is a total hoax and this is coded ritual symbolism. Speaking of witch, Obama sang Amazing Grace at the Charleston Church shooting hoax funeral, as the code continues.

Amazing Grace =684. USA President =684. The song’s composer, John Newton, originally had his birthday on Wikipedia as 8/4, the same as Obama’s (as Zach captured on FTFT), but it’s since been changed to 7/24 – Brother Berg’s birthday. Trippy!

He’s part of Expedition 44/45 (like the 44th president and the next), which launched on 7/22, again the number of Pi and cycles (Lincoln died at 7:22 AM). It’s 249 days from launch to 3/27. Assassination of Barack Obama =249 Domestic Terrorists =249.

The bagpipes happened on 11/12/15: that’s 113 days into the mission. It made the news on 11/13, a year to the day before the Paris Attacks. That’s also 32 weeks 2 days before Obama sang the same ode to the dearly departed – coding in Skull & Bones and the 3/22 Brussels Bombings. The Charleston Church Hoax happened 223 days before Oregon rancher LaVoy Finicum was supposedly shot and killed, and we’re told he also sung Amazing Grace hours before he died.

3:24. Clementa Pinckney =1020. Kjell Norwood Lindgren =102. Second Nine Eleven =102. Purple =88, and 88 looks like 1313. Methodist =113. Fake Reality =113. Green Screen =113. The Paris Attacks happened 135 days (3240 hours) before Easter Sunday, or 4 months 14 days. False Flag =414. False Flag Event =135. Terrorism =135. This Easter Sunday, 3/27, is 5311 days after 9/11/01. Notice too that 3/27 is the 87th day of the year: Lincoln’s famous “four score and seven” signifies 87. Another Nine Eleven =87. Next Nine Eleven =87. Assassination of Barack Obama =87. Four Score and Seven =78. Easter Sunday is 187 days in the Jubilee Year, since Yom Kippur on 9/23. John Newton died 12/21/1807, which reduces to 3/3/187. JFK Assassination =187/1122, coding in the police code for homicide and the date JFK died, 11/22. 

  • The Eighty-Seventh Day =230/1380. President Obama Murdered =230. The President of the United States =138. ISIS Threatens DC=1038. Easter Nine Eleven =1038.
  • Eighty-Seventh Day of Twenty Sixteen =4032 and it’s exactly 4032 hours from Easter Sunday to 9/11/16. How weird is that? Especially with 3240 hours after 11/13. Next Nine Eleven in March =234. Masonic Ritual Murder =234. President Barack Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =2034. Order of the Illuminati =234. Invisible Government =234. John Newton Amazing Grace =243.

March 24th may very well represent the launch countdown to Sunday, 3-2-1. President of the United States =321. March Twenty-Four =1206. Final Countdown =1260. September Eleventh =1260. Easter Sunday is 199 days after the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and Expedition 44, launched on 6/11, lasted 199 days. A Terrorist Attack =199. Barack Obama Assassinated =199. That’s also 168 days until the next 9/11: Next Nine Eleven =168. Barack Obama =68. Four Score Seven =68.


Look at this ridiculous shit, nice 3-3 staging. Total fucking fantasy.

  • The Science Continues =211. Mason =211. Masonic Mind Control =211. All The World Is A Stage =211. Publicity Stunt =211. The 47th prime is 211. ISS =47. PsyOps =47. Darth Vader =47. Occult Ritual =47. God Saturn =47.
  • Four Score Seven =1404. International Space Station =1044. Black Cube of Saturn =1044. Saturn Creator-Controller of Earth =144. Time =144. MK-Ultra =441. Masonic Grand Lodge =441. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =441.

One thought on “Bagpipes in Space: Amazing Grace and Even More Amazing Synthetic Synchronicities

  1. Look up every definition of the Greek words in Ephesians 4:14.
    “cube” – sleight of the hand,” implies the use of trickery and cheating
    properly, every (evil) work; (figuratively) crafty behavior; unscrupulous cunning that stops at nothing to achieve a selfish goal.
    “method”-properly, a predictable (pre-set) method used in organized evil-doing (well-crafted trickery
    deviant behavior; an error (deception) which results in wandering


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