Ketavan Kardava – Brussels Bombings Hoax Photographer

2016-03-25 (3)

As the narrative is now rolling out, almost all the iconic images of the Brussels Bombings Hoax were taken by one Ketavan Kardava, a journalist for the Georgian Public Broadcaster network who JUST SO HAPPENED to be standing mere metres away from the supposed bomb blast. Yet as you can see from her CNN interview, not a damn scratch.

  • KETEVAN KARDAVA =136/64/100. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =136. State Sponsored Terrorism =136. Israel =64. Zion =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. A Terrorist Attack =64. The Moon Goddess =64. Starbucks Coffee =64 (and Starbucks has been featured in so many of these hoaxes, including Brussels). Zionist Conspiracy =100. Psychological Warfare =100. Lone Wolf Terrorist =100.
  • KK (11+11) =22. BB (2+2). KARDAVA =22/58. Freemasonry =58. Kardava =861. Jerusalem Israel =168. Next Nine Eleven =168. Brussels Bombing Bullshit =1680.
  • Georgian Public Broadcaster =119, the numerological symbol of Zionism. International Business Crime =119. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119 (like Kardava’s top profile pic). Knights Templar founded in 1119. 
  • And another clue I just realized from reviewing my Starbucks link, the Brussels Bombings of 3/22: In Egyptian mythology, ISIS is the “Goddess of Health Marriage and Wisdom” =322. Islamic State Fighters =223. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223.


Here’s one of Kardava’s shots, the bombing ripping open her shirt yet leaving her bra intact – and yet another missing shoe image, which is a Masonic trademark (shown below in a few caps). Her name is Nidhi Chaphekar =115. Brussels =115. The hoax happened 1 year 5 months 11 days (1511) into the Belgian PM’s term. Freemasons =115. Psychological Operations =115. Ms Chaphekar is said to have worked at Jet Airways for 15 years.

  • The media is calling her “Woman in the Yellow Jacket” =264. Georgian Public Broadcaster Network =2094/2106. Operative Masonry =216. 6x6x6 =216.
  • The Woman in the Yellow Jacket =117. The time between the Brussels Bombings and the Boston Bombing was 1 year 11 months 7 days (1117). The Brotherhood of Saturn =1117. Fake Terror =117. Terror Offensive =1170. Central Intelligence =117. That’s also 707 days: Secret Combinations =707. Secret Combination =77. The Programmers =77. The Powers That Be =77. Judaism =77. Saturn Mind Control =77.


And as post-script, check out this article from Truther News about Starbucks, STARBUCKS TERROR ALERT (MAR 22, 2016): CIA Plotting Attack on Starbucks Between March 22-29, 2016 to Launch 2016 US Presidential Campaign of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Starbucks Car Crash Timeline (yes, there’s been more than a few):

1. December 2, 2014: Suspect fleeing police dies after car crashes into Starbucks in Bellaire
2. March 21, 2015: Elderly man crashes car into Cupertino Starbucks
3. April 22, 2015: Customer injured when car crashes into Surrey Starbucks
4. May 5, 2015: Car crashes into Glen Ridge Starbucks
5. June 21, 2015: Driver Crashes Vehicle into Starbucks at Bradlee Shopping Center
6. July 2, 2015: Carjacked Toyota crashes into Portland Starbucks
7. July 26, 2015: Car crashes into North Carolina Starbucks shop with dozens inside


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