Obama Family Vacation in Patagonia

3/24: The day turned out to be a dud but it may very well be the symbolic springboard into the Easter Weekend – not to be a fearmonger, or some sort of false prophet, but as all these 324 bombs have been strongly suggesting, the code is still very much in play.

On March 24th, the Obama family vacationed at a Patagonian lakeside resort called Bariloche before flying back to DC at 11:30 pm. The lake is called “Nahuel Huapi” =116/552. President Barack Hussein Obama =1016. Another Nine Eleven =1116. Love is the Law Love Under Will =116. Obama Family Spring Break =119. Obama Gets Head Shot =552. Patagonia Argentina =552.

  • Lake Nahuel Huapi =64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. Thelema =64. Its motto “Do What Thou Wilt” =64/199. Barack Obama Assassinated 64/199. Loch Ness Monster =64/199.

That is a fascinating connection to Thelema and Loch Ness, because the godfather of that order, Aleister Crowley, recently had his Scottish manor – on the shores of Loch Ness – burn down on 12/23. Lake Nahuel Huapi is also said to be home to a legendary sea monster, an apparent plesiosaur like the one in Loch Ness, called NAHUELITO =105. Barack Obama Dies =105. Another Nine Eleven =105. Masonry =105. Zionism =105.


  • 3/24 comes 93 days after 12/23 and 93 is the number of Thelema, representing the journey from illusion (9) to enlightenment (3). Crowley or “The Beast 666” as he liked to be called, signed his letters 93. Order of Illuminati =93. Saturn =93. The Black Cube =93. Repogram Reality =93. Rothschild Zionist =93. Secret Societies =93. Ringleader =93. Occult Ritual =930. Smoke and Mirrors =93. Propaganda =93. Cthulhu =93. Obama Assassination =93.

Patagonian Sea Monster =800/227. And there’s the 227 connected to assassinations and cycles. Hillary Clinton =800. Nahuel Huapi National Park =113/104. Day Before Good Friday =104. Good Friday =104. Lincoln was shot on Good Friday and died the next morning at 7:22 AM on the 104th day of the year. The 44th President Barack Obama =104. Most Evil Man in Britain =104. The blaze at Boleskine Lodge, with its 140-feet of foreshore on Loch Ness, was spotted at 1:40 and burned down 140 years after Crowley’s birth. Boleskine House at Loch Ness =114. The Synagogue of Satan =1140/223, like the dates 12/23 and 3/22.

5 thoughts on “Obama Family Vacation in Patagonia

  1. Speaking of Saturn, how about this: the Virginia Cavaliers overall record, counting postseason, is 1569-1169. Their coach was born in ’69, has a career winning % of .691, has 169 overall wins with Virginia, and had 69 career wins at his previous job. To illustrate how tied together everything is, the NBA Finals are in 69 days, or 9 weeks 6 days. If coach wins tonight, then loses in the Elite Eight, his career tournament record will be 9-6.


  2. Virginia Cavalier =960. UVa Cavalier =690. Cavalier =71. VA =701.

    Virginia Cavaliers =89. Virginia =89. UVa Cavs =89. Eighty Nine =696.

    Virginia =53 – 5+3=8. Cavalier =35 – 5+3=8. Virginia Cavalier =88. Eighty Eight =123. VA =23.

    Virginia =115. UVa Cavalier =115. Freemasons =115. (Saturn =511) Freemasons =690. Freemason =96.


  3. 3/26/16
    Denver airport freemason plaque date 3/19/94 to 3/26/16 is 22y7d and 2203% of a common year
    Pope in office 1109d / 3y13d
    That Patagonia lake name: The name of the lake derives from the toponymy of this island[clarification needed] in Mapudungun (Mapuche language): “Island of the Jaguar (or Puma)”, from nahuel, “puma (or jaguar)”, and huapí, “island”. There is, however, more to the word “Nahuel” – it signifies “a man who by sorcery has been transformed to a puma” (or jaguar).
    Check out those DIA murals again


  4. The elites headed by the Rothschilds are after Patagonia . This is the cause of Argentina’s constant debt problems which are created to force the government to sell Patagonia . Elites are already moving there, Israel is already starting Jewish settlements there. Landgrabbing for Sovereign Debt: Function of Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility http://new.euro-med.dk/20150130-landgrabbing-for-sovereign-debt-function-of-rothschilds-global-environmental-facility.php Obama was probably there land shopping


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