Wall Street Journal Codes Tar Heels Victory

BN-NG387_2wwsa_M_201603241625142016-03-24 (3)

The School That Rocks Basketball Logic =1116/171/2106. Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =216. North Carolina Number One Seed =126. NRG Stadium =126. Chapel Hill North Carolina =117. NCAA Champions =117. And if we reduce the visible jersey numbers in The Wall Street Journal‘s accompanying image, we get 11711. Looking hot.

  • And that 1116 is interesting. Psychological Operation =1116. Another Nine Eleven =1116. President Barack Hussein Obama =1016. Assassination of President Obama =116.
  • “The Tar Heels resist the game’s modern trends by avoiding three-pointers—and yet they’re still a threat to win the NCAA tournament” =7722 and the Hoosiers are 27-7.

 North Carolina The School That Rocks Basketball Logic =239. North Carolina Tar Heels =236. America is 239 years old in 2016. That all makes for suggestive coding to support our assertion that this is Tar Heels’ year. **The 52nd prime is 239 and Tar Heels finished the half with 52 points**

  • North Carolina Tar Heels Sixteen Champions =430. NC =43 (40+3 in Jewish Gematria). Tar Heels =43. NCAA Champs =43. UNC =243.

I meant to post this earlier than during the first half of the game, but hey so it goes. Feet don’t fail me now. 


5 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal Codes Tar Heels Victory

  1. Nice! I bet alittle on the money line every game! Kansas has Villanova and they are playing lights out ! So we shall see today. Im gonna suck it up and drop 150$ on KU today.


  2. I’m really trying to remain a believer, but this Kansas loss tonight has me baffled. I also gamble, but I haven’t been so hot lately. To recoup my losses, I need the Tar Heels to win the tourney. Is that still your opinion? Sooners white horses got me trippin.


  3. I turned on my radio yesterday and the station was playing 80s all weekend. Turned on espn when i got home and they were playing a 1985 special on the Bears football season with buddy ryan. I Knew Villanova was gonna win last night!! They Won the championship in 1985! It was like a tribute to there coning win over Kansas?? Its like we are in some Time manipulation right now and 1985 plays a part?? Weird. Im in the same Boat i need North Carolina all the way too Bad!


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