Charlie Hebdo Coding Brussels Hoax


MGR VINGT TROIS A TROIS PAPAS =119/328. All-Seeing Eye =119. That’s 3/28 March 28th, Easter Monday, with an image of the Father, the Son (with a nice 3-3 weave in His crown of thorns – like the one on the airport doors), and the HOLY GHOST =48. Illuminati =48. Hoax =48. Propaganda =48. Evil =48. Six Six Six =48. The 48th prime is 223 and Brussels Bombings happened on 22/3.

  • THE HOLY GHOST =63. Charlie Hebdo =63. Paris =63. Terrorism =63. Terrorist Attack =63. False Flag Event =63. Freemasonic =63. Mass Mind Control =63.
  • And it was exactly 63 weeks from the Charlie Hebdo Hoax (which kicked off at 11:30) on 1/7 to the bogus fiasco in Brussels where a bomb supposedly went off leaving no blast marks on anything  yet all the roof tiles fell out!

2016-03-25 (5)

Of course that’s also 441 days. MK-Ultra =441. Jewish International Financiers =144. Nine Eleven Terrorism =1440. Next Nine Eleven Event =1404. Time =144. And the sum of the first 144 decimal points of Pi equals 666, just like Holy Ghost = Six Six Six and 63 is 6 three times. And notice it’s 2 months 16 days since the  one year anniversary of Hebdo Hoax: 6x6x6 =216 and 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. Number of the Beast =1044. Mark of the Beast =144. But nah, there’s no occult numerologists pulling strings… Just another totally unexpected attack by ragtag rogue agents waging Jihad by causing ever-increasing levels of checkpoint security and  police state surveillance. Right.

Le Pere Le Fils Le Saint Esprit =120. Illuminati =120. That’s a double coding of Illuminati plus the obvious All-Seeing Eye. And notice the lines coming off the triangle, 2-3-3. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Brussels Under Attack =233. That’s the next number in the Fibonacci Sequence after 144, as is also coded the heck up. And that’s not the only time Hebdo has dropped the symbolism since the hoax attacks. Look at that, #1224. Divide and Conquer =1224. Terrorist Strike =224.


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