Denver International and the Easter Ritual Sacrifice of Obama the Jaguar


Today, March 26th, is exactly 22 years 7 days from the date on the mysterious Masonic capstone at ‘Denver International Airport’ =137, the 33rd prime. Mind Control =137. Scientific Technological Elite =137. Invisible Jewish Government =137. Washington DC =137. Authority =137. United States President =1137. Denver International Airport =155. The Council on Foreign Relations =155. Social Engineers =155. The Illuminati =551. The Antagonist =551. The Illusion =551. And that 22/7 is the approximation of Pi, which is hugely integral to the alphanumeric conspiracy (read my past post on the Pi Prophecy for some background, or search 227).

[3+19+19+94] =135. Terrorism =135. False Flag Event =135. The Paris Attacks happened 135 days before Easter Sunday, and today – Easter’s Eve – is 5310 days after 9/11/01… [3+19+94] =116. Passion of the Christ =116. Love is the Law Love Under Will =116 (slogan of Thelema). Another Nine Eleven =1116. March 19th is the 79th day of 1994, a leap year like 2016. Murder =79/34. March Nineteenth Ninety-Four =304/1404. New World Airport Commission =340. Next Nine Eleven =1404. 

  • Wellington E Webb Mayor =240/96. New World Aiport Commission =2040. Freemason =96. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of AF & AM of Colorado =480. The Beast =480. Aeon of Osiris =480. Illuminati =48. Grand Master =48.
  • New World Airport =211. Denver International =112. Masonic =211. Zionist =112. Zimmerman =112. I punched in every single letter on the plaque and the whole capstone has a combined Gematria of 2222. The 22nd prime is 79, connecting to the date on the capstone. Assassination =79. The Death of Barack Obama =79. Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =790.


Here’s one of the murals from DIA. The rainbow makes me think of A) Dark Side of the Moon =101 (Assassin / Easter Nine Eleven); and B) the Rainbow Ritual of 6/26/15 at the White House for the passing of the Marriage Equality Act. That’s 272 days before 3/24, the launchpad into the Easter Weekend. Four Score and Seven Years =272. An Apocalypse Scenario =272. Rigged Reality =727. On Easter, Obama will have been in office 7 years 2 months 7 days. It’s also exactly 44 months since the London Olympics Opening Ceremony on 7/27 – the games that had the American flag fall during the anthem on 8/4, Obama’s 51st birthday. And remember that coded Newsweek issue with the suicide vest reading 27.2 dated 2/12, Lincoln’s birthday. Pope Francis Bergoglio =212/1272.

  • The man who painted these murals is called Leo Tanguma =109. Werejaguar =109 (hold on to this thought). Zionist Conspiracy =109. Psychological Warfare =109. Child Sacrifice =109. Masonic Ritual Murders =109. Dystopia =109. War Crimes =109. Obama Sacrificed =109.

New World Airport =1266. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, sworn in on 3/13/13 and today also marks his 3 years 13 days in office. New World Airport Commission =133, and Pope’s first day of papacy can be written 13/3 and 13 days 3 years since. Government =133. White House =133. Zionists and Freemasons =1330. The Passion of the Christ =131.

2016-03-26 (1)

1109 days is interesting, even more than the aforementioned 109 thread. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119 and Knights Templar were founded in 1119 CE. From JFK’s assassination to Easter Sunday 2016 is a span of 19,119 days. And replace that 0 with a slash and we have the date September 11th. That means tomorrow, Easter Sunday, will be 3 years 14 into the papacy, another direct reference to Pi and fractal time, history repeating. 1110 days: Secret Combination =1110. Four Score Seven =1110 (and Easter is the 87th day of the year). Flag of Israel =111. Israel Did It =110. President =110. Easter Assassination =111.


As I covered in a previous post, on our target date of 3/24, Obama visited Nahuel Huapi in Patagonia. This translates to “Island of the Jaguar” =1222. Padre Jorge Bergoglio =1222. Pope Francis =122. Big Cat =122 (and recall the many connections between Obama and the Lion King). Jaguar =22. Jaguar Island =702/1053, an anagram of the 5310 days since 9/11 and ‘Barack Obama Assassination’ =702. Quetzalcoatl =153. Nahuel further signifies “a man who by sorcery is transformed to a jaguar.” Which leads us to the big question: is Obama the dead jaguar we see pictured in the ominous mural at Denver Airport?

Jaguars and Easter assassinations, connected by Mel Gibson’s films, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto. The latter is set in the year 1511, which rings bells, considering Lincoln died 1511 days after his assassination attempt and from his death to the date Obama was transformed into a jaguar was 150 years 11 months 10 days (15111). The Brussels Bombings happened 1 year 5 months 11 days (1511) into the Belgian PM’s term: Brussels =115. Four Score and Seven Years Ago =115. Easter Nine Eleven =1150. Jaguar Assassination =1500. Death of the Jaguar =150. Obama the Jaguar =51, and the flag mysteriously fell on his 51st birthday. Barack Obama Dies =51. Obama Killed =510. It’s 5 months 15 days after Easter Sunday to the 15th anniversary of 9/11. If Obama’s funeral is on 3/31, it’s 5 months 11 days to 9/11. Saturn =511, to whom these ritual sacrifices are given.

  • The time between the releases of Passion and Apocalypto is 1017 days. Dealey Plaza =1017. Jaguar Island =117. Fake Terror =117. The Second Nine Eleven =117. On 3/24, the date Obama was transformed into a Jaguar, Pope Francis was 1107 days into office. Quetzalcoatl =1070.
  • From Passion of the Christ to Easter Sunday 2016 is 4414 days. Death Cult =441. False Flag =414. Nine Eleven Terrorism =1440. Next Nine Eleven Event =1404. Forty-Four =144. Time =144. The Body of President Kennedy =144. Assassination of Barack Obama =1144. It was 4411 days since Passion release on 3/24. Assassin =411.


State Funeral =43/52/142. President Obama =142, he’s the 43rd man elected US president and it’s been 52 years since the JFK assassination. The 52nd prime is 239, the current age of America. State Funeral of Barack H Obama =239/113. Following his death, JFK’s body was placed for 24 hours in the ‘East Room of the White House’ =293/113. If Obama were to actually be (hoax) killed on 3/27, his state funeral would most likely take place three days later, on 3/30. JFK’s funeral happened three days later on the 330th day of a leap year, or the 329th in 1963 – a lot like 239.

  • State Funeral of John F Kennedy =114. President of the United States =114. Assassin =411 and he was shot from “Four Eleven Elm Street” =114. Four Score and Seven =114. Obama Murdered at Fifty-Four =114. Easter Weekend False Flag =114.

Three Days Later =161. Assassination of President Obama =161. Dead at Fifty-Four =161. Planet Saturn =161. Saturn the Eye =161. Second Nine Eleven =1061. One Hundred Sixty-One =239. The date 23/9 was Yom Kippur =899. Three Days Later =899. Jaguar =889.

9 thoughts on “Denver International and the Easter Ritual Sacrifice of Obama the Jaguar

  1. GermanWings crash 3-24-15, wicca-pedia calls it “suicide-by-co-pilot” 144 dead, involved cockpit door. Is the Oval Office Lucifers cock-pit, the President his co-pilot, the plane our Constitution, we the people as passengers locked out, our suicide as a Republic finalized?
    co-pilot 292/540/90
    exit door 589/660/110

    On 3-27-14 Obama went to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis for the first time and brought him seeds as a gift…he claims carrot seeds.
    seeds-194/312/52=earth,heart,Catholic,rabbit carrot=314/450/75

    In “I, Pet Goat II” (350/666/111) or “I, Pet Goat, 2” (332/558/93) Obama is sitting in a classroom next to Newton’s Third Law of Motion on the wall written as: F+=F- . Amazing dis-grace and 66! This film came out in early summer, 2012, by ‘ Heliofant ‘ (239/540/90).

    At the end of this scene, a high priestess (Alice-look-a-like) casts her spell for Obama in her casting circle with her dozen coven behind her that resemble hard-boiled eggs ( a dozen hard-boiled eggs=892/1086/181=Lucis Trust, Lazarus, Henry Kissinger).
    During her spell a Horus eye white rabbit is illuminated and the back exit door is illumined in blood red light ( exit light=558/684/114=world war, Pearl Harbor, Newtown, Kim Jong Un ) ( red exit light=647/141/846=age of aquarius, false prophet). An Easter Lily is on another wall.
    An apple as her ritual tool rolls to Obama’s foot and splits open in two and magically sprouts into a lotus flower as Obama sweats in distress looking at it. The time on the clock during this scene is 12.
    midnight =84/504/207=Jesuit, dogstar, Barack H Obama II) or is it High Noon?

    Brother Berg, your posts are very thought provoking.


    • Brilliant decoding! I love it. Co-Pilot =540. Carrot =450. Heliofant =540. Midnight =504. High Noon =540/212. Lincoln born 2/12 and all those 54s to Obama’s age. Fifty-Four =54. Easter Weekend =54. Terrorism =54. False Flag Event =54.


  2. High Noon=212/540/90
    212= chaos magick
    540/90= Bergoglio, sow seed, Golden Gate

    GermanWings was all Andreas’ fault they say.


  3. Wow. Freaking Great! I have been confounded for 4 yrs about i petgoat 2. That was the best decoding i have ever seen. I believe the Elite put out that movie for us to figure out our future. It shows America being ripped in half before Obama leaves office? Or Divided? Great decode !!! Keep em coming.


  4. Jaguar has been in the news lately! Jaguar car commercials (London & Manhattan) – Unleash the cats (sponsor of Invictus Games). Including these June/Pride month events:
    June 11, 2016 – Portland Rose Festival (jaguar float) – “The Aztec Empress on the prowl” Aztec costumed people before jaguar float.
    June 18-24, 2016 – The Yucatan, Mexico – You are ready to liberate your inner Jaguar! (homosexual)
    June 21, 2016 – Jaguar used in Olympic ceremony in Brazil and shot dead afterward.


    • Nice connections! From Obama’s visit on Jaguar Island to the jaguar shot in Brazil is 12 weeks 6 days, the number most associated with Hillary. That’s also 28 days 2 months. Obama visted Jaguar Island with 282 days left in the year. President Hillary Clinton =282.


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