Brussels Airport and the Bloody Three

The logo for the Brussels Airport is the same dang font and colour as the 33 on the airport doors is the same damn font and colour as the 3 smeared into the floor with fake blood at the ‘Bataclan Theatre’ =131. Blood Red Three =131. Ten of Hearts =131. Brussels came 131/130 days after Paris that hoax-killed 130. Brussels International Airport =130. Master Teacher Thirty-Three =130. Skull & Bones =130, whose number is 322 like the 3/22 date. Maelbeek Metro Station =223. Friday the Thirteenth =223. Skull and Bones =41 and Brussels came 4 months 10 days after Paris on a date with 41 numerology. And 41 is the 13th prime.

  • It could also be an M=13. M=30 (Jewish Gematria). MM =156. Thirty-Three =156. False Flag =156. Two Red Hearts =156. And the 911th prime number is 156.
  • The Heart of Europe =1116. Terror in Belgium =1116. Another Nine Eleven =1116. Psychological Operation =1116.

And as M=13 (and 31 people died in 13 minutes 131 or 130 days after 130 died on 11/13), thirteen days after 3/22 is 4/4. And get aload of this factoid from the Maelbeek Metro Station Wiccapedium: “As of 4 April 2009 the lines were reorganised and renumbered 1 and 5.” This looks like a big fucking 61119 to this truth-seeker:

2016-03-27 (5)


2 thoughts on “Brussels Airport and the Bloody Three

  1. The logo – Catholic “immaculate heart of mary” everywhere, a world TERRORised will run to a ‘mother’ never ever discerning the terror is fabricated by the very one who gathers them under ‘her’


  2. The symbol for the Airport looks like the shape of a Heart, and the letter B – for Brussels and/or Belgium. I don’t think its as much about the hidden 33 as it is about the…

    Heart B =54, 324. There’s that 324 again, and 54 has been attached to many thing including Obama being 54yrs old. Heart B kind seems like – Heart Beat =480, 302. 84 & 32 both equal Obama. And again those #’s have been EVERYWHERE as well.

    Things are building fast & strong – the window for a major false flag involving Obama is currently wide open.

    Mary =342, 511 = 5×11 =55. Saturn =511. So a ritual in her honor is most likely happening as we speak. Shout out to Joe who has just been massacring the comment section!

    Mother Mary =55. Satan =55. Melania =55. Why do I always digress?!


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