The Death of Eagles’ Kevin Turner and a Giants Super Bowl Foreshadow


Ex-NFL fullback Kevin Turner died on our 3/24 target from ALS. He was born on a date with numerology of 34 [6+1+2+1+9+6+9], like his jersey number and the 34 points scored in Super Bowl 50. Giants =34.  The mirror is 43, the way Hebrew is read, the way of Crowley’s Law of Reversals, matching both his life lesson number [6+12+1+9+6+9] =43, and his death date [3+24+16] =43. With his passing, the media reminds us that linebacker “Junior Seau” =43, died a few years back at age 43 — 1423 days before the mirror, 3/24, to be exact. Houston Super Bowl =243. 

  • Junior Seau =52, played for the ‘Chargers’ =52 and ‘Dolphins’ =52. He died on 5/2 after shooting himself in the ‘Heart’ =52, or so we’re told.
  • Seau’s death is said to mirror the death of NFLer Dave Duerson who also shot himself in the heart, exactly 63 weeks before Seau did. Turner died on a date with 63 numerology [3+24+20+16]. The full name is “David Russell Dave Duerson” =2402. Kevin Paul Turner =1242/207. Like the last Super Bowl date, 2/7.
  • Seau =46. Turner died 46 days after Super Bowl 50, or 6 weeks 4 days: Tiaina Baul Seau Jr =164. NY Giants =46. New York Giants =64/181. Houston Texas =46/64/181. Fifty-One =46. 

Duration between Turner’s death and Super Bowl LI is 10 months 12 days (112). Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. 

Kevin Turner =58. He died from “Lou Gehrig’s” =58 (Freemasonry =58), aka “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” =133. Super Bowl Fifty-One Houston Texas =133. Junior Seau =331. Junior =33. In lieu of a suicide note, Seau is said to have left the lyrics to his favourite song “Who I Ain’t” =1117. Turner died 1 month 17 days after the Super Bowl.

  • 117 numerology is shared by the dates of both Super Bowl 58 and Super Bowl 59 (which came 58 years before the next SB), both between Giants and Colts – as is predicted to be the next matchup. Giants Colts =58. Colts currently lead the series 11-7 over the Giants.
  • The Giants are further connected to Turner via Frank Gifford, who also had CTE, and played in the Giants 58 and 59 Championship games.

Gifford died 32 weeks 4 days before Turner died on 3/24, like the 1423 days between Turner and Seau. That’s also 228 days, and a long-time Giants trainer John Johnson passed away last year on 2/28 — 3 weeks 4 days before Turner, who wore #34 like his life lesson number. Johnson died at age 98 and Gifford died on 9/8 (Aug 9). Eli Manning =98. Champions =98.


Make sense? No? Good. As Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 

4 thoughts on “The Death of Eagles’ Kevin Turner and a Giants Super Bowl Foreshadow

  1. Bro Berg. How and the HELL do you figure all that out?? Im in French Lick on Vacation and just read these last 2 posts on Trump And Giants and my heads a spinning. ….lol. Go Tar Heels!!! Scored 88 last evening


  2. Hey got one for ya. Watch presidential hopeful commercial. It shows the Guy Running for president( Trump) and at the End they show whats is a Coded Bullseye circle around his Head!! As soon as i saw it i knew it was a message. Trump is also no where on the Economist 2016 preview of the year magazine. Very Telling. Check out the Lyrics to Paint it Black song by the rolling stones. I think it is foreshadowing Obamas demise. Key word Summer…..August is shaping up to be very very interesting i think.


  3. Berg Very good work. Besides Zach you are really good with the numbers hopefully you gain more fame. Anyways The Season starts 9/8 like 2011 run…..and last year on 9/8 the Tyler Sash Number 39 died Who died of CTE. And Tyler Sash=1234. Remember John Mara who tried to make CTE a big issue.Also the movie Concussion which centers around all this. This should be the story line this year


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