The Consciousness Hijack

Tonight I rediscovered a spoken word piece I did back on November 4th 2015. That’s 20 weeks 6 days ago and as it turns out I was born on the 206th day of a leap year; my girlfriend’s full name in Gematria equals 206; and I was 26 years old when we first met, 6 years ago. There are 206 bones in the human body. 

Enchanted =206: I feel. The Con =206: I expose. Sacrifice =206: my time and energy for the cause. Intelligent Nature =206: I rely upon and seek to commune with as much as I can. (Preferably on a sunny summer afternoon in the forest with some psyclocibin.)

Pythagorus called 26 the God number and GOD [7+15+4] =26. Like the 26 letters in our alphabet. Like the 206 bones in our skeleton. This so-called phsyical manifestation of our corporal framework, our TEMPLE =26. In numerology, my soul number is 26. I was born in ‘Calgary Alberta’ =126, my full name in Gematria equals 126, and I currently live in ‘Vancouver BC’ =126.

Ain’t this illusory reality of ours somethin truly wonderful.

This prose vid is my MISSION STATEMENT =62, the reflection of the divine essence, as the alphanumerics tell us. And this right here has been a Brother Berg fireside chat, so while I’m at it let me say THANK YOU – SO MUCH for reading and for sharing your time and energy with me, as together we Truth-Seekers Unite to ignite awareness as we activate and fulfill this Deprogram Program that is our destiny. 


4 thoughts on “The Consciousness Hijack

  1. Hey brother, I watched this video last night and thought it was interesting….

    Wanted to know your thoughts on the whole “The Ancient Advanced Civilization” Theory….. I thought it was pretty interesting…… Even more so when you tie in the Gematria and number connections in this world……

    It’s a long video…. but i thought it was interesting. Check it out when you get a chance…. would love to hear your thoughts.


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