Rob Ford: The Mayor of Heaven

PJT-Rob Ford Funeral-2.jpg


Blood Sacrifice =121/67. He’s the Mayor of Heaven Now =121. Mayor of Heaven =67. Ford died 67 days before his 47th birthday. On his ominous death date of 3/22 he was exactly 2443 weeks old. The Mayor of Toronto =243. March Twenty-Second =75. Mayor of Toronto =75. Stephanie =43. Rob Ford =43. “Stephanie I might not be here for too much longer” =217/460. Ford’s birthday leaves 217 days in the year and he died at age 46.

  • The Mayor of Heaven =181. Politician Sacrifice =181. Barack Obama =181. In a non-leap-year, 3/22 is the 81st day of the year and his funeral is on the “Thirtieth of March” =181.
  • Mayor of Heaven =148 and he was born on the 148th day of the year. His funeral comes exactly 44 weeks after his last birthday. Rob B Ford =44. Cancer =44. Kill =44.

Political Sacrifice =170. Robert Bruce Ford =170. Mayor Ford =701. Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto =117. Toronto =117. Crack Smoker =117. Toronto Mayor Ford =1171. He was 17,100 days old when he died. “I want you to remember that I’ll always love you. I need you and your brother to be strong for Mom” =1017.

Rob Ford; Doug Ford; Doug Ford Jr.; Stephanie Ford; Renata Ford; Ruth Ford;

How’s the license plate: Rob Ford Mayor of Heaven =226. “Stephanie I might not be here too much longer” =226. Royal Canadian Mounted Police =1226. RT (9+2) =11. So that’s a coded 226611. The Flawed Everyman =1122. The sum of [22+66+11] =99. Masonic Ritual Murders =99. Elaborate Death Hoax =990. Ford died on the 22nd. Thirty-Three =66. Rob Ford Murdered =166. His funeral on 3/30/16, the 90th day of the year (The Mayor of Toronto =90). Ninety =33, Sixteen =33. Thus embedded into the funeral date we find: 33+33+33 =99. 

Thirty-Three Day =1116. Terror in Belgium =1116 (which occurred at almost the exact time as Ford’s death, and mutually coded into that 272 Newsweek cover). Rob Ford’s Ritual Sacrifice =116. Ford Nation =116/53. Ford Motor Co =503. Ford Motor Company =211. The Flawed Everyman Rob Ford’s Tumultous Life =211. He’s The Mayor of Heaven Now =112. Mason =211. Zionist =112.

FORD NATION =696: Ford was born in ’69 and died from ‘Malignant Liposarcoma’ =96/213. Rob Ford’s Tumultuous Life =96/312. Freemason =96: the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite [31+32+33] =96 and the Keystone (33) in the Masonic Royal Arch is the 69 symbol of cancer.

One thought on “Rob Ford: The Mayor of Heaven

  1. And as we outro from Ford and his 96’s – we intro to Jean Lapierre =906. Jean-Charles =96.

    Jean-Charles LaPierre =1113. For those that don’t know…LaPierre was an Independent type Canadian politician who was murdered via a deliberate plane crash on 3/29. Exactly one week after Ford was killed, & 1 day before Ford’s funeral. Two prominent canadian politicians knocked off in 1 week is fishy to me.

    The initials of this Politician draw my attention as there are 4 capitalized – JCLP =38. Plane Crash =308. Death =38.

    Jean =180. Jean-Charles LaPierre =180, 1080. One Eighty =108. Extra-Capsa =108. Terrorism =810. Barack =18.

    LaPierre was born on 5/7 in Quebec Ca =57. He also died in Quebec =79. Murder =79. Barack =97. Eighteen =179.

    Lapierre =84. Jean – 4 letters. LaPierre – 8 letters. Obama =84.

    LaPierre was 59. Kill =59. Kill =44. Jean LaPierre =114, which is like 11×4 =44.

    LaPierre Dies In Plane Crash =241. President Obama =142. Terrorist =142.


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