Another Amtrak Trainwreck Riddle: How to (De)Program a Tar Heels Championship


On Pi Day (3/14) a Chicago-bound Amtrak derailed in Kansas, exactly 44 weeks after a major trainwreck in Philadelphia. Now on 4/3, a date with 43 numerology (4+3+20+16), we have 341 passengers involved in another Pennsylvania “Amtrak Crash” =404, bound for Georgia =44 and the 404 area code. Pope Francis =404. Like the others, this event is part of a coded riddle for the Final Four championship on 4/4, a date with 44 numerology. Tar Heel State =44. The train would have cut right through North Carolina, en route for ‘Savannah GA’ =34/43. Tar Heels =34/43. NCAA Champs =34/43. Tar Heel State =134. NC =43. UNC Tar Babies =43. Twenty Sixteen Tar Heel Championship =403. North Carolina Tar Heels Sixteen Champions =430 and it’s been 34 years since they won with a young Michael Jordan. The train hit a backhoe, like tobbaco, which put North Carolina on the map. Tar Heels going for their 34th win tomorrow to keep Villanova at 34 wins.

  • Amtrak Riddle =62/116. Amtrak Crash Hoax =62/161 (A Twenty Sixteen Tar Heel Championship =161). Train =62. Code =62. Programmers =62. Powers That Be =62. Mason =62. Six Twenty-Seven =62 (the number on the engine).
  • Date numerology: [4+3+16] =23. Chester Pennsylvania =230 (location of crash). [4+3+2+0+1+6] =16. This is the 16th Amtrak rail accident since 2010. Sixteen =33. Chester =33. Tar Heels going into the final with 33 wins.


Amtrak =222. Chester Pennsylvania Train Derailment =2221. The University of North Carolina first opened its doors 221  years 1 month 22 days before this latest “Train Wreck” =122. Tomorrow’s final game also marks 20 years 2 months 2 weeks 1 day (2221) since Villanova’s one and only tournament victory over UNC. Pope Francis =122 and back when the 266th Pope visited the White House on the 266th day of the year (9/23 at exactly 9:23 AM), his airplane circled the town of Tick Bite NC not once but three times; an international news story. Tick =122/43. Now this ‘Train Wreck’ =122 on 4/3 (and the Amtrak trainwreck in Halifax, Carolina from last year, which we’ll get to, had 221 people on board and hit a truck whose driver was 43; Halifax =34).

  • Tick Bite North Carolina =227, the approximation of Pi, like the Kansas crash on 3/14. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. UNC was established 227 years ago. Amtrak Train Derailment =227. April 3rd leaves 272 days in the year. A Twenty Sixteen Tar Heels Championship =2772. North Carolina Tar Babies =772.
  • Tick Bite North Carolina =720. Deadly Train Accident =172. NRG =127 (the stadium hosting the Final Four). Model Railroad =127 (which is how the Programmers view this world of ours). This train derailed after hitting a ‘Backhoe’ =270. North Carolina Tobacco =207. These 27/72s has been heavily coded lately, and the 2/7 Super Bowl had a total score of 34.
  • Pope departed from Philadelphia and flew back to the Vatican on 9/27, the day of the Jesuit Order’s birthday (Francis the first Jesuit Pope) – 27 weeks 2 days before 4/4. And with regards to that 927, the number on the engine is 627. There’s 341 passengers: Three Hundred and Forty-One =267.


It’s also 1 month 22 days from Lupercalia (2/13) to the Final Four championship. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill =213. North Carolina Tar Heels NCAAB Champions = 2130. UNC’s Coach Williams was born on the 213th day of the year. Williams =44/98. Lupercalia =44/98. Champions =98. College Basketball Champions =98. It’s been 98 years since the Halifax Explosion and the Halifax Trainwreck followed an Air Canada plane crash (on 3/29, the mirror of 9/23) in Halifax at 00:43, both in March =43. Charleston =43. The Charleston Church Shooting happened 98 days before the Pope met with Obama on 9/23. The Philadelphia Trainwreck occurred at 9:23 PM. This latest crash was train #89, the satanic inversion (Chester Pennsylvania =86). A Twenty Sixteen Tar Heels Championship =189.

  • The abbreviation for the Jesuit Order is ‘SJ Jesuits’ =132. UNC’s athletic director ‘Bubba Cunningham’ =132. UNC player on the March Madness cover of Sports Illustrated ‘Brice Johnson’ =132. Twenty Sixteen NCAA Champions =320. MH17 crashed 132 days after MH370 vanished and there were 32 people on the Kansas trainwreck. Tar Babies =32. The Philly trainwreck from last year happened on the 132nd day of the year. Catholic Church =132. Deadly Train Accident =1032. The original reports said 2 dead 31 injured. Church of Illumination =231. Two Workers Die in Amtrak Crash =321/123. Conspiracy =123. The Fix Is In =123.

Coach ‘Roy Williams’ =66 and the day before this ‘Amtrak Derailment’ =66, he won his 66th game with the team, holding ‘Syracuse’ =666 to 66 points. Train Derailed =66. Derailment =606. The movie Trainwreck came out 66 days after the Philadelphia ‘Train Crash’ =666. Philadelphia =606, a name from Revelation, the 66th book of the bible. The Chester Fire Commissioner who spoke about this event is ‘Travis Thomas’ =66/990. North Carolina Tar Babies =99. The front of the tank engine reads 627 627, reducing to 6-6. The train was called the ‘Amtrak Palmetto’ =166. Palmetto =366. Halifax =366. Prophecy =636/666.


Tar Heels =309 to play the final at NRG Stadium. NRG =39. The Kansas Trainwreck happened 309 days after the last Philadelphia Trainwreck and exactly 39 weeks later there was a head-on train collision in Germany. On 3/9 of last year, an Amtrak crashed in Halifax, North Carolina. That’s 393 days before 4/4. Chester Pennsylvania Train Derailment =393. The train was the ‘Amtrak Carolinian’ =79. Backhoe =79. Champion =79. Tobacco Road =97. Philadelphia =101. Tick Bite North Carolina =101. Halifax North Carolina =101/209. Thomas the Tank Engine =101/209. (They’re now saying) Thirty-Five Hurt =101/209. Tobacco =209. North Carolina Tar Heels =101.

  • Chester =78. Halifax NC =78. The spokesman for this latest fiasco, Amtrak’s Executive VP ‘Stephen Gardener’ =78. This March Madness is the 78th Men’s Tournament.

It looks to this truth-seeker like this Amtrak Riddle is coding up for the Tar Heels =34/43, like tobacco and tar babies. Cigarette =43/88. Smoking =34/88. Poison =34/43/88. Program =43/88. Tar Baby’s =34/88. The Smoking Gun =64. Amtrak =64. Model Railroad =64. Villanova Wildcats =64. March Madness =64/118. Brother Berg =64/118. So let’s hope the derailment is for Villanova. If so, Brother Berg is going to Peru with his winnings. Brother Berg Peru =88  😉

UPDATE: Virginia Cavaliers coach Tony Bennett collapsed during a March Madnesss game in Raleigh, North Carolina, on 3/17/16 with exactly 34.1 seconds left in the first half. A perfectly rigged synthetic synchronicity coding to the 341 passengers onboard this derailment of train #89. Virginia =89. Virginia Cavaliers =89. Nicotine =89/44, to continue the tobacco train to April 4th. 

10 thoughts on “Another Amtrak Trainwreck Riddle: How to (De)Program a Tar Heels Championship

  1. Excellent work brother, and another nugget: tomorrow will be 20 years 2 months 2 weeks and 1 day since the only Villanova tournament victory over UNC.


      • For real. Normally I think that would be more likely to point to Villanova, but given Carolina’s 221 connects, I think it points to them. Also, I’m finding this shit in literally every sporting event, every single day, not just the major events. If we had a private forum where we could hash this out I think we could destroy this shit..


      • Hell yeah buddy. Any ideas on how we go about creating a private forum? Zach and I discussed a team spreadsheet where we’re each tasked with filling in team data to compile the ultimate resource, from which predictive algorithms would be derived.


      • I believe creating an invite-only forum is fairly straight-forward (but of course I’m not naive enough to think that anything on the internet is private). I am rubbish at databases, but I have Word files I’m creating with each team’s gematria, etc, for easy reference. Only I’m discovering that using my brain as a data scraper has its downsides..


  2. Brother Berg, I put together the research for the golfers preparing for the Masters. I think I’m through the top 15 so far. We can use this as a refernece.

    The golfer that caught my eye is Dustin Johnson. A lot looks like it lines up for him. I may have cracked what we need to know.

    Take a look at the numbers on Johnson. We can get the community to figure out some more connections I missed.

    I keep having trouble posting comments let’s see if it posts this time…


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