Simpsons Predictive Program the Presidency: Part Deux

I just updated the Simpsons/Clinton post (two back) so be sure to revisit that for a bunch more massive clues. And I found so much more that we need this follow-up post to cover it. Along with the aforementioned “Bart to the Future” with President Lisa, there has been six episodes set in the future, the first being “Lisa’s Wedding” =126/54. Forty-Five =126/54 and Hillary will be the 45th President of the United States. President Lisa says her administration will focus on “The Three R’s” =126/54 (Reading, Righting, and Refilling the Ocean). Hillary Clinton =172. Lisa’s Wedding =72. And as for 126, Hillary’s birthday is 10/26.

Both of these episodes aired on March 19th, five years apart. 19/3 like President Hillary Clinton =1193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. War Monger =1193. The Arrogant Tyrant =1193. The Vile Parasite =1193. Warlike Bigot =1193. Zionist Terror =1193. Zionist Stooge =193. All perfect synonyms for each other. Propaganda =93. Smoke and Mirrors =93. Hillary for America =93.

March Nineteen =66. Queen Hillary =66 and she was born on the day that leaves 66 in the year. Five Years =660. March Nineteen =129. The President of the United States =129. That’s the 79th day this year: Illuminati Puppet =79. Mrs President =79. President is a Woman =79. Pro-Israel Lobby =79. Gender Confusion =79. Lisa’s Wedding =1179. Hillary Simson =907. Reading Righting and Refilling the Ocean =197. 

  • Lisa’s Wedding was the 19th episode of the 6th season. The Forty-Fifth President Hillary Clinton =196. President Lisa =906/151. Freemason =96/51. President Donald J Trump =96/105. MK-Ultra =96. Satanism =96.

Lisa’s Wedding aired [3+19+95] =117. Bart to the Future was season 11 episode 17. Tyranny =117. White Rabbit =117. [3+19+20+00] =42. Lady =42. Female =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Satanism =42. Bill Clinton was the 42nd president. The tarot card Lisa gets in the episode is XXV =420. Bill Clinton =122. First Man of the United States =122. Lisa’s Wedding was episode #122 and aired during the first Clinton administration.


Esquilax =45. White Rabbit =54. The episode starts out with Lisa “chasing the white rabbit” =112/211. Clinton Coronation =211. Forty-Fifth US President =112. Mason =211. Zionist =112. A fortune teller then reads her tarot and tells her future, that she will meet a man named ‘Hugh Parkfield’ =126/72. Lisa’s Wedding =126/72. In the future, Bart is a ‘Demolitions Expert’ =223 and Moe wears an eyepatch for some symbolism of ‘All-Seeing Eye’ =119, connecting both to 9/11. It received a Neilsen rating of 9.1 and was aired in 8.7 million households. Clinton =87. Hillary Simpson =190/91. Like the 19th epsiode of the sixth season on the 19th of March. POTUS =91.

  • Lisa’s wedding was on August 1st 2010. That’s 8/1 like her husband Hugh Parkfield =81. That’s also the 213th day. Next US President =213. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton =213, and she was Secretary of State for 210 weeks 3 days. Hillary Rodham Clinton =231. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. William Jefferson Blythe III =132.

William Jefferson Clinton =111/264. America You Can Be My Ex Wife =111/246.


9 thoughts on “Simpsons Predictive Program the Presidency: Part Deux

  1. Brother, look at this video commentary ( ) actually the guy is predicting Trump will be the actual President, and the USA is gonna go in more debt, so why are you predicting the opposite, just a thought, since my codes show very strongly Trump actually will become a President, and ‘Hillary-for-Prison’ might have problems, which is proven by the Romanian hacker being brought this week into the US, SO THIS IS WHAT I DECODED:


    “Guccifer” in the English Gematria system equals 423 or 432 – a countdown to an event, and anyone’s guess what the event might be?

    Now, there is an interesting fact in the article:

    Hillary Clinton deleted 31,830 emails!
    31 AND 83 – THESE ARE great numbers!
    31- it is symbol of GOD “EL” (it is considered a great number by the Jewish people), and 83-WINNER, so basically “she is removing the grace of GOD EL and the possibility to be a winner”…now read this backwards – it comes 38 (death) and 13(Fatal), both FATAL Numbers for her! This is my reading, tell me whether is wrong?

    See also this,
    In Vegas (5D and other sites as well) they listed under
    803 Bernie Sanders is Democratic Nominee +1400* vs Field wins Democratic Nomination , paying 14 x currently(!!!), 803 sounds like 83 (or 38) matching the numbers of the deleted emails, 83 MEANS WINNER!
    So, I am not advising anyone, but it seems to me it is worth to RISK-bet for Bernie some $$$ (I already put $93 yesterday)…
    Good Luck!

    (Your thoughts brother Berg?)


    • Milo what is your track record? What does your resume say for your decodes that have come true? It’s not just superficial numbers, you must realize. And there’s a reason why Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul have the same Jewish Gematria.


      • Brother, I realize very well what they have the same Jewish Gematria, my track record is pretty good, but did not put it on a website yet it is coming soon. No worries, I just had questions to you, I know you’re one of the best! Cheers:)


      • There’s something to the art of saying more with less. Instead of posting several massive comments on every single post of Zach’s, try one piece of gold occasionally. Trust me you’ll earn a lot more respect that way instead of dumping your entire decode in absolute terms as if any of us can know definitively. There’s an etiquette to the craft.

        Looking forward to your blog!


  2. Brother, Thanks, I will follow your advice, I am very emotional guy being originally born in SouthEast Europe and we have very high temperament there, sorry, I do NOT want to offend anyone, anywhere:) Sorry again! Cheers!


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