On The Death of Joe Medicine Crow and the Native American Genocide


Native American Chief Joe Medicine Crow died today, 4/3, at age 102. Joseph Medicine Crow-High Bird =160. He died 160 days after his last birthday. Chief Crow =54. His grandfather was a scout for ‘Colonel Custer’ =54, who died making his last stand against the ‘Natives’ =540 (Native Americans =154) at the ‘Battle of Little Big Horn’ =97. Native American Genocide =197. Massacre =79. Joe Medicine Crow =79. Custer’s Last Stand =44. Kill =44. The Savages =44. Genocide =44/372. Medicine =44/372. So right away we learn that treachery and deceit runs deep in this man’s blood, his grandfather — a cat named White Man Runs Him — having led the American military right into the sacrificial slaughter of his own people. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. Medicine Crow =67/121.

  • Indian =51. Freemason =51. Zionism =51. Conspiracy =51. Joe Medicine Crow =151. Red White and Blue =151. Crow died 51,051 days after Custer died. George Custer =143. Massacre =43. Indians =43 and Crow died on 4/3, a date with 43 numerology. Murdered =43.
  • Crow was born on 10/27. Natives =27. Genocide of the Native Americans =270. Two Seven =33. Slaves =33. Race Battle =33. Native Genocide =133. Government =133. Crow =1033.

The BBC article says ‘Medicine Crow earned the title of war chief through stealing horses and other exploits during World War II’. War Chief =1012. Zionist =112. The Battle of Little Big Horn =112. He was stealing horses from the Nazis, working as a stooge for the imperialist programmers, but the initial reaction I had to that statement (after being so primed with the Little Big Horn history reminder) was to think of the natives stealing horses from the white man, an offense that would get a man hanged back in the day. Theft in general, of course, a foreign concept to many of the First Nations peoples.


The one quote the article gives us is “When you spoke with Joe Medicine Crow, it was impossible not to be inspired” =323. Battle of Little Big Horn =232. Satan =323. Lucifer =232. Again he died at age 102. United States of America =102, and the nation was founded on the ‘Genocide of the Native Americans’ =162. Jewish International Financiers =162. George Custer =62. Genocide =62. Plague =62. Ritual Murders =62. Mason =62. Masonic =74. First Nations =74. Savages =74.

After Christopher Columbus mistakenly thought he’d reached India (as the bullshit narrative goes), the name of the Natives stuck for centuries as ‘Indians’ =70. This is no casual accident, as there is a very specific and well-orchestrated frequency attached to that word: Demons =70. Native Genocide =70. The Indians =103. Indian =103. Will of God =103. Not Politically Correct =103. Social Engineering =103. Born in ’13, Crow died 187 days before turning 103. That’s of course the police code for homicide in ‘California’  =88 and George Washington =187/88; The Death of Humankind =187/88. Indeed they can try but they will not succeed. Not on our watch.

And holy smokes, have a look at the level of guilt and sorrow in the eyes of Crow’s grandfather, White Man Runs Him. Like Crow’s expression in the top image, trying to get away from the establishment in which they’ve become so inextricably entangled. Misled and deceived themselves, filled with regret and sadness for this world, and pleading for someone to step up. To stand up. 


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