The Gretzky Prophecy: Coding the Green Jacket for Dustin Johnson


Welp, the Gematria was dead-on for Tar Heels in the final but that backhoe trainwreck was all part of the sacrifice coding; hindsight 20-20. So it goes. In other sports prophecy news, our man Jeremy from Fields of White has done some fantastic decoding on the upcoming PGA Masters tournament, and his projection for a win by Dustin Johnson is looking extremely solid. I’ve cherry-picked his best findings and added some of my own to develop The Gretzky Prophecy, heavily coded with 99. It’s the 99th season of the NHL, The Great One’s #99 retired from the league when he retired in ’99 – the only player to ever receive such an honour. 

The Gretzky Prophecy =116. Tottenham =116 (teaser alert). G.O.A.T. =16. Gretzky played 16 seasons in the Show. PGA golfer Dustin Johnson is currently ranked 16th on the money list in ’16 with +1600 odds to win the ‘Eightieth Masters’ =1116, which begin the day after he turns 11611 days old and end at 11616. He’s married to Wayne’s daughter, ‘Paulina Gretzky’ =1116. She has birth numerology of 119 [12+19+88] and they had a son born on 1/19 of ’15. Johnson has 9 PGA Tour victories and 11 total (11×9=99). He’s sponsored by ‘Adidas’ =119 and he’s from ‘South Carolina’ =156, the 156th prime number being 911. Augusta National =1056. The Gretzky Prophecy =1506. Wayne Gretzky Dustin Johnson =119. The tourney ends on ‘April Tenth Twenty Sixteen’ =119.

  • Augusta National Invitational =106. Dustin Hunter Johnson =106. Prophecy =106. Houston Open, the tournament prior to the Masters, was won by Jim Herman in his 106th PGA event. Herman Wins Houston Open =106. The Masters starts 10 weeks 6 days (or 2 months 16 days here in 2016) after the 55th birthday of ‘The Great One’ =55. Eightieth =55. It’s also 291 days to his 56th birthday and Johnson was born on day that leaves 192, his last birthday 9 months 20 days before 4/10. Augusta Georgia =912. Augusta National Golf Club =92.

Wayne Gretzky’s Son In Law =99. Winning the Masters gets you the ‘Green Jacket’ =99. It’s held in ‘Augusta’ =909 and Johnson lives in a Florida town called ‘Jupiter’ =99. Dustin Johnson Wins Masters =99. Ten Four =99 and the last day of the tournament is on 10/4 (April 10th). Promised =99.


Dustin and Paulina announced their pregnancy on 9/23/14 – a date that leaves 99 days remaining. Exactly one year later, Wayne was ritually shamed in a ceremony where Tottenham Hotspurs FC presented The Great One with a jersey and misspelled his name: Gretsky =33. The Greatest Hockey Player Ever =133. Sixteen =33. Onebucket =33 (the hats in the top image). Augusta Golf Club opened in ’33 on the 33rd parallel. Green =137, the 33rd prime. Chubbs =33. Dustin =33. Paulina =331. Her birthday sums to 31 [12+19], Dustin is 31 years old, and was born in ‘Columbia’ =31. The fulfilment of 31 is 131, the number of ‘Championship’ =131, matching his birth numerology of [6+22+19+84] =131. Augusta National =1310 and he’s sponsored by ‘Taylor Made’ =1131. His average driving distance is 310.1 yards. At the PGA Tour event before the Masters, Johnson finished 3rd at 13 under par.

  • It was held in ‘Houston’ =112. Golf Club of Houston =211. Johnson’s numerology of [6+22+84] =112 and his last tour win came 1 year 1 month 2 days before this Masters’ final day. Gretzky =112/1102. The Eightieth Masters =102. Their new baby’s name is ‘Tatum Gretzky Johnson’ =102. From Wayne’s shaming to 4/10 is 201 days. Gilmore =201 (another teaser). Zionist =112. Mason =211. Freemason =42. The US Masters =42. Taylor Made =42. The Masters will be his 42nd career event, finishing exactly 42 weeks after his birthday. Masters Tournament =1042.
  • Wayne Douglas Gretzky =88. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88. He’s from ‘Columbia South Carolina’ =88 and is ranked 8th overall at the 80th Masters in ‘Augusta Georgia’ =1088. They got engaged on 18/8, in August like Augusta. First place receives $1.8 million and second place receives $1.08 million, or $880,000 in case of tie – meaning he could finish runner-up.

Gretzky =1822. Dustin Johnson =182. Here’s Who Vegas is Picking to Win the 2016 Masters =182 (DJ is only mentioned subliminally via Gematria). Twenty Sixteen Masters =82 and the tournament was established 82 years ago. Gretzky’s from ‘Brantford Ontario’ =82. The Masters =128 and the 99th day of the year (third round) has 28 numerology [4+8+16].

The last day of the Masters is April 10th, the 100th day of a regular year and the 101st of 2016. Dustin Johnson =1001. PGA is 100 years old this year. Shooter =100. Should he win, it will be Johnson’s 10th win on the 10th at the 10th ranked course in America, according to Golfweek. Consider that date, 4/10 or 10/4: Wayne Gretzky Tribute =104. The Great One =401 (Gretzky =40 / Golf =40 / Johnson’s last win exactly 400 days earlier). Professional Golfers Association =140. Johnson =41. Masters =41. He’s entering the tourney with 41 PGA events under his belt. His nickname DJ (4+10) =14 and 4/10 has numerology of [4+1+2+1+6] =14. Gretzky played 14 consecutive seasons. Fourteen =41. Forty-One =118. The Great One =118. Masters Wayne Gretzky Tribute =118. The Gretzky Prophecy =1881.

  • Gretzky Tribute =207. Johnson turned pro in 2007. Augusta =27 and Round 1 happens on [4+7+16] =27. The Augusta course is a par 72 and the tournament has an aggregate record score of 270. Again these numbers we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Wayne Gretzky =72/180/1080. Again this is the 80th incarnation of ‘The US Masters’ =1008, held in ‘Augusta’ =18. Fitting, with 18 holes and the course record score of 18-under.
  • Augusta National Invitational =322 and the first Masters began on 3/22 of ’34.
  • Paulina Gretzky =186. Eightieth Masters =186. Augusta Golf Club =168. The US Masters =168. Dustin Hunter Johnson =1608/268. The tourney opens with 268 days remaining in the 2016.

PGA =144. The Most Prestigious Event in Golf =144. Johnson went to college at ‘Coastal Carolina University’ =144. Coastal Carolina =144. Forty-Four =144. His son ‘Tatum Johnson’ =44. Georgia =44. Eighty =444. Paulina =444. It’s 44 days from the end of the tournament to the 144th day of the year. CBS =144 (the network covering The Masters). Tell-A-Vision =1044.


Bonus Round: The Happy Gilmore Prophecy

“Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit” =145. Happy Gilmore =145/73/730. Pro Golf Tour =703 (as the film calls the PGA). Dustin Johnson is born on the 173rd day of the year and his next birthday comes 73 days after the final round of The Masters. Pro Golf Tour =703. Happy Gilmore was released on 2-16-96, a date with numerology of 133 (The Greatest Hockey Player Ever / Carl Weathers) and 114, the fulfilment of that aforementioned 14-thread. And think about it, the contrived merger of golf and hockey. It’s perfect. Shooter McGavin =99.

  • And it came out on the 47th day of the year, as the 80th tournament starts on 4/7, a date with 47 numerology. Bob Barker =47/74. Gilmore =474. Grandma Gilmore =74. Eighty =74. Paulina =74. Dustin Johnson =74. Jupiter Florida =74. Dustin =87. Happy Gilmore =870.
  • From Happy Gilmore release to the start of the Masters is a duration of 1050 weeks 6 days. Augusta National =1056. The Gretzky Prophecy =1506.
  • Happy’s love interest is Virginia Venit, like the gal in Billy Madison, Veronica Vaughan, so hot want to touch the heinie. VV =44/1400. Covered a few of those in this report.

According to IMDB, it’s also known as ‘Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore’ =112. Directed by ‘Dennis Dugan’ =112. Gretzky =112, Johnson’s birth numerology of 112 and the 1 year 1 month 2 days since his last win. In the movie, Grandma owes $270,000 – like the 270 aggregate score at ‘Augusta’ =27. Gretzky Tribute =207. Billy Madison is 27 years old. Like the Super Bowl on 2/7 and the 61 days between it and ‘Augusta National Invitational’ =106. Dustin Hunter Johnson =106.


Guns Don’t Kill People I Kill People =142. President Obama =142. Abraham Lincoln =305. Chubbs =305. Chubbs Peterson =68. Barack Obama =68. Alligator=41. Reptilian =104. Wayne Gretzky Tribute =104. The Masters ending on 10/4. Message Received =140. 

23 thoughts on “The Gretzky Prophecy: Coding the Green Jacket for Dustin Johnson

    • Haha, I’ll tell ya, I’m really diggin the 131 Prophecy these days dude. I made the mistake of not looking into Villanova enough and getting blinded by my pre-tourney wager on UNC. But with each championship, the G-Squad keeps improving. I’m listening brother 😉


  1. My bookie has Dustin Johnson 15to1 odds. Im broke from losing 400$ on N carolina thank god i hedged my bet and put 250$ on Villanova last night or it would have been worse. I think im gonna find away to pluck down 150.00 on Mr Johnson looks promising! Bro berg If you can find time can you do the upcoming KY Derby?


    • Yeah dude I’m on it. The favourite looks pretty hot. 142nd Derby on 5/7. Nyquist =750/35. His trainer D O Neill =35/71. Seventy-One =1435. Churchill Downs =1435. And 71 is the prime factor for 142. Also Nyquist was foaled on 3/10/13 – like the 131 championship code – and has 3 to 1 odds. He’ll also be exactly 165 weeks old on race day. Kentucky Derby =65. More to come.


  2. Nice work berg.

    A couple things I learned from March Madness.
    1) Travel clues seem to be worth more. The train crash connections won the nba last year and ncaa this year. Villanova pulled up in a bus with ‘one more win’ painted on it. (131) I remember zach mentioning hikers in connection to Dukes championship. Hiking I would consider a method of travel.

    2) Deaths seemed more connected to losing. All the Heath Ledger stuff to Stuart Scott, the list goes on. Death didn’t go well but birth did. Death vs Birth, possibly something to look closer at.

    Gematria is going to line up for a few teams every year but from my experience 4/5 of the strongest gematria favored teams were in the final 4, pretty impressive.


    • Awesome lessons, Dave. Travelling =48/120. Illuminati =48/120. Hiking =58. I think just as more deaths are connected to losing, the 33 is almost always set up for a sacrifice. My favourite part of the game last night was when Villanova tied it up at 44-44 with a dunk at 14:04. I had a feeling that the next point would be the winner and indeed it was. Kill / Killer eh.


  3. Happy Gilmore was released on 2/16/1996 and has a run time of 133 minutes (but I also saw 92 minutes which is 1 hour 32 minutes). Sandler Born 9/9/66. Dustin Johnson is currently 969 points out of first in the Fed Ex Cup.


    • Whoa nice. Gretzky scored his 50th goal on 5/23/85 and we’re now in the Jubilee year. Fiftieth Goal =118. The Great One =118. Fifty Goals =48. And get this, he scored that goal exactly 48 weeks after DJ was born…


      • This is truly awesome work guys, it takes great minds to be able to draw the diverse conclusions here. Have we decided what exactly 44 and 144 mean? For instance 13 and 33 are used to signify sacrifice.


  4. I updated my article with some additional findings on Gilmore and Gretzky.
    We now know why they chose the last name Gilmore!:
    Gilmore = 241, 79, 474, 43, 201
    Champion = 241, 79, 474, 43, 201

    Check out the stuff about 40 too. 40th prime is 173. Dustin Johnson born 173rd day of year.


    • BOOMTOWN BUDDY I love it. Happy =529. Eighty =529. Eighty Champion, merger of golf and hockey indeed. It’s one helluva storyline. Did you check out the Spieth report and his win tributed in the 2012 Derby? Eyes peeled for this pattern elsewhere. I’d like to get some decoding done on a few other Masters favs to win, but this is looking more lights out every day.


      • We have one more day to get ‘er done! The favorite is Jason Day, who has initials JD or 10 / 4. I have some of them done on my page but mostly just Name gematria and birth numerology.


      • Oh yeah shoot, I lost track of time. I liked the 112 connections in Day’s dates and I’d seen some other matches with him that I forgot to note so fuck. We’re goin all in on DJ not JD. I’d like both in the top 5. And on the wagers I like how we can pick Johnson to both win outright and rank top 5, hedge the bets in case it’s another dang setup for a runnerup.


      • Yeah, BB I put down 60 on him winning at 21:1 odds plus 20 on placing top 5 and 20 on placing top American. How many times have we seen our ‘gematria favorite’ get knocked out right before the end?


  5. Merle Haggard (musician) just died at age 79 (Champion, Murder) the day before the tournament starts, April 6, which also happens to be his birthday.
    Merle Haggard = 99!

    Could this be some kind of clue or sacrifice for the Masters?


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