2015 Masters Tournament and the Occult Tribute to Sandy Hoax


Decoding the winner of last year’s 79th Masters to find a common encryption pattern has led to a series of startling discoveries, linking school shooting hoaxes to golf tournaments. Indeed as you’ll see, Jordan Spieth (basically a child himself) is undeniably coded up with the hoax that was Sandy Hook. No word yet if Spieth hooked any shots from the sandtrap en route to his Green Jacket.

Seventy-Ninth =58. JORDAN SPIETH =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139, perfect tribute in an event highly harmonized with ‘Freemason’ =42. The US Masters =42. St Andrews =33/42, considered the birthplace of golf, like Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Augusta National Invitational =322 and the first ever tournament was on 3/22, the number of Skull and Bones (headquartered at Yale, 26 miles from Newtown). JORDAN ALEXANDER SPIETH =223. Masonic =223. Mason =62. Augusta Georgia =62. Georgia =62. Jordan =62. He won the Masters 260 days after his 21st birthday. Seventy-Ninth Masters =126. God =26. Apathy =26. Bunker =26. Rosen =26. We’re told there were 26 victims at Sandy Hook on [12+14] =26, the exact date Spieth turned pro in 2012.

Before becoming the second youngest player in PGA history to win the Masters (after Tiger Woods), his greatest accomplishment was becoming the third youngest player to win multiple tour events – a record he locked down on the 74th day of the year (Masonic =74), a date with 33 numerology [3+15+15]. Spieth’s caddie was a former sixth-grade teacher named ‘Michael Greller’ =74. Michael =33. Teacher =33. Robbie =33. Parker =33. Newtown =33/114. Titleist =33/114 (his sponsor). Seventy-Ninth Masters Tournament =411.


Human Elites =508 and you can bet all those rich white dudes behind Spieth are members of the ‘Secret Society’ =58. Sandy Hook =58 and happened on [12+14+20+12] =58. Jordan Spieth =58. Seventy-Ninth =58. He won the Masters exactly 850 days after Sandy Hook. Masonic Mind Control =85. Moloch Sacrifice =85. That’s also a span of 2 years 3 months 30 days. Freemason Mind Control =233. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233.

  • Mind Control =137, the 33rd prime. Newtown CT =137. Adam Peter Lanza =137 (the fictional patsy with the 137 birth numerology). Spieth won the Green Jacket in this ritual tribute to the green-screen-based psychological operation that was Sandy Hook, with its green ribbons of solidarity. Green =137.
  • Spieth currently has 7 PGA Tour wins and 9 professional wins, having racked up four more dubyas since the 79th Masters to synchronize in time for the next. Georgia =179. Newtown Connecticut =79. Yale University =79. Jordan Alexander Spieth =97 and he won from a field of 97 players.

Spieth =272. Born 7/27. He won the 2015 Masters with a record-tying score of 270 over the 72 holes. That’s funny, because ‘Seventy-Ninth Masters’ =270. Augusta =27 and is a par 72. [7+27+93] =127. Connecticut =127. Sandy =27 and killed 27 including the perp. Victoria Leigh Soto =207. Dawn Hochsprung =72. We’re told it’s the second deadliest mass shooting in US history since Virginia Tech in 2007, which killed 33 on a date with 27 numerology. Dustin Johnson, the chap we’re projecting for this year’s Masters, turned pro in 2007. Dustin =33. Augusta Golf Club opened in ’33 on the 33rd parallel, same as CNN which broadcasts mind control from the ATL =33.

Who can forget when Anderson Cooper flashed the symbolism of Moloch, the Canaanite god to which children were/are sacrificed (according to lore). The owl painting reads GRACE =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96. Government Sponsored =96. Blood Sacrifice To The Beast =906. Moloch =66. Scottish Rite =66. Nancy Lanza =666. Sandy Hoax =666.

The 2015 Masters began on 4/9. April Ninth =58/121. Get this, the first mass shooting of students in the US happened on 4/9 of 1891. That’s exactly 124 years earlier, perfect timing for a tribute: Golf =240. PGA =24. Psychological Operations =124. Mind Control Programming =124. Programmer =124. It happened in Newburgh, basically the same word as Newtown, and get a load of the duration between the first (probably staged) shooting and Sandy Hook (100% staged):


44,444 days. Shooting =44. Kill =44. Killing =444. Masonic =444. And as for the 121 and 85, the Round 1 of the Masters on 4/9 came exactly 121 weeks after Sandy Hook / Spieth going pro; and the final round was exactly 850 days later. Revelation =49/121. Antichrist =49/121. Sandy Hook =49/112. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting =409. Blood Sacrifice =121/67. Human Sacrifice =67. Satanic =67. Freemasonry =67. Jordan Spieth =67.


5 thoughts on “2015 Masters Tournament and the Occult Tribute to Sandy Hoax

  1. That Owl pic was epic, I read somewhere Prez Obama is a spider and that the owl drawing was meant as a show of power by the invisible government. It’s crazy how the bohemian grove has “weaving spiders come not here” displayed around the owl logo. So much esoteric knowledge.


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