Basketball Magnets: Case Closed.


Magnets in basketballs and magnets in the rim. I just heard about this theory today from Zach’s video and it really does makes so much sense. Why leave numerologically rigged games up to chance and human error when an easy technology exists to make sure every basket you want goes in and every shot you don’t stays out. Imagine someone upstairs on the switch, flipping the polarity of a magnetic rim to either attract or repel.

  • HAIL MARY =87. MAGNETBALL =87. As I’m now calling basketball.

So when we saw UNC with the Hail Mary of an off-balance bomb to miraculously tie it up at 74-74 with 4.7 seconds left, we may now know what the real tribute was for. Especially when it was immediately followed up with another frantic three that magically sunk for the buzzer-beater. And when you consider the amazing number of missed shots by UNC, it could indeed be explained by magnetic fields.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.40.09 PM.png

“How Did He Do That” =144/72. April Fourth =144. MAGNETIC =72. “Off-Balance” =38. CHEAT CODES =38. MAGNETISM =38. Masonic =38. Magnet Men =38. Magnetic Basketball Association =138. 

The basketballs are all manufactured by SPALDING =82. RIGGED BASKETBALLS =82. HIGH MAGIC =82. YOU ARE BEING DUPED =82. THE MAGNETBALL FINALS =82. Spalding is a subsidiary of RUSSELL CORPORATION =88. MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY =88.

  • MAGNETIC RIMS =404. AMTRAK CRASH =404. POPE FRANCIS =404. The final on 4/4 with 44 numerology and the slam dunk to tie the game at 44-44 coming at 14:04. TIME =144/47.

It was exactly 47 weeks from the Philadelphia Trainwreck to the Tar Heels derailment on 4/4. BASKETBALL MAGNET =434. The train crash on 4/3 coded all up with UNC’s 43/34 numbers, it hit a tobacco road themed BACKHOE =79. MAGNETS =79. OPTICAL ILLUSION =79. The final started at 1:19 UST, the 79th minute of the day. AS FAR AS YOUR EYES CAN SEE =119. Which is the line Kanye West sings as Dwayne Wade’s lay-in appears to alter its trajectory due to a magnet (at 0:30). Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?


And wow, how about this other NBA commercial with David Blaine =47 using magnets to make Unbelievable =47 shots. Basketball Magnets =47. This is confirmation of what’s really going on in basketball, hiding in plain sight, taunting the masses by dangling the truth before our eyes. Magic or Magnets =64. Magnetic Fields =64. Basketball Magnets =164. Magic =33. 33-sec vid.

  • Baron Davis =42/105. Dwayne Wade =42/105. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105.
  • Magneto =75. NBA Magnetball Finals =75. New World Order =75.

Magnetball Finals =58. Magnetic Basketball =58. Freemasonry =58. MAGNETIC BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION =110. UNBELIEVABLE =110. OFF BALANCE HOW DID HE DO THAT =110.

9 thoughts on “Basketball Magnets: Case Closed.

  1. I first read the “magnet” theory over on F2FT, and thought that certainly makes sense. Now reading it on Extra-Capsa….it absolutely makes all the sense in the world. And that David Blaine commercial is the clincher. I don’t have much to add other then playing around w/ the word itself….

    Magnet as many words related to basketball in it – team, game, mega =43, 17. NBA =43, 17. NBA =102. Net =12.

    Magneto =450. Hoop =54. Net =145. Magnetto =233. Gematria =233. Messiah =233.

    There’s lots of paths we could take on this issue. Lots of clues down the Baron Davis path, and still can’t believe that commercial was made. Magnet Mocking =332. Magneto =233.

    I’ll leave you with this “gem” found in the word Magnet as well……Magneto is the Founder of – Brotherhood of Mutants =154 ( see the 54 Magneto run above). Brotherhood Of Mutants =257. Magnetize And Hypnotize =257. And thats exactly how they get you.


  2. Spalding =231. Spalding Magnetic Rims =213. Look at that number as a date – 2/13, is the 44th day. Magnetic Rims =404.

    Spalding =36. Magnet =360. Oh Yeah 🙂

    Spalding makes the Hoops/Rims for the NBA. Why am i drawn to this subject?? Magnetics =91. Maestro =91.


    • Your understanding of the diagram is incorrect. The purple line would technically be the rim. The magnetic field circles around the purple line.


  3. I love how the commercial is 33 seconds long. Something is definitely used. Small magnets makes sense. Less pull on the ball so the attraction isn’t too crazy. Control switch makes perfect sense. Its a rigged sport so why is it so hard to believe they would do such a thing? They’re making billions a year off us idiotic endlabed puppets , they have the money to do anything they want. Zionist Jews are the reason the US is the most powerful nation in the world


  4. In 2011 when my son was playing aau basketball, he was a good freethrow shooter and I really mean good he would miss one out of every 50 free throws in practice and in games would go 5 for 5 or 10 for 10. At one particular tournament he missed went 1 for 9 from the line and another went 2 for 8 it was like some kind of force field was making the ball clank off the front of the rim or off the back of the rim or the ball would be on point to swish then all of a sudden it was like it was pushed left or right. I asked him did he think something was wrong with the rims and he said when he would shoot the ball he would hear some kind of thunk or click and wondered what that was, I immediately came home and tried to find something on magnetic rims with no luck, but now from this article I see we weren’t the only ones who noticed this.


    • That’s an excellent inside scoop, thanks so much for sharing! When we understand the extent to which the leagues owner’s owner’s love to rig their games by the numbers, to me it makes perfect sense that they’d use magnets to control the outcomes. I’m sure we’ll see some ‘miraculous’ baskets this NBA Finals.


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