Kentucky Derby and the Nyquist Lock


It’s the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby on May 7th, 2016. [5+7+20+16] =48. The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports =480/156. Six Six Six =48/156. Kentucky Derby =56. Horse Race =56. As we’ll be revealing in this mind-blowing report, the Derby is all queued up for the closest thing you’ll get to a guaranteed win. 

The favourite is a thoroughbred called NYQUIST =750/35, racing on 7-5, 35 days after his last win, with trainer “D. O’Neill” =35/71. Douglas F O’Neill =71. The Kentucky Derby =71. Nyquist’s grandsire is ‘Indian Charlie’ =71. The prime factor of 142 is 71. Seventy-One =1435. Churchill Downs =1435. On race day Nyquist will be exactly 165 weeks old and on his 6/5 maiden race he was 116 weeks 5 days old. Last year he won the “Eclipse Award for Champion Two-Year Old” =165/372/2232. Kentucky Derby =65, The Kentucky Derby =1372, and his current earnings are $2,322,000. Horse Race =322. Damn, that right there is enough to wager confidently – but it gets even crazier.

  • Horse Racing =63/117. Nyquist’s breeding rights are owned by Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, through his operation called ‘Darley Racing’ =63/117. Nyquist’s is owned by ‘J Paul Reddam’ =630.
  • His breeder is ‘Summerhill Farm’ =69/609. May Seventh =69. Nyquist’s trainers’ last Kentucky Derby win was in 2012 with “I’ll Have Another” =69. The duration between that win and the projected win upcoming at the 142nd running on ‘May Seventh’ =42 is 4 years 2 days. Nyquist’s last win came on 4/2.
  • Holy shit, and get this: I’ll Have Another =1047. Jordan Spieth =1047. From his 2012 Derby win to the day Speith turned pro, the same day of Sandy Hook (as we covered in the previous post), it’s  exactly 223 days. Jordan Alexander Spieth =223. That’s also 7 months 9 days and Speith would go on to win the 79th Masters.

His trainers are “Doug O’Neill and J Paul Reddam” =238. There are 238 days left in the year on May 7th. Doug O’Neill =114. Churchill Downs =1014. Nyquist Wins =1140. I’ll Have Another One =1104/1142. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105. J Paul Reddam =42/105. The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports =142/412. Conspiracy Theory =214, a phrase mentioned on O’Neill’s Wikipedia.

Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands =144. The Run For The Roses =1404. O’Neill was born on the 144th day of the 1968 (May 24th) and will turn 48 some 408 hours after the Kentucky Derby with its 48 numerology – 48 weeks after Nyquist’s maiden race. Notice the 666 connection to 144 and 48, here in the year of the 666. Notice too that ‘Seventy-One’ =144, neatly wrapping up the 71-thread, particularly after the College Basketball final was all tributed to prime numbers, as Zach discovered. Primetime indeed.


Nyquist was foaled on 10-3-13 (March 10th), which double-codes the vaunted number of Championship =131 and his odds are 3 to 1 (like his 3/10 birthday). He won the Breeders’ Cup on 10/31 last year, which incidentally was the final career race of ‘American Pharoah’ =131, the victor of the 2015 Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown. I’ll Have Another won the 2012 Derby on his 1131st day on this Earth.

  • March Tenth =47. Horse Race =47. O’Neill will be 47 years old during the Derby and 131 can be expressed as the sum of three consecutive primes: 41 + 43 + 47. I’ll Have Another =1047.
  • I’ll Have Another’s jockey was ‘Mario Gutierrez’ =1156. The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports =156. Kentucky Derby =56. Horse Race =56. Nyquist’s maiden race was on 6/5, the 156th day of the year. While no birthdate is given, he’s a Mexican =33 from Veracruz =42. Another 42 connection, as it appears Gutierrez will also be riding Nyquist in the Derby.

Our horse is named after Gustav Nyquist, who plays forward for the Detroit Red Wings. Colts and geldings carry 126-pound jockies in the Derby and our horse’s damsire is ‘Forestry’ =126. Gus Nyquist =1206/46, is 26 years old and Nyquist the horse has birth numerology of 26 and 46. Nyquist Won =1062. Mason =62. Douglas F O’Neill =62 with birth numerology of 53. Gustav Nyquist =53/62/79. Churchill Downs =79. Now we know the reason behind the namesake tribute.

  • Nyquist =909 and the man’s birthday [9+1+89] =99. Red Wings =99. The Run for the Roses =99. Fillies carry 121-pounds. Born with 121 days remaining, Gustav was drafted 121st overall by ‘Detroit’ =348. Nyquist’s sire is ‘Uncle Mo’ =348.
  • Gus Nyquist =1032. May Seventh =132. May Seven =32. The 32nd prime is 131.

The 142nd Kentucky Derby on [5+7+2+0+1+6] =21. Twenty-One =42/141. The Kentucky Derby was founded 141 years ago. O’Neill is from ‘Dearborn Michigan’ =141 (the 313 area code, 313 a twin prime with 311) and Nyquist’s dam (mother) is ‘Seeking Gabrielle’ =141. May Seven =104/41. Sentient Jet =141/42. A lot of this code bodes well for a Dustin Johnson Masters and the Gretzky Prophecy, as well as an upcoming Super Bowl 51 appearance by the Indianapolis Colts to follow the Broncos. May Seventh =51. Doug O’Neill =51. The second favourite is ‘Gun Runner’ =51. Let’s see if we can make up for that UNC upset!


24 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby and the Nyquist Lock

  1. Nailed it! Im just drooling for the masters. If you could make a video linking dj to happy gilmore to Gretzky it would be EPIC.


  2. Amazing work, on a tear lately. Just a small contribution to your opus: Nyquist’s maiden race was on 6/5/15, which is 48 weeks and 1 day prior to the Derby (like the date/slogan), or 8088 hours, this being his 8th race. Also interesting, in that race on 6/5, the 156th day (or this year the 157th, like 5/7), Nyquist was exactly 116 weeks and 5 days old.


  3. I found some connections between the new york islanders and the stanley cup. I figured i would share the basics and maybe that will get you guys involved.

    The franchise is in it’s 44th year of existence.

    Owner: Charles B. Wang, Born: August 19, 1944 (71yrs)
    8+19+19+44= 90
    Charles = 207/396/66
    Wang = 948/270/45
    Charles Wang = 1155/666/111
    Charles B Wang = 1157/678/113

    Owning a New York franchise with that gematria, in 2016.. Thats allot of beast connections but how about this. 71 year old owner/ 44th year of existance…
    Fourty four =144
    Seventy one =144

    Head Coach: Jack Capuano, Born july 7,1966 (49 yrs)
    7+7+19+66= 99
    7+7+1+9+6+6= 36
    7+7+66= 80
    Jack= 614/150/25
    Capuano= 355/426/71
    Jack Capuano= 969/576/96

    Jack was a former defensemen. Drafted 88th overall in ’84.
    First off, the 99 stands out. 99th cup.. 71 for his last name matches the owners age, drafted 88th, reminds me of north carolina in a sense. Poison =299/528/88.. Theres that 99 and 88.. Anyway I’m a rook, what do I know? Let’s continue…

    Captain: John Tavares, Born September 20, 1990 (25yrs)
    9+20+19+90= 138
    9+2+1+9+9= 30
    9+20+90= 119

    There we have another 119, seeing allot of that. I also noticed John Tavares shares a birthday with the Anaheim Ducks Owner: Henry Samueli who has born in ’54, many people have the ducks linked in a gematrical way. I did some home work and I can see it, yet nothing is concrete at this point. I’m just pointing out that wouldn’t shock me to see these teams square off.

    Ok back on track..
    3 players with a 131 connection
    ·Mikhail Grabovski = 1036/1002/167
    Wears #84, Born: (1/31)/84
    ·Jaroslav Halak = 1582/786/131
    Wears #41, Born: 5/13/85
    ·Casey Cizikas=1121/786/131
    Wears #53, Born: 2/27/91

    And I will leave you with this, the reason I decided to check out the islanders… I seen a reese’s peanut butter cup commercial, it showed 2 peanut butter cups and said some crap like ‘these cups were made for the playoffs’ they were watching hockey and on the score board was NYI vs ANA..


    • Nice one buddy! Solid breakdown. I’ve yet to crack into the NHL but will be gettin to it sometime this week and I’ll be taking your work into consideration for sure. I caught a subliminal message in a commercial of 154 connected to the Broncos and I looked it up and sure enough Denver was 154 years old. Denver Broncos =154. Levi’s Stadium =154. That was one of the big early hints that I was on track. Trust the wonderful synhronicities!


    • How much can we read into those 131 connections, given that those players were all on that team in the previous season and they didn’t win?


      • That’s a great question. All I know is the 239th year is of major importance and all the championships of this year have been heavily biased towards the 131. So it may not be most important factor but it certainly carries weight when we’re balancing the synchs.


      • Speaking of 239 I just noticed:
        “two hundred and thirty nine” in the English Ordinal system equals 293
        Pretty interesting


  4. Wow, Nyquist is named after a hockey player. Makes the “Gretzky Prophecy” even stronger!

    Something I thought of. In Electrical Engineering there is a mathematical function called “Nyquist plots” which deals with the stability of control systems. It is named after an Engineer named Harry Nyquist who was born February 7, 1889, and Died: April 4, 1976, age 87. Might be worth looking at more.


    • Nice one buddy, I saw the math function link but had yet to step through the doorway. 2/7 and 4/4. Hot. Nyquist Diagram =1041, basically a continuation of my final paragraph here, ha.


  5. Hey im big into horse racing here in australia which i know is not rigged but i do know america is fake cause they can use drugs and stuff and everything else is fake..
    I can get 5-1 for that horse in the derby…how confident are you?
    and my mates are laughing at me about dustin johnson? Do u think thoses 2 sports are linked here?


      • Good Q Lemmy. John I lived in Australia for 3 years and it’s just as fake as Canada where I’m from and the UK and the States etc, because all the mind control industries worldwide are run by the same parasitic programmers. All these sports give numerological tributes to each other via the script.

        That being said, I’m still grappling with how all these sports can be so rigged. But based on all our discoveries so far, I’d say the default position should be to assume they’re probably rigged to an extent. Especially horse racing in Australia which is huge. Could be the jockeys are told where to place and they do it.


      • Yeah I live in Melbourne, and I would be shocked to find out it was NOT rigged. The football is here is rigged for sure.


      • Hey nice one, I lived in Melbourne for a year in 2006 with some Bauie Boys, footie crew, and we’d party every now and then with Jason Blake and Lenny Hayes. Fuck if only I knew then what I know now… I fantasize about calling sports actors out on their shit.


      • And I was in Peth for several months last year before getting deported and got pretty tight with this babe who’s a trainer for the Scorchers. You reckon she’d know it’s rigged?? I got pretty into Big Bash, some real exciting finishes that make so much more sense now.. haha. I was at the 2015 Scorchers semi-final actually. And it was indeed a scorcher, mad heat fatigued in the outfield, ha.


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