Magnetic Golf and the Space Jam Ace Fiesta

Bill Murray shouts, “It Is Alive” =43/106. Magnet Balls =43/106. Prophecy =106. “My first hole in one, yes” =131. Championship =131. MJ (13+10). Bill Murray =131. Magnetic Rims =131. Augusta National =1310. Dustin is 31 with 131 birth numerology. Neuman =23/68. Space Jam =23/68. And down the rabbit hole he goes. 

Michael Jordan =851. Magnetic Golf Balls =158. Magnetic Golf =58. Magnetic Basketball =58. Freemasonry =58. Notice the one-shoe symbolism, classic Masonic ritual that we see in many staged hoaxes. Too fucking funny! Especially in light of Jordan’s connection with UNC and their upset from three days before the Masters with all the Sad Jordan memes we’ve been subjected to in the lead-up to 4/7. Monstars =47/119. Star of David =47/119. All-Seeing Eye =47/119. It’s Amazing =47/119. Basketball Magnets =47/74. Magnets =474.


The Masters Par-3 Contest was held today, the 56th such event. Fifty-Sixth Par Three Contest =333. Until today there was an average of 1.42 hole-in-ones per contest with a record 5 aces in 2002. (Masters Tournament =1042. The US Masters =42. This Masters ends 42 days before his birthday.) And now suddenly we see NINE hole-in-ones. NINE =24. MAGNET =24. DUSTIN =24. As we’re discussing the evidence for magnets in basketball. What a joke. Gary Player, the oldest player to record an ace in an event, got one too. Gary Player =56 and he’s 80 years old… In the 56th Par 3 Comp of the 80th Masters. Magnets in action. It was Player’s 31st career ace, which may prove to be a tribute to 31-year-old Dustin Johnson. THIRTY-ONE ACES =72. MAGNETIC =72.

  • The Masters =56. Dustin Johnson =56 from South Carolina =156. Augusta National =1056. According to the World Golf rankings, DJ has recently dropped 56.56 points. Monster Magnet =56. Space Jam awards: 5 wins 6 nominations. Toon Squad =605.

Gary =51. Magnetic PGA =51. Conspiracy =51. Player =32, the 32nd prime is 131. Chapionship =131. Champion =79. MAGNETS =79. PAR THREE CONTEST =79, on the day Merle Haggard dies on his 79th birthday. Hole-In-One =97. Player =77. Nine Hole-in-Ones =77. Hole in One Magnets =77.


Space Jam came out on 11/15/96, the 320th day leaving 46. Magnet Golf =46. Magnetic Balls =46. That’s 273 days after Happy Gimore. Paulina Mary Jane Gretzky =273. Notice that Wayne’s daughter (and DJ’s babe) has an MJ middle name. MJ (4+1) DJ (4+1) with the last round on 4/10. Paulina MJ Gretzky =74. Paulina =74. Dustin Johnson =74, born on the 174th day. Eighty =74. Like the 80th Masters starting on 7/4. Masters Magnets =74.

  • Exactly 39 weeks between Happy Gilmore and Space Jam. MJ made his NBA debut in the 39th season, exactly 18 weeks after DJ was born. Augusta =18. The US Masters =1008. That’s also 4 months 4 days, reminding us of the back-to-back aces on hole #4 today by ‘Justin Thomas and Ricky Fowler’ =144/333. Fifty-Sixth Par Three Contest =144/333. Bugs Bunny =44. Jordan scored 44 points in the Space Jam game. Space Jam’s tagline: “Get Ready To Jam” =144.
  • Space Jam =23/32. MJ =23 and wears #23. Johnson =32 with 32 birth numerology (6+2+2+1+9+8+4) and he’s turning 32 next birthday, 23 years after Jordan retired. Tht magnetic hole-in-one of MJ’s goes in the hole at exactly 30:20 in the movie. Dustin Johnson =1321. Space Jam =68. Magnetic Golf Balls =68.

Michael Jordan =113 retired on 1/13/1999, a date with 33 numerology like Michael =33. Kobe =33. Kobe Bryant =113 retired this year and will play his last game on the 13th of April, a date with 33 numerology.  Bugs Bunny Michael Jordan =103. PGA Magnets =103. Happy Learned How to Putt =103. Happy Place =103. Joe Pytka =103 (Space Jam director). What’s Up Doc =103.


The Space Jam logo like the rings of Saturn, the root of Satanism, and possible mind control broadcast frequency source of our holographic universe. Three Rings =60/123. Conspiracy =60/123. With the J partially hidden it could read ‘Space I Am’ =67. Saturn Symbolism =67. The 19th prime is 67 and it’s now 19 years since Space Jam came out.

Twenty Sixteen Master =109. Gretzky’s 109 assists and 19 playoff games in his ’88 season under ‘Glen Sather’ =109. Masters of the Universe =109. Like Adam Sandler married on DJ’s 19th birthday. Monstars =119. Hole-in-Ones =116. Michael Jordan Abducted By Aliens =116. There’s a field of 89 golfers in this year’s Masters: Eighty-Nine =116.

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Golf and the Space Jam Ace Fiesta

  1. Holy fuck buddy. I cant believe it! That half memory i had.. Ive been on the gematria 3 weeks. Eyes are too open to go to work man. Im bob barker also fyi lol


  2. I updated my article with my findings on the Par 3 contest ol’ son. See Update #3.

    One correction to note. Johnson doesn’t have 41 career events. That is just listed on the world golf rankings. Maybe that is the amount of events being weighed for his rankings? Not sure how they get that number. Anyways, he has 187 career events so far. Even better, as the Master’s will be his 188th event tying in with all the “88” syncs.


  3. Wouldn’t doubt this whole magnet theory……. actually makes a lot of sense. Plus we all know how they like to hide truth in plain sight!!!!!….. especially in movies.

    p.s. Hey Brother, you should look into the Jon Jones UFC fight coming up next week…… The odds on the other guy are pretty good if an upset is in the cards.


  4. any idea who wins the European masters, the Deutsche Bank Championship or the US Masters 2017? and will the Ryder Cup be USA, Europe or tie?
    even if you have no gematria clues could you have a guess? I would appreciate it as I have a free bet for an accumulator and have no idea about golf…


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