Merle Haggard’s Blood Sacrifice to The Masters (of the Universe)


Country music giant Merle Haggard died on his 79th birthday on the 97th day of the year, officially still in the time of the 79th Masters until the next one begins the following day. Country Music Giant =79. Murder =79,  a number often coded into ritual sacrifices of celebrities at key momemts in time and space, along with 38=Death. The Rolling Stone obituary is quick to point out his 38 number-one country hits. This appears to be another step along the Gretzky Prophecy, perhaps one of the last before the fulfilment of a Dustin Johnson Green Jacket. Champion =79. Gilmore =79. Georgia =179. DJ is from ‘Columbia South Carolina’ =97 and the Masters starts on the 97th day (in a standard year). As you’ll see, ol’ Merle is coded up to Grezky and the Masters in about a hundred different ways.

  • Merle Haggard =248/99. Wayne Gretzky =2248 and immortalized the #99. Haggard dies the day before the Masters, whose winner receives the Green Jacket =99.
  • Merle Ronald Haggard =443/91. Dustin =443 at 9-1 odds. Merle Ronald Haggard =163. Merle Haggard =63. Wayne Gretzky =63. Dustin =663. 
  • Country Music Giant =88/232. Satan =232. Lucifer =323. Big Bucks =323. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88 from ‘Columbia South Carolina’ =232. Wayne Douglas Gretzky =88 and all his connections to 1988, 27 years ago. Augusta =27 starts on 27 numerology. Outlaw =1271. Johnny Cash =702 and Haggard was an inmate at San Quentin in the crowd for Cash’s legendary appearance at the prison.


Country Music Giant Merle Haggard =142/331. Masters Tournament =1042. The US Masters =42. DJ is sponsored by ‘Taylormade’ =42 and this Masters will be his 42nd PGA event, finishing 42 days before his next birthday. Honky Tonk =133. The Greatest Hockey Player Ever =133. Paulina =331 with 31 numerology and her bf Dustin is 31 with 131 birth numerology and an average 310 yard drive playing at Augusta National =131. Merle Haggard’s Blood Sacrifice =131.

  • BORN: [4+6+19+37] =66. Merle Haggard =99. [4+6+37] =47. Master begin on 4/7, a date also with 47 numerology. Champion =474. Gilmore =474. Happy Gilmore released on the 47th day. [4+6+1+9+3+7] =30. Forty =30 (Merle =140, a key code to the Grezky Prophecy). The last round of the Masters on 30 numerology.
  • DIED: [4+6+20+16] =46. Haggard =46. Ronald =64. Sacrifice =46. [4+6+16] =26. Merle =26. Gretzky born on the 26th, won his last Cup on the 26th. God =26. [4+6+2+1+6] =19. Merle Ronald Haggard =91. DJ at 9-to-1 odds. Twenty Sixteen Masters =109. Masters of the Universe =91/109.

MERLE =140. Gretzky =40. Golf =40. DJ’s last PGA win comes 400 days before his this tournament. Masters =41. Johnson =41. He has 41 events under his belt. The Great One =401. And the last round of the Masters on 4/10.

HAGGARD =108. Wayne Gretzky =1080. The US Masters =1008 and winner receives $1.8 million. Augusta =18. Augusta Georgia =1088. Synagogue of Satan =1088. Happy Gilmore directed by ‘Dennis Dugan’ =188. Adam Sandler =276. Haggard =276.


Continuing on the Happy Gilmore prophecy… often described as ‘grizzled’, Haggard triggers subconscious connections to Grizzly Adams, played by Dan Haggerty – who died 2 months 23 days (2016 hours) after the Alison Canyon Gas Leak began and *GET THIS* 2 months 23 days (2016 hours) before round one of the Masters. And just so we know that’s no coincidence, Haggerty born on 11/19: Eightieth Masters =1116. Grizzly Adams Did Have A Beard =119. Wayne Gretzky Dustin Johnson =119. April Tenth Twenty Sixteen =119.

8 thoughts on “Merle Haggard’s Blood Sacrifice to The Masters (of the Universe)

  1. Cool man.
    Don’t know if ya remember that France Ireland match.
    All sorts of hell broke loose after it.
    The FAI (Football Assoc of Ireland) wanted a replay or to be included in the World cup in 2010 as a 33rd team.
    It was never gonna happen.
    Wonder if a Euro 16 will be pay back!!


  2. Nice work!!….

    Whenever i see the number 79 or 97…… i get the feeling it’s a coded “13” tribute. By turning the 9 upside down.

    I always wondered if turning a 6 or 9 upside down, that one or the other is related to “Bad” luck??….. like in black magick ritual type stuff maybe?….. interesting to think about.


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