The Gretzky Prophecy Continues: Janet Jones and the ’88 Intrigue

Wayne Gretzky’s wife is actress ‘Janet Jones’ =113/32 (and 113 is a permutable prime with 131, the 32nd prime). Championship =131. Talk about a trophy wife, purely on the occult numerological tribute dimension of course… Trophy Wife =64, matching the 64 games Gretzky played in his last championship season before marrying Janet. DJ =604. We’re digging deeper into the backstory of the Gretzky Prophecy, which seems to be very much coding up a Dustin Johnson victory at the Masters, starting tomorrow 4/7.

  • DJ is engaged to Wayne’s daughter (a correction from Part 1 that said they’re married, though they do have a son), the proposal on 18/8. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88. Wayne Douglas Gretzky =88 with birth numerology of  88 [1+26+61], which incidentally was a huge year for the man the legend, the Manchurian Athlete from the Great White North.

Scoring 40 goals in the ’88 season led the Oilers to his 4th and final Stanley Cup on 5/26 — the day that Janet Jones was 9999 days old! That’s 27 years ago. 7 weeks 2 days after hoisting the Stanley, 27-year-old Wayne married 27-year-old ‘Janet Jones Gretzky’ =72, whose birth numerology [1+10+61] =72. Round 1 of the Masters [4+7+16] =27. The course at ‘Augusta’ =27 is a par 72 and the tournament has an aggregate record score of 270. Gretzky Tribute =207. Johnson turned pro in 2007 and his baby-mama, the Gretzkys’ first born, came into the world 207 days after the Stanley Cup. Janet Jones was implicated in a gambling ring on 2/7 and took place in a high stakes golf tournament in 2007. Eightieth Masters Winner Dustin Johnson =172.

  • All those 27/72 can be reduced to a string of 99s like the Great One’s retired number. Like he hung up the skates in ’99 and coached a losing record for the Coyotes until the franchise went bankrupt in 09 of 09. Canadian =99. The NHL is currently in its 99th season, about to drop the puck on the playoffs. Green Jacket =99. The Oilers scored 99 points in our ’88 season of focus here. Dustin Johnson Wins Eightieth Masters =199. The fulfilment of #99.

Gretzky-Jones =1050 and Janet was exactly 10,050 days old on her wedding day. Gretzky set a record for most career assists (1050) on 3/1 followed by 31 assists in the playoffs for another coded record. Now DJ is 31 years old with the champion birth numerology of 131 playing at ‘Augusta National’ =1310, which opened in ’33 on the 33rd parallel. Like how exactly 3 weeks 3 days after their wedding, Gretzky was traded to Los Angeles, thus breaking all Canadians’ hearts.

Prior to Wayne entering the picture, Janet was engaged to a pro tennis player named ‘Vitas Gerulaitis‘ =66. She then ditched the 66 and got with the 99, as it were. But get this mystery: Vitas died at age 40 from “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning” =270 (like the thread above and Vitas born on the 207th day). The span from the Gretzky’s wedding day to the ‘Blood Sacrifice’ =121 of ‘Gerulaitis’ =121 is exactly 322 weeks. Not only is that one of the most prominent and notorious call-signs of the Programmers, the first ever Masters was on 3/22 – known then as the ‘Augusta National Invitational’ =322. Last year’s winner was ‘Jordan Alexander Spieth’ =223. Masonic =223. Paulina was born 22 weeks 3 days after the Gretzky wedding. Gerulaitis had a record of 520-223 in singles play. Carbon Monoxide =152. Vitas Gerulaitis =1152.

Gretzky scored 40 goals and Vitas died at 40. Gretzky =40. Golf =40. DJ’s last PGA win comes 400 days before his this tournament. In Happy Gilmore, predictive programming a tribute to the merger of hockey and golf, Adam Sandler’s character realizes there’s money to be made at hustling after he drives the ball 400 yds 3 times and wins $40. (Champion =43 / Gilmore =43). The Masters ending on 4/10. Masters =41. Johnson =41. He has 41 events under his belt. The Great One =401. Johnson Sixteen Masters Top American =401. The 40th prime is 173 and DJ born on the 173rd day of the year will celebrate his 32nd birthday 73 days after the final round of the Masters. Remember the 32nd prime is 131. Masters Top American Dustin Johnson =131.


Happy =529. Eighty =529. Happy =396. Green Jacket =396. Gilmore =241/79/474/43/201. Champion =241/79/474/43/201. Green Jacket Champion = Eighty Champion, and this is the 80th Championship. Making matters even more hilarious, is that just as Happy could drive like hell but couldn’t make a putt to save his life, DJ had a putting meltdown at last year’s Masters where the ball just would not go to its home. Is this the year he learns how to putt, like Happy and his comeback over Shooter McGavin? Somebody’s Closer =969.

  • Sandler’s born 9/9/66, reminding us of Wayne and Vitas and the trippy Janet 9999 connect. Especially when 9/9 leaves 113 days and Janet Jones =113 who was involved in running a ‘Gambling Ring’ =113.
  • From 4/10 to 9/9 is 152 or 153 days. Augusta Georgia =152. Adam Richard Sandler =153. That’s almost 4 months 30 days like both his birthday and release of Happy Gilmore have 43 numerology (and the 340 days left on Gretzky’s bday). And it’s 21 weeks 6 days here in 2016 as Happy came out on 2-16. Dustin Johnson Masters Winner =216.
  • Janet and Wayne born 16 days apart like Gretzky’s 16 NHL seasons and DJ ranked 16th with +1600 odds to win the ‘Eightieth Masters’ =1116 which start the day he turns 11611 days old. His baby mama is ‘Paulina Gretzky’ =1116, making them all one big happy ‘Illuminati Family’ =1116.

All coincidental? Well how about this, speaking about weddings, Sandler got married on 6-22-03. That’s DJ’s 19th birthday! Twenty Sixteen Masters =109. Happy Gilmore =1090 (sponsored by Subway =91). Gretzky racked 109 assists and 19 playoff games in that ’88 season under GM/Coach ‘Glen Sather’ =109 (currently 72 years old). DJ at 19 to 1 odds. Illuminati Athelete =191.

Yes, it’s all looking real hot indeed. Certainly worth the wager, IMHO. Especially when Merle Haggard just died today on his 79th birthday, a blood sacrifice before the Masters. Green Jacket =99. Merle Haggard =99. Boom, stay tuned for Haggard’s breakdown next.

18 thoughts on “The Gretzky Prophecy Continues: Janet Jones and the ’88 Intrigue

  1. To wrap up your final comment on 1 9’s – DJ has 19 to 1 odds of winning. DJ =604, 84, 14, 41. All those numbers are currently ritualized – so I’d say Bro Berg is def onto something pretty big here. Plus that 41 reminds me of the end date of the Masters – 4/10, the 101st day this year.

    Full Circle =101. Dustin Johnson Masters Winner =360, like 360 degrees a “full circle”. Dustin Johnson Masters Winner =2160, like this year of 2016. Barack =216, and Obama =84, 14. DJ =84, 14.

    Lastly, Wayne Gretzky is known as – The Great One =118, 708, 401. March Madness =118, and it was the 78th tourney (Dustin =87) – that only leaves the jewish gematria of 401 remaining for “The Great One”, and who did we just see have initials with those numbers – DJ =41. Skull And Bones =41. Barack Obama =41.

    Forty One =118, 78 – and there’s the “Full Circle”. The Masters =509. Johnson =95. I think that was said in part 1? Paulina =74, 444, 331 – she could be the biggest of all hints here 😉


    • Beauty buddy! Sixteen Masters Johnson Top American =401/140. Masters Top American Dustin Johnson =131. Eightieth Masters Winner Dustin Johnson =172. Dustin Johnson Wins Eightieth Masters =199, the fulfilment of the Prophecy of 99 😉


  2. 9 hole in one’s at the masters par 3 challenge today. All i can think about is the movie space jam, i believe they have magnet balls on a golf course. That is barely a memory from many years ago lol, so it might be another bugs bunny show


    • Wow. The magnet show continues! That’s awesome, 9×3 is 27, reducing to 9, as is all this tribute – connecting majorly into Merle Haggard’s sacrifice. I need to find this cartoon clip of magnet balls, stat.


      • “The Masters Par-3 Contest began in 1960 with players combining for 80 holes-in-one during the first 56 years. That’s 1.42 aces per contest through last season with a record five made in 2002. That is a whole lot of holes-in-one.
        Not only did the 2016 field manage to set a new record for aces, they nearly doubled it. Nine players made a hole-in-one on Wednesday. NINE! In one afternoon the field combined for more than 11 percent of the aces it took 56 previous fields of players to make. That’s incredible.
        The aces came early and came often. There were even records set within the record. At 80 years old, Gary Player became the oldest player to record an ace in the event when he made the fourth of his career, another record.”

        More 80 and 56 is heavy on Johnson. Unreal.


      • “Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler go back-to-back on No. 4: Back-to-back aces! Something few have probably ever seen before, and the shots caused the whole group, including Jordan Spieth, to lose it.”
        Back to back on #4 for a nice 44


      • I just watched the video of the 9 hole in ones. The ball was curving from halfway across the green and rolling right to the hole! Some looked so fake like it makes a huge divit and should stop but it starts speeding up. I know it’s hard to see the slope of the green on TV but come on


  3. This is quite the combo we’ve got going! Now we just need Zach to make a video about it for youtube haha.
    Do you think Johnson will come out of the gates leading or be more of a comeback? His current odds to be the day 1 leader are +2000.


    • Oh buddy just wait for the cherry on top here with Merle Haggard’s sacrifice! I’ll make a video tonight. I can’t tell how it’s gonna go down… Except for the Gematria: Dustin Johnson First Round Leader =137/164. Green =137. Jupiter Florida =64. DJ =604. Who knows, probably not the worst idea to put a little wager on odds like that, knowing what we know.


    • My book has got slightly different odds on DJ, but if I bet him to “Place” in the 1st rd – it pays 4.6 to 1….and doesn’t that 46/64 fit perfect to kick off a championship run. Tells me he won’t finish the 1st rd in 1st, but rather in 2nd or 3rd, and he’ll work his way up from there.

      You guys have done an awesome job getting me excited about the Masters 🙂


    • Imo the best bets are to finish top 10. Odds are only +125 or so but you could in theory bet allot on something like that. Top american +800 and to win +1800 or so. Leading after a day seems allot more like gambling than investing. Having said that I’ve only done to win outright myself.


  4. I put a 100 on him today yo win. My bookie he hawed around when i ask him the odds he stammered and said 11 to 1?? Wtf. I got on vegas insider and he was 19 to 1!! To quote my beautiful daughter ( thats sum Bullshit!!! ) damn i want to stick it to him.


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