Decoding Space Jam for The Masters

Let’s hop right into my #1 discovery from watching Space Jam. Notice the scoreboard is a mirrored 268. Would you believe it? Dustin Hunter Johnson =268 and opening round of the Masters on 4/7 leaves 268 days remaining! It’s the 80th Masters at ‘Augusta Georgia’ =62 (Programmers / Powers That Be / Mason / Saturn Symbol / The God Saturn / The Rabbit Hole). Master Builder =626.

  • Eighty-Sixty-Two =76. Master =76. 
  • 18-point lead for the home team. Augusta =18. The US Masters =1008. Augusta Georgia =1088. This is DJ’s 188th tour event. The Master Teachers =188. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88 and 8th favourite at the 80th running. Horton Smith, the first ever Master winner, 88 birth numerology (10+15+63). .
  • In the score we also see a coded (80+62) =142. Again, Masters Tournament =1042. The US Masters =42. And should DJ win, he’d don the Green Jacket 42 days before his birthday. Horton Smith, was born on the 142nd day of the year, 5/22. Dustin =522, born [6+22+84] =112. His last tournament was in Houston =112 and his last win came 1 year 1 month 2 days before 4/10. Mason =211. Zionist =112 (11×2). That’s a lot of 22’s, the Master Builder number in numerology. Master =22/31 and DJ is 31 years old born on the 22nd.

Master Teacher =64. The Grand Masters =64. Eightieth Masters =647. Master Builder =147, started on 4/7, a date with 47 numerology. Champion =474. And speaking of Master Builder and the Great Architect of the Universe, just have a look at the detailed Masonic architecture in this movie. The deeper level of architecture is the intricacy of all these synchronicities being paid homage to with each consecutive sports championship.

Masonic =223/74. Basketball Tryouts =223. Schlesinger Gym =74. First ever Masters on 3/22 called ‘Augusta National Invitational’ =322. Jordan Alexander Spieth =223 (last year’s winner). Nine Aces =223. Paulina was born 22 weeks 3 days after the Gretzky wedding and Janet’s ex died 322 weeks after the wedding. The Synagogue of Satan =223.

  • On 22/3, Steph Curry and couple of his teammates just happened to play at Augusta That’s 44 days before the Masters in ‘Georgia’ =44 when the Warriors are in their 44th season in Golden State. Warriors executive is ‘Jerry West’ =44, who wore #44, the player on the NBA logo.

Schlesinger =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119.

Eight Three Nine =84. Aliens Turn Us Into Slaves =84. United States of America =84. Secret Societies =84. Dustin Johnson born in ’84. Forty =84 (Gretzky =40 / Golf =40). Jimmy Walker =840, winner of the Par-3 Comp. Round 2 on 4/8, the 99th day of the year, has 48 numerology. Wayne =408. Space Jam starred “Wayne Knight” =56/137. Mind Control =56/137, aka Neuman from Seinfeld. 80 year-old ‘Gary Player’ =56 became the oldest golfer to shoot a hole-in-one at the 56th Par-3 Comp. His nickname is ‘The Black Knight’ =131. Champion =131/201. The Master Numbers =201.

  • Eight Thirty Nine =92. Augusta National Golf Club =92. Eighty =929.
  • UNION HALL  =106. Prophecy =106. Dustin Hunter Johnson =106. He went to high school at ‘Dutch Fork’ =106 and says the key to winning is his ‘Short Game’ =106. Augusta National Invitational =106. He teed off at 1:06 PM today.
  • Aliens Turn Us Into Slaves =138. Moon-Saturn Mind Control Matrix =138. Moon Is An Artificial Satellite =138. Saturn Mind Control =1380. Master Mason =138. Great Architect =138. Codname =138. Nickname =138. Secret Language =138. Tell-A-Vision =138. Sir Altitude =138. Enjoy The Chase =138. Paulina Gretzky was born with 138 numerology (12+19+19+88). And I forgot to add the birth of Wayne’s first child to the list of ’88 accomplishments.

Here’s a refresher on ’88:  7 weeks 2 days after hoisting the Stanley, 27-year-old Wayne married 27-year-old ‘Janet Jones Gretzky’ =72, whose birth numerology [1+10+61] =72. Round 1 of the Masters [4+7+16] =27. The course at ‘Augusta’ =27 is a par 72 and the tournament has an aggregate record score of 270. Gretzky Tribute =207. Johnson turned pro in 2007 and his baby-mama, the Gretzkys’ first born, came into the world 207 days after the Stanley Cup. Janet Jones was implicated in a gambling ring on 2/7 and took place in a high stakes golf tournament in 2007. Eightieth Masters Winner Dustin Johnson =172.

And notice the Tony Bennett reference. Recall that Virginia Cavaliers coach Tony Bennett, the same name as the lounge singer, collapsed with 34.1 seconds left in the half during a March Madness game – later paid tribute to with 341 injured in an Amtrak wreck on 4/3. That’s 3 weeks 3 days before the last round of the Masters. As Coach of the Coyotes, Gretzky won a total of 143 games. Paulina Gretzky =1433. One Hundred Forty-Three =113.

This is the establishing shot for the now infamous magnet golf scene. Birmingham Pines Coutnry Club =131/142/311. Championship =131, matching DJ’s numerology. Augusta National =1310. Masters Tournament =1042. The US Masters =42. Birmingham Pines =420. USA =311. Illuminati Jewish Banking Cartel =311.

  • Birmingham =58. Freemasonry =58. Magnetic Basketball =58. Magnetic Golf =58. PGA Tour =588. Augusta GA =588. Columbia SC =588 (DJ’s hometown).
  • Birmingham Pines =157. South Carolina =57 (matching Paulina’s birth numerology). Masters =570. Johnson =570.

This is a fictional golf course, the sign a prop designed for coding purposes. Birmingham Alabama, however, is on the 33rd parallel, as is Augusta Georgia. ATL =33 between them.

Did you know that MJ =23 is literally branded with an Omega =23 symbol over his heart? Omega =41. MJ (4+1). It’s for his dedication to the fraternity, Omega Psi Phi =64/118. Sacrificial Lamb =64/118. Sure looks like the Looney Tune magnet used to rig sports. Basketball Magnets =164. The Grand Masters =64. Master Teacher =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. The 64th prime is 311 and Michael Jordan =113.

13 thoughts on “Decoding Space Jam for The Masters

  1. “Ernie Els made dubious Masters history in the opening round Thursday, scoring a 10 on the par-4 first hole — by two shots the highest score on the hole in 80 years of the tournament.”

    More 4, 10, and 80…
    Saw your breakdown on it in the F2FT comments.

    That looked soooo fake. I played golf in high school and I’ve never seen anything that bad at a tournament.

    How are you feeling after day 1? Johnson’s odds went to +4500. Almost 3x. Time to put more on if we think he can come back?


  2. DJ wins playoff = 1546, 160, 960, 61
    Masters Playoff = 1409, 176, 1056, 59
    Dustin Johnson wins playoff = 2533, 328, 1968, 112
    Johnson wins playoff = 1870, 241, 1446, 88
    Speith johnson playoff = 1603, 253, 1518, 100
    Jordan Speith vs Dustin Johnson = 2108, 362, 2172, 119
    Jordan Speith dustin johnson playoff = 402, 150


  3. are you more confident on the derby?
    im abit scared to bet on the fav now…ive got 5-1 was gunna load up…what your thoughts? does this mean dustin johnson and all that numbers were for nothing?


  4. OT, but get this fellas, I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me before: of course Villanova means NEW TOWN, and their win on 4/4 came exactly 3 years 3 months and 3 weeks after Sandy Hook.


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