PGA Predictions: Who’s Happy on Master’s Eve?

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Paulina Gretzky made the cover of Golf Digest on 4-8-14. That’s 730 days before her fiancee is projected to pull off the Masters, winning the Green Jacket 73 days before his birthday, born on the 173rd day. He also grew up 73 miles from Augusta and brings a “Patient Approach” =73 to the game. Happy Gilmore =73. Master’s Eve =73. Green =137. With end date 731 days. Notice too the 11131, fulfilment of the Championship code and destiny of DJ’s birth numerology. Augusta National =1310. And the perfect 104 weeks 2 day stretch when Masters Tournament =1042. The US Masters =42 and will finish 42 days before his 32nd birthday.

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An article from USA Today, dropping more Happy Gilmore clues for us: “When Predicting Masters Champion Look For Who’s Happy” =552. Adam Sandler =552. How about that!  Dustin =522 like the first Masters  winner born 5/22. Look For Who’s Happy =88/223. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88. Jordan Alexander Spieth =223. There we have coded into the headline my top two picks, the players with the most synchronicities. Nine Aces =223.

Who’s Happy =50/131. That’s a match with DJ’s birth numerology of 50/131, which synchs with the final round of the Masters [4+10+20+16] =50. The winner of the Par-3 contest, Jimmy Walker =50. Augusta National =50.

  • Wayne Douglas Gretzky =88/1080. The US Masters =1008. Augusta Georgia =1088. Happy Gilmore directed by ‘Dennis Dugan’ =188. And breaking news, this detail just in: the 80th Masters will be DJ’s 188th event!
  • Happy’s always rocking the Boston Bruins jersey, BB like 88. There’s also 8 spokes in the logo wheel. Boston Bruins =1008. The US Masters =1008. And in hockey tryouts scene, Happy’s wearing a yellow Warriors jersey, #18.


Also from the eve of the Masters, a kid doing the bull dance. Feeling the flow, workin it; workin it. This is the son of golfer Søren Kjeldsen =79. Gilmore =79. Champion =79. Par Three Contest =79. Magnets =79. Optical Illusion =79. On the day Merle Haggard died on his 79th birthday. There’s a chance this is part of the coded ritual and the kid putted a magnetball and was told what to do.

  • Bull Dance =74. Eighty =74/529. Happy =529. Doing the Bull Dance =156. Augusta National =1056. South Carolina =156. The Masters =56. Dustin Johnson =56. Doing the Bull Dance Feeling the Flow =303. Augusta on the 33rd parallel opened in ’33. Dustin =33. Workin It =47/119. Masters starts on 4/7 and ends on ‘April Tenth Twenty Sixteen’ =119.

Kjeldsen born on the 137th day of the year, the 33rd prime. Green =137 like the jacket. He’s 40 years old and his son did the Happy tribute 40 days before his 41st birthday. Golf =40. Gretzky =40. Johnson’s last win 400 days ago. Professional Golfers Association =140. Johnson =41. Masters =41. His nickname DJ (4+10) =14 and 4/10 has numerology of [4+1+2+1+6] =14. Gretzky played 14 consecutive seasons. Fourteen =41. The Great One =401. Johnson Sixteen Masters Top American =401. The 40th prime is 173 and DJ born on the 173rd day of the year. He’s also finished in the top ten 4 times: 4/10 like the date.

4 thoughts on “PGA Predictions: Who’s Happy on Master’s Eve?

  1. Brother Berg can you layout the Date numerology for all the days of the year? Gematria Glossary is awesome. Also you should see the dates the Cavs signed their free agents….like James Jones 8/5/14 to the NBA finals a span of 667 days(name =666,111)…..and his contract in year 15 to the finals…..313 days(13th season) and 67 date numerology and 49,23……. Delevedova a span of 311 days with date numerology of 25, 51 and 69

    Mo Williams 33 years old signed for 4.3 Million…..Span of 328 or 823……83 the 23rd prime number….also 10 months and 23 days……Lebron born 12/30…..

    Very important number…signed on July 10 2015….52 date numerology and 43!!!! as well and 16.

    It has to be a rap on the 79th game they lost to a score of 123 in indiapolis=123 Also the NBA Finals=33 as well as Clevland Cavs or something related to Clevland equals 33


  2. Happy = 66
    If 6 and 9 are interchangeable, then Happy = 99, which ties right back to the Gretzy Prophecy.

    How can a group logistically architect something so elaborate? It doesn’t seem possible.
    So, if 523 is the 99th prime number, then does that mean this will tie into some other event on deck?
    Decoding becomes easier with practice, but prediction is a nebulous art.

    Very interesting series of posts, Brother. Thanks.


  3. …47The first man (ADAM) is of the DUST of the earth, earthy; the second man is from heaven. 48As is the earthy, so also are those who are earthy; and as is the heavenly, so also are those who are heavenly.…


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