DJ Hears A Whoo: The Comeback Kid?

Masters Golf

DUSTIN JOHNSON IN EIGHTH AFTER THIRTY-SIX HOLES =523, the 99th prime number on the 99th day of the year as the NHL playoffs just started in their 99th season with tributes to #99. Green Jacket =99. Augusta =909. The Manchurian Golfer =99. Dustin Johnson Wins Masters =99. Dustin Johnson Wins Eightieth Masters =199.

  • Johnson shot a 71 to get within 4 strokes of Spieth. Dustin Johnson Four Strokes Back From Spieth =171. Dustin Johnson Four Strokes Behind Spieth =171. (DJ at 17-1 odds after Round 2.) Johnson Breaks Even =71/116. Come From Behind Victory =116. Johnson Comeback Victory =116. Johnson Mounts Comeback Victory =119. Eightieth Masters =1116. Seventy-One =144 and he’s currently sitting at 144 strokes after two rounds.
  • Dustin Johnson Four Strokes Back =159/366. Dustin =663. Horton Smith =159. Georgia =159. He teed off at 1:59 UTI yesterday. Comeback Kid =59. Augusta National =59. PGA of America =59/95. Masters =95. Johnson =95. Dustin Johnson Eighth =95/113.
  • Dustin Johnson In Eighth =109/1507. Twenty-Sixteen Masters =109. Happy Gilmore =1090. Masters =570. Johnson =570. Tied For Eighth =134. Johnson Comeback Victory =134. Dustin Johnson Mounts Comeback Victory =143.

DUSTIN JOHNSON FOR THE WIN =1800. DUSTIN JOHNSON MOUNTS MASTERS COMEBACK =180. TIED FOR EIGHTH =80. Invitation Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club =180. The US Masters =1008. Augusta =18. Augusta Georgia =1088. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88. He proposed to Gretzky’s daughter on 18/8. This 80th Masters is DJ’s 188th event which he entered as the 8th favourite and now sits tied for 8th after the second round on the 8th of April. Michael Jordan made his NBA debut exactly 18 weeks after DJ was born and that coded scoreboard in Space Jam is an 18-point difference. The winner of the Masters gets $1.8 million. Wayne Gretzky =1080. Wayne Douglas Gretzky =88 and has 88 birth numerology, same as the first ever Masters winner, Horton Smith. Horton Hears A Who =188/80. (A Who =959/47, like DJ’s 9:59 tee-time on 4/7). Ha!


And here’s a real bizarre tangent but the movie version of Horton Hears A Who! came out on the 74th day of 2008. Dustin Johnson =74, born on the 174th day of the year. Paulina =74. Gilmore =474. Champion =474 (a perfect pairing with the 4/7 start of the 80th Masters). Eighty =74. Bull Dance =74. The Champ =74. The Comeback Kid =74. Johnson One Under =74. Dustin Johnson One Under After Thirty-Six =174/480, on 4/8, a date with 48 numerology.

  • DJ WHOO =450. DJ WHOO KID =45/99. GREEN JACKET =45/99. DJ Whoo born on 10/12/72. Reduced thats a 112, like Johnson’s birth numerology [6+22+84]. Gretzky =112. Houston =112. Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore =112, directed by Dennis Dugan =112. Johnson Tied For Eighth =112. And viewed via the Law of Reversal, 211 is the 47th prime number. Zionist =112. Mason =211.
  • One of the greatest all-time hockey players is Tim Horton, born 1/12 and died 2/21 of ’74, aged 44. He played 24 seasons. Golf =240. Dustin =24. Dr Seuss =24.

And just to sweeten the deal, October 12th leaves 80 days remaining. Could all be one crazy fucking coincidence — or proof that the Masters Tournament is one big circle-jerk show-off for the Master Builders who consider themselves the Great Architects of the Universe.

13 thoughts on “DJ Hears A Whoo: The Comeback Kid?

  1. Big horse race in Liverpool tomorrow.
    The Aintree Grand National.
    Don’t know if its rigged though cos its a tough course and a lot of the horses fall.
    Any chance of a breakdown?


    • Ah mate I’d love to but can’t be bothered. Only have so much time and I got the NHL playoffs to decipher here. Follow my template of the Kentucky Derby for what to look for and see what synchs up strongest. I have a feeling this code works even when it’s not rigged – though if horse racing is as big in the UK as it is in Australia, where I lived for a couple years, it’s most likely set up to some extent.


  2. Holy Hell. If this plays out with a Dr. S book, I am going to probably admit that our planet is alone in the Universe and that these assholes think they are a combined God. I know they already think that.

    Crazy connections.

    Did you see Z’s take on a dead Bill Clinton? I was leaning towards 5-25 instead of 5-23, mostly for the lifespan numbers. Anyhow, I hate golf but can’t wait to see another Epic Comeback in ’16.


  3. Today, Speith was pissed cos he was afraid that he would get penalized for playing too slow..
    “I can’t even take my fricken time” was supposedly his quote.
    That’s 119 in reduction.
    Sounds like he’s in trouble with that 911 in reverse.


  4. Jordan Chokes Under Pressure—1880(J), 306(18?)

    Spieth Slips in Round Three–303, 1818

    Jordan Fades–97(Disaster Number), 881(J)

    Johnson Overtakes Leaderboard—296, 1776(Always love a 1776)

    Dusty Johnson Wins the Masters—3220(J)


    • In Golf, as in Life, it is the Follow Through that is most important. Dr. Suess

      Follow Through—180, 1080, 1499(J)


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