Economically Diverse Crowds and a Potential DJ Comeback

“They toast him with sweating plastic cups containing their last swallows of beer. They pump their sunscreened fists while screaming his name as if they were best friends. “Jordy! Jordy! Do it, Jordy!” They give him standing ovations when he approaches the green, then cheer so passionately when his ball disappears into the hole, they are sometimes still cheering when his partners are trying to putt. At which point, they quiet down, turn their backs on the other guys, and race to the next tee. Their numbers are enormous. Their clamor is constant. The faces are young, the talk is boozy and the smell, for at least one day, reeked of marijuana.” – Masters Leader Jordan Spieth Plays Like a Bro, Los Angeles Times. 

“Quite a large and economically diverse crowd here at the Michelob Invitational. I guess it’s the new tour sensation Happy Gilmore who’s attracting all sorts of people to this beautiful course.” – Announcer.

“Damn you people. Go back to your shanties.” – Shooter McGavin

And here’s a video clip from ESPN of Jordy Spieth doing the Happy Gilmore drive. So many connections, the explicit and the coded. Do both Jordy and DJ represent Happy, and the prophecied corruption of the classy game? Spieth’s father says Jordan is named after Michael Jordan, so will we see redemption for his Tar Heels loss or another continuation of the Sad Jordan meme, as DJ mounts a comeback and beats Spieth in a play-off?

Dustin Johnson teed off at 9:59 on Round 1 and 1:06 in Round 2 today. He’s playing with Emiliano Grillo and Justin Thomas, the latter one of the golfers who nailed the back-to-back hole-in-ones from the Par 3 Comp. (Spieth was in the next threesome ahead on day one). They were group 10, which is auspicious because DJ is going for this 10th PGA win at the 10th ranked course in America on the 10th of April, the very day the PGA of America turns 100. (Spieth is going for 10th professional win). This year 4/10 is on the 101st day: Dustin Johnson =1001. (Back-to-Back Victory =101).

  • PGA of America =95/59 like his 9:59 tee-time. Augusta National =59. Masters =95. Johnson =95. That’s also 1:59 UTC and the first Masters winner, Horton Smith =159. Georgia =159.
  • His 1:06 tee-time is very interesting: Dustin Hunter Johnson =106. Augusta National Invitational =106. Prophecy =106. Magnet Balls =106. Paulina Gretzky =1116. Eightieth Masters =1116 and started on the day he was 11611 days old. Golf Master =116. Come From Behind Victory =116.

That’s 5:06 UTC. The Masters =56. Dustin Johnson =56. April =56. Augusta National =1056. Like the 56th Par-3 Comp of the 80th Masters with a hole-in-one by 80-year-old ‘Gary Player’ =56. That’s also the 1026th minute of the day. DJ went to ‘Coastal Carolina University’ =126 and Gretzky was born on 1/26. DHJ =612. Augusta GA =26. Augusta Georgia =62. DJ Masters Comeback =162. Fifty-Four =126. Augusta =540. Coastal Carolina =54. Ace =54. Gary Player =1054. Dustin Hunter Johnson =1754. DJ Masters Comeback =54.

Now get a load of DJ’s alphanumerically-stacked threesome. The other two golfers are “Emiliano Grillo & Justin Thomas” =131/140. Championship =131 on 4-10. Like DJ’s birth numerology of 131 (6+22+19+84). Champion =43. Justin Thomas =43. Champion =79. Emiliano Grillo =79. Auspicious?

  • The Masters PGA Tour =226. DJ was born 22/6 and it’s 6 months 22 days from 4/10 to Gary Player’s next birthday. Dustin =522 and the first Masters winner born 5/22. Master =22.

10 thoughts on “Economically Diverse Crowds and a Potential DJ Comeback

  1. That was a really nice, entertaining intro. Would love to se a DJ comeback, but Spieth seems to be the – Golden Boy =99. Green Jacket =99.

    Still, they have to bring Drama to the Masters so a comeback is very possible – Dustin Johnson Masters Comback =330.

    Dustin Johnson =56, and the reverse is 65 – Round Two Sixty Five =3043. That number ties to the Tarheels, SB, and other 34/43 coding. DJ will need a 65 today to have any chance at a comeback.

    Back to Spieth who shot a 66 in the 1st rd….if he does the same today – Round Two Sixty Six =2722, and Spieth was born on the 27 & is 22yrs old. Spieth =272.

    Spieth won last year – the 79th masters, and now this year – Seventy Ninth & Eightieth Masters Champion =440. Two Time Masters Champion At Age Twenty Two =440, 4401.

    Spieth Wins =1131. Championship =131. Spieth is going to win next year as well. Just like Michael Jordan had a 3-peat….so will this Jordan – Threepeat =44 😉


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