Spieth’s Sandy Hook Tributes Continue

2016-04-08 (2)

Spieth rocking the checkerboard belt to tribute the Masonic Masters. Green =137, the 33rd prime. On day one of the Masters, Jordan Spieth was -3/33 on the front and -3/33 on the back. As we’ve seen again and again, 33 is the number of sacrifice. Let’s tie this into the Final Four for a moment: the final on 4/4 took place exactly 3 years 3 months 3 weeks after Sandy Hook in Newtown. The winner that night was Villanova, which translates to Newtown.

  • April Fourth =144. ‘Justin Thomas and Ricky Fowler’ =144/333 scored back-to-back aces during the ‘Fifty-Sixth Par Three Contest’ =144/333. Perhaps a tribute to a back-to-back victory upcoming.

That means from Sandy Hook to day one of the Masters, with Spieth’s 333/333 and DJ in 33rd place, it’s exactly 3 years 3 months 3 weeks 3 days (!!!)  Go back and have a look at the report on the myriad connections between Sandy Hook and Jordan Spieth, the most obvious being that he turned pro on the exact day of the school shooting hoax. It really does just continue to get crazier each day.

  • Sandy Hook =58 and happened on [12+14+20+12] =58. Jordan Spieth =58 and won the 79th Masters 850 days after Sandy Hook. Seventy-Ninth =58. Johnson Comeback =58. Masters Comeback =58.
  • It was 121 year 8 months 5 days from the first ever US school shooting to Sandy Hook. The 79th Masters came exactly 121 weeks after Sandy Hook and it’s 1210 days from from Sandy Hook to the 80th Masters.


It’s also 1207 days between Newtown and the Villanova victory. Spieth has birth numerology of [7+27+93] =127. Connecticut =127. Seventy-Ninth Masters =270 and he tied the record score of 270. First day of the Masters [4+7+16] =27. The course at ‘Augusta’ =27 is a par 72 and 72 holes are played in the tournament.


Notice if we include the end date that’s 3 years 3 months 22 days. First ever Masters on 3/22 called ‘Augusta National Invitational’ =322. Jordan Alexander Spieth =223 (last year’s winner). Nine Aces =223. Paulina was born 22 weeks 3 days after the Gretzky wedding and Janet’s ex died 322 weeks after the wedding.

And from 12/14 of ’12 to the last day of the Masters, it’s 1214 days. Just like the date Spieth went pro. So is that telling us that the Sandy Hook tribute will continue with a repeat victory for Jordan? Or will the 33-sacrifice code nail him to the proverbial cross? We’ll see.

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