Dustin ‘Magic’ Johnson: The Dream Team Cometh


Oh boy, truth-seeker. We’ve just uncovered yet another huge synch-hole for ol’ DJ. As it turns out, we may very well be in store for an homage to Michael Jordan VS Magic Johnson by way of Jordan Spieth VS Dustin Johnson. The ultimate Dream Team 2-on-2, as it were. As we’ll see, DJ is coded the heck up with Magic like you wouldn’t believe. Earvin =33. Magic =33. Michael =33 (like Spieth’s caddy) and DJ opened the tourney in 33rd place as Spieth, the nemesis, finished -3/33 and -3/33. (And yes, Extra Capsa is once again biased despite his best intentions to remain objective, so please take this and all deciphers with a grain of salt.)

And of course these two dudes make 322/223 when ‘Augusta National Invitational’ =322, first Masters on 3/22, and last year’s winner was ‘Jordan Alexander Spieth’ =223. Masonic =223.

  • Master =22, the master builder number in numerology. Magic wore #32 and DJ is turning 32. MJ =23 and (the Jordan one) wore #23. Space Jam =23/32. Dream =23. Red Flag =123. Hidden Hand =123. April Tenth =123. Dustin Johnson Jordan Spieth =321. And speaking of Red Flags, check out this very interesting article on the anomalies in the Masters’ map of America.
  • Michael Jordan Magic Johnson =241. Spieth Back-to-Back Masters =241. Magic’s last birthday 241 days before last day of the ‘Masters Tournament’ =1042. The US Masters =42. The first Masters winner, Horton Smith, born on the 142nd day of the year. And the tournament where Spieth did the Happy Gilmore drive (as covered in a previous post) is “Grapefruit Pro-Am in Vero Beach” =142. Before this latest hole-in-one fiesta, the ace average was 1.42%. Magic Johnson’s career playoff average for three-pointers is 0.241%.


So let’s go head open it up with big one we missed on our 99-train: D Johnson =99, as it’s written on the scoreboard. Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =99. If indeed DJ rallies, some may call it a ‘Magical Comeback’ =99. (Review the previous posts for the entire 99 backstory). We’ve already established how he’s well-coded with his soon-to-be father-in-law Wayne Gretzky, but how about another:

  • Dustin Johnson =56. Magic Johnson =56, and is aged 56. The Masters =56. April =56. DJ teed off at 5:06 UTI on the second round and Spieth has 56 birth numerology. Dustin Johnson =182. Gretzky =1822. Earvin Magic Johnson =1182. Magic Johnson =128. Epic Comeback Starts Right Here =128. And get this: Magic is born on the 226th day of the year and DJ on 22/6. The Masters PGA Tour =226. And it’s 6 months 22 days from 4/10 to the 80-y/o hole-in-oner’s next birthday, Gary Player =56.
  • Earvin Johnson =74. Dustin Johnson =74. Johnson One Under =74. Magnet Cups =47/119.

Dustin Hunter Johnson =106, started his comeback with a 1:06 tee-time and celebrates his 32nd birthday 10 weeks 6 days after Round 4. Tenth of April Champion =106. Jordan Alexander Spieth =106, and won 106 days after his birthday. Augusta National Invitational =106. Prophecy =106. And did I mention something about the Masonic hidden hand?


Masters =570. Johnson =570. Point Guard =750. Earvin Johnson Jr =75. Eighth =57. And indeed the man with 88 gematria, ranked 8th entering the tournament, has taken 8th place on the 8th of April in the 80th Masters. Dustin ‘Magic’ Johnson =80, as many may call him if he pulls this off. NINE NINE =88. And just as Magic’s name codes up with his precise profession: Johnson =95. Professional Golfer =95. Magic Jordan =95. The tourney ends on ‘April Ten’ =95, or ‘Four Ten Sixteen’ =195.

  • Let’s break down Magic’s birthday: 14/8/1959. If we remove the Master Number 11 we’re left with 4/8, 959. Like DJ’s first tee-time of 9:59 and his comeback starting on 4/8. Dustin Johnson One Under After Thirty-Six =480. Masters Comeback =148. Johnson Comeback =148, like the birthday 14/8.
  • Dream Team =480/80, which was the lineup of Magic and MJ at the ’84 Olympics. DJ was born 7 weeks 3 days before closing ceremonies of said Olympics and grew up 73 miles from Augusta. Yo DJ Spin That Shit =73. Get it? Dude needs to lock down his ‘Short Game’ =106.

And we’ll leave you with this last gem, submitted by Sev: “In the movie, Happy takes the lead on day 3 and he begins his comeback when down 4 strokes.” If that’s accurate then holy smokes, DJ is entering day 3 down 4 strokes so let’s see what happens! Magic Johnson’s last birthday was 34 weeks before the start of the tournament.

4 thoughts on “Dustin ‘Magic’ Johnson: The Dream Team Cometh

  1. just to clarify happy does lead after day 3 but on day 4 he falls behind after getting hit by the volkswagen

    the scoreboard is shown before comeback starts
    McGavin -5
    Llanos -3 (73 sacrifice)
    Gilmore -2 being changed to -1

    Chubbs starts singing Carpenters – We’ve Only Just Begun before comeback starts
    Carpenters – 119
    We’ve Only Just Begun – 1440/240


  2. His Airness Jordan Spieth—260

    Dusty Magic Johnson—217, 1722(J)

    Magic—33, Golf Magic–133(J)

    Johnson uses Golf Magic–232

    Golf Illusionist- –199(J)

    A Magician Never Reveals His Secret—310, 1860, 2222(J)

    How’D He Do That?—131, 1238(J)


    Unbelievable Comeback–1113(J)


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