Masters Day Three Gematria Review

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Day 3 Masters Update: Spieth still leads although a double bogie on 18 dropped him to within three strokes of our boy DJ who shot a 72 today for a total of 216. Dustin Johnson Masters Winner =2160. From Day 1 to DJ’s upcoming birthday is 2 months 16 days. Happy Gilmore came out on 2/16 and 6x6x6 =216. Speaking about DJ, the announcer said, “He’s always in the mix” =2016/80 – the perfect code phrase for the 80th Masters in 2016. Carter Smylie Kaufman =80. Three Stroke Comeback =80/1182. Dustin Johnson =182. 

Day 3 pairings: Spieth-Mcllroy =1050 teeing off in the 1005th minute UTI and Johnson-Berger =150 teeing off at 1:50. Smylie Kaufman =150, rose up into 2nd place, Gematria matching winners from last week: The Undertaker =150. Villanova =105. Jupiter Ascending =1050. Both Dustin Johnson and Daniel Berger, his partner on Day 3, are from Jupiter Florida. Here’s a few other golfers from Jupiter you may have heard of: Rory Mcllroy, Ernie Els, Rickie Fowler, Jesper Parnevik, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan.

  • The sign for Jupiter looks like a 24 and Johnson-Berger teed off 24th. The First Annual Invitation Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club =240. Kobe wears #24 and Mcllroy is wearing “4/13” cleats tributed to Kobe’s date of his upcoming final career game. Smylie Kaufman is aged 24 and his last (and only) PGA win came exactly 24 weeks ago. 
  • Jupiter is known as “King of the Gods; God of Sky and Lightning” =172. The Grand Masters =172. Magnetized Greens =172. Magnetic Courses =172. Are You Too Good For Your Home, Answer Me =172. God of Sky and Lightning =104 like the 10/4 end date. Magnetized =104. Golf Is A Rigged Spectacle =104. King of the Gods =140. rofessional Golfers Association =140. Johnson =41. Masters =41. Like DJ =4+10. S Kaufman =41. 
  • In Roman mythology, Jupiter the Sky God is the son of Saturn, (which is the root of modern Satanism). Jupiter =1054/99. Green Jacket =45/99. Sky God =45. Son of Saturn =45. Spieth-Kaufman =54.

The Dream Team Two On Two =258. Daniel Berger =258. Eight Eight =258. Dustin Hunter Johnson =88. Last year Berger won ‘Rookie of the Year’ =1056. Augusta National =1056. Doing The Bull Dance =156. PGA Tour Rookie of the Year =130. Dustin Johnson and Daniel Berger =130.

  • Johnson at 144 strokes was the 44th man to tee-off. Forty-Four =144. Seventy-One =144 and he shot a 71 on Day 2. Magnetic Fairways =1044. Masters Magnets =1044. SPIETH-KAUFMAN =144.
  • On the final round of the tournament, Johnson is paired with Day in Group 27 teeing off at 2:25. JOHNSON-DAY =44. That 27 is spicy, as we’ve been showing since the beginning. SPIETH-KAUFMAN =72. From 4/10 to Kaufman’s next b-day it’s 720 days (33 weeks 3 days).

An announcer said, “Dustin Johnson Just Cruising Along” =131, the championship code. On Day 3 when Smylie Kaufman snuck into second, it was 131 days after his 11/30 birthday.


11 thoughts on “Masters Day Three Gematria Review

  1. I saw DJ missing at least 3 birdies in round 3, by unbelievable ways. It felt like the guy himself was amazed, how he managed to miss them.
    Only watched half an event..


  2. Cappy! You gotta take a look at the Will Smith(Saints Player) death and the connects to Will Smith the actor. Actor is 47, Football player was born 7-4. Our….Independence Day. So now there will be a new movie without Will Smith the actor and Will Smith the player won’t make it to his next Independence Day. There is more.


  3. Speith just tanked! Two in the water. Doors open for Johnson! Are the any numbers on Danny Willet? Or Lee Westwood? They are ahead of Johnson


    • As confident as one can be after two huge near-misses in a row. Nyquist is definitely stacked like crazy for a win. Third times a charm? I’ve only been doing this for eight months now so plenty of room for improvement.


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