PGA Magnets: Fact or Fiction


Quick update on a beauty clue. If we wanna know how golf can be rigged by the numbers so eloquently, we need but take a hint from the blatant exposure of magnetic rims in the Final Four championship and surmise that the cups in golf are rigged too. Same strategy: flip the polarity to attraction when you need some extra oomph for the drain then flip it to reverse when you need those putts of Ernie’s to stay the fuck out. Then you let your Master golfers take care of the rest. Too easy.

2016-04-09 (1)2016-04-09

MAGNETIC HOLES =131. And just for some extra Gematria play, a little G-bangin for the homies: Golf Magnets =47/119. Dustin Johnson VS Jordan Spieth =119 and tourney started 4/7. All-Seeing Eye =47/119. Star of David =47/119. Back-to-Back Masters =47. Johnson Mounts Comeback Victory =119. Golf Magnets =56. Magnet Greens =56. Golf Ball Magnets =56.

  • Magnetic Golf =58/112. Magnetic Hole =58/112. Jordan Spieth =58. Freemasonry =58. Zionism =112. Mason =211. Magnets in the Cups =68. Magnetic Golf Balls =68. Magnetic Holes =68/131. Championship  =68/131. Magnetic Greens =68/140. Masters ends on 4/10, or 10/4. Golf Is A Rigged Spectacle =104.

26 thoughts on “PGA Magnets: Fact or Fiction

  1. Golf is the easiest to rig with the use of magnets, every single shot, from tee shots to approaches to of course putting. It’s the only game where once a ball is struck the player has fuck all left to do. I imagine the whole course is magnetized, so they can move the ball around wherever the hell they want. What kind of person would dedicate their life to such a farce? You can see it sometimes on their faces, when they make a “miracle” shot and just look sheepish. Imagine a life’s work of being cheered by the very people you are deceiving.


    • Yeah damn, too true. Perhaps like Gwen towers there’s magnets lining the fairways hidden in the trees. I wonder if more sensitive people can feel the magnetism from the gallery, but because it’s not even a possibility for folks the feeling gets chalked up to some other explanation.

      Magnetic Fairways =75/174/1044.


  2. I am now obsessed with magnets and sports. Thanks a lot!!

    Space Jam Cycle—116, 696, 1221(J)

    Space Jam Golf—108

    Space Jam Part Two—181


    • Magnets are the Answer—216

      Magnets are the Solution- –261

      Magnetic Playing Fields—211, 1266

      I got way too many more.


  3. The biggest problem with sports and the average fan is that they still believe it is a competiton. They see two guys boxing and assume they are separate entities opposing one another.

    You are at the beach. Look out at the ocean. You can see seperate waves and can perhaps have your mind fooled that they are indeed separate from one another, but a wider glance will assure you that there is but one ocean. The ocean does not compete against itself. Nor do pro sports.

    Everybody wins.

    Everybodys Happy.


  4. Johnson just missed a birdie putt on hole #9 by less than an inch. It stops right on the lip. Could’ve used some magnet action there!


  5. Johnson goes into the clubhouse at Even. 216 strokes for the event. 4 back from Speith but Jordan still has a few holes left.
    One more I thought of…
    Dee Jay = 50
    Let’s bring it home tomorrow!


  6. Here’s a gem…
    Commentator just said…
    “Dustin Johnson… He’s always in the mix”.
    He’s always in the mix =2016
    Plus he’s on 216 right now!!!!


  7. Here we go! At the end the announcer said “Dustin Johnson just cruising along”.
    “dustin johnson just cruising along” in the English Reduction system equals 131


  8. Golden State tonight scored the winning bucket, for their 100th point, with 1:00 left, on the 100th day. My 8 year old can see this.


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