Danny Willett Wins: The Fulfilment of the Tattoo Prophecy


Danny Willett =51 finishes -5 for 1st on ‘April Tenth’ =51 (a beautiful harmonic synch with the thread of 15s I opened yesterday’s review with). The 12th ranked Englishman steps up in the wake of Spieth’s mighty meltdown on the 12th hole to win the 80th Masters; our boy DJ putting on a solid show to come within inches of the Green Jacket, though just like Happy Gilmore, while he outdrove everyone, his short game ultimately fucked him. Twelfth =94. DW =904. Danny Willed It To Be =194. Danny Willett Wins Masters =94. 

Danny =22 and had previously played in 22 PGA events. Golf =22. Master =22. Daniel John Willett =76. Master =76. From his win today to his next birthday (the 276th day of the year; Adam Sandler =276) it’s 176 days and his wife just gave birth to their first son ‘Zacharaiah Willett’ =176. Augusta National =176. He hit the green 67% of his shots and scored a 67 on his final day at Augusta. Willett =29, with 29 birth numerology [1+0+3+1+9+8+7] is turning 29 and the tournament is sponsored by ‘Rolex’ =29/74. Eighty =74. The Champ =74. The Comeback Kid =74. Masonic =74. Infinity Sign =74 (his tattoo). Willet is from ‘Sheffield’ =47/74, aka ‘Sheffield England’ =131, the championship code to match his weight of 13.1 stones.

  • [10+3+19+87] =119. April Tenth Twenty-Sixteen =119. Golf Magnets =119. Magnet Cups =119. Zachariah =611. [10+3+87] =100. He won on what is usually the 100th day of the year on the 100th anniversary of the PGA Tour, on the 10th day of April at the 10th ranked course in America. Willett =101 and he won on the 101st day of the year.


“Who The Hell Is Happy Gilmore” =289. Danny’s wife just a baby on 3/30 (usually the 89th day of the year) named “Zachariah James Willett” =89. The Masters April Tenth =89. The Masters Conspiracy =89. Danny himself was born with 89 days remaining and this year’s tournament began with 89 participants. Doin the Bull-Dance Feelin the Flow =289.

  • Curiously his longest drive was 324 yards, that number I’ve been frothing over. His initials D.W = 4.23. Willlett racked almost the exact same scores as DJ, finishing 144 strokes after day 2 and 216 after day 3.


Now get a load of the tat: 8 for the 80th Masters and ‘Infinity’ =106/52. MCMLVXXVII =52. Willett Wins =52. Tenth of April Champion =106. Augusta National Invitational =106. Prophecy =106 and the 52nd prime is 239 the age of America. And fuck, I’m pretty sure it reads111-16″ like “Eightieth Masters” =1116. Zachariah =611.  

  • MCMLVXXVII =151. Danny Willett =51. April Tenth =51 his score of -5 for 1st place coming 1 week 5 days after his son’s birth to set him up with 5 professional wins and 1 PGA tour win. He even stands 5’11”. All this in the lead-up to Super Bowl 51 and a potential Cavaliers NBA championship, Cleveland’s first victory in 51 years.

Danny Willett Wins Eightieth Masters =410 and he won on 4/10. Masters =41. And luckily my biggest wager was on DJ Top 5 so I’m still happy with the outcome but dang we were close. He’s got two years to lock down his putting for the 82nd Masters at age 33. Dustin Johnson =182. 

11 thoughts on “Danny Willett Wins: The Fulfilment of the Tattoo Prophecy

  1. I smell a rat. This Willett’s kid shot a 67 – Freemasonry =67. Did you know Willetts is the 12th ranked Golfer in the world? Twelfth =94, and his initials – D W =904. Twelfth =1139. Freemasonry =139. There’s your fulfillment.

    Willett won because Speith had a colossal meltdown when he shot a “Quadruple Bogey” on the 12th hole – ha, 12th. Quadruple Bogey =1104 & 1014. D A N = 4 1 14. And it was Dan Willett who took the lead & won after that 4 shot mistake by Speith.

    Brother Berg mentioned Danny Willetts longest drive was 324 yards – D W =4 23.

    Englishman =102. Illuminati =120. Last week we had #1 vs #2 (UNC/Nova) looks like a 12 as well. I think the “12” clues are pointing us towards the 120th day of the year – which strangely enough is our next “33 Day” 4/29.

    April Twenty Nine =205. Englishman =250. Israel =205. Bro Berg made 52 comments in the post. April Twenty Nine =1230. Red Flag =123, and there is a Red Flag on The Masters Logo. A “red flag” is known as a – Warning Sign =135, 810. The Englishman =135, 810.

    Then again, we have 4/11 coming up tmrw – Quadruple Bogey =1104. Then there is 4/12, and Speith made a 4 shot mistake on hole 12…..but I still like the 120th day tie-in. Especially because 4/29 is usually the 119th day, but not this year.

    Everything I wrote above is completely un-necessary when your sitting on the type of Closer I’m getting ready to drop….

    4/29 is a 33 day. From Easter Sunday to 4/29 is 33 days. That’s also 1 month 2 days – or “12”. We can look at it as 4 weeks 5 days – D W =4 5.

    Thirty Three Day =1116. Easter Sunday =1016. Eightieth Masters =1116. Eightieth =251. Easter Sunday =152. 33 Days After Easter Sunday =251. Thirty Three Days After Easter Sunday =407 – Four Twenty Nine =74.

    Check back in the post for Bro Berg’s 1116 connect to DW’s Tat, and his 74 connects. Danny Willett is just the newest piece of the puzzle that already includes Easter, the Final Four, & now The Masters.

    Danny Willett Masters Champion =333. Thirty Three Days After Easter =323.

    Last, but not Least – the name Willett, so ultra coded – W I = 23 9. L L =3 3. E T T =5 2 2. Twelve =522 🙂


    • Fuck yeah buddy!! HUGE finds, you genius. Who the hell is Danny Willett =114. Lots of synch with Anaheim Ducks too, as I’ll be covering next up (51/101/58). And the DW makes think of ‘Darkwing Duck’ =54/126. Danny Wills It =54/162. Launchpad calls him ‘D Dubya’ =342/611.


    • The code in Willett is Legit, and there’s so much more code in his name that is too detailed to get into here. For here – I’ll just look at the first 2 letters in Willett – W I = 23 9……

      From 23/9 to the target date of 29/4 =219 days. Easter Sunday =912. Four Twenty Nine =209. USA =291.

      Willett shot an amazing Final Round score of 67. Its 7 months 6 days from 23/9 to 29/4.

      Could 4/29 be seen as 4:29? Thirty One To Five =211. Mason =211. From 2/11 to 4/29 is 11weeks 2days – more “12” coding – 1/12 is the 12th day of the year.

      From 2/11 to 4/29 = 2mo 19days confirming our 9/23-4/29 219 day date count above – pretty cool 🙂

      USA =246. There are 246 days left in the year from 4/29.


    • I apologize for over posting, but there is an amazing clue hidden in plain sight. Look at the Cap Willett is wearing – Callaway….actually Callaway V =100, and 4/10 is usually the 100th day of the year. 4/10 reminds me of USA =41. Callaway =104. Willett =101 like 4/10 in leap years is the 101st day – Bro Berg made that point, but its worth saying it again 🙂

      Callaway V =2046. USA =246, and again there are 246 days left from 4/29.

      Symbolically, the V on the hate signifies the Fifth Age =62, 372, 142. Those numbers are a long story 😉

      V =22. Danny =22. Twenty Second =1002, just like 12. Twenty Second =167. Freemasonry =67. Danny shot a winning rd of 67….The last 2 letters in Willett – T T = 2 2.

      FINAL ROUND SIXTY SEVEN =276. Danny Willett was born on the 276th day.

      Danny Willett is absolutely a Freemason Creation that just paid off huge for the Masons. Think of the funding they just amassed with todays “surprise” victory. Rigged =112. Mason =211.

      Freemason Creation =1086. Eightieth Masters =186.

      Danny Willett Wins =224. Dallas Quake =224. Look for exactly that on 4/22, or 4/29…..and thats the event that connects to the 51’s – Danny Willett =51. D Willett =105. The Undertaker =150. WWE =51.

      Fifty One =100. Callaway V =100, and 4/10 is the 100th day. Fifty One =616. JFK =616. JFK =27. DW =27 (Danny Willett). JFK was killed in Dallas, and the Dallas airport code is DFW – like Willett’s initials w/ the F no doubt for Freemason.

      Danny Freemason Willett =333. Danny Willett Masters Champion =333.


  2. I heard them say in the broadcast that today (4/10) was his wife’s birthday as well as the due date for their baby. He was just born early. Willett wasn’t even going to play if the birth hadn’t happened. Ruined it for Dustin!


  3. That damn V again. Ive been telling anyone who will listen that the V symbolb is all over everything on TV and has been for over a year. Watching my local fox news everytime they switch the screen these V’s pop up in the background. Espn same thing all last year on monday night football. I went to see the movie The Boss saturday. Wow the symbolism was unreal. The Phoenix Bird was huge in the movie he even in the movie said it was a Demon! There setting us up for something Big coming for the 5th age?


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