NHL Stanley Cup Preview: The Disney Prophecy

2016-04-10 (1).png

Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Playoffs =400. Cup =40. Hockey =40. The playoffs are set to begin on 4/13, the day of Kobe Bryant’s final career game (Mcllroy was rockin tribute cleats with 4/13 stitching, gold and black like the Ducks colours). NHL =34/68/204. National Hockey League =204. That’s just like how MLB =162 and Major League Baseball =162. And while there aren’t 204 games in the season like there are 162 in MLB, Stanley =24 and the ‘Playoffs’ =100 begin on the 104th day of the year, for a stretch at 204. Anaheim Wins Stanley Cup =240. Also, National Hockey League =96 and Stanley =96. Ducks Win Stanley Cup =96. New York Wins Stanley Cup =96. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim =212. New York Islanders =212.

We’re liking the Ducks and the Islanders in the final, both teams with the strongest alphanumeric synchs, as far as we see it at this point. They both played after the final round of the Masters, the only two games on the last day of the season; Ducks winning with 2 goals and Islanders losing with 2 goals. Golf =22. Danny =22. Master =22, the Master Builder number being 22 in numerology. Walt Disney won 22 Oscars and died in ’66. The Walt Disney Company =2266.

  • Mighty =82 and there are 82 games in the regular season. Ducks Clinch Pacific =82, which they did tonight. Walter Elias Walt Disney =2800, with 28 birth numerology. Walter Gretzky =2208.
  • Ducks signed the following players in free agency this year: Chris Mueller =62 (Stanley Cup Finals =62). Shawn Horcoff =136 (Stanley Cup =136). Harry Zolnierczyk =99 (in the 99th season). ‘Stanley Cup Champions’ =99. The last cup #99 Wayne Gretzky ever won was in ’88 and his Oilers finished that regular season with 99 points. The Walt Disney Company =99. Walter Douglas Gretzky =88. Ducks Islanders Stanley Cup =88. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Ducks Islanders =51/159. Danny Willet =51/159. Walt Disney =51 (died on the 15th of December). Anaheim =51. Ducks =22/58. Danny =22/58. Anaheim Mighty Ducks =101. Danny Willett =101 and won on the 101st day. His tattoo of ‘Infinity’ =613. Disneyland =613. That’s also an 8 and the only jersey retired by the Ducks is Teemu Selänne’s #8, retired on 1/11 like ‘Mighty Ducks of Anaheim’ =1011, currently at 11-1 odds to win. Teemu Selänne =102 and finished his career as the top scorer with 1.02 points per game.

Willett’s initials DW (and Walt’s WD) remind me of Darkwing Duck =54/126. (Walter Elias Disney =1206.) Danny Wills It =54/162. D Dubya =342/611, like his longest 324-yard drive synching with ‘Stanley Cup Champions’ =234 and DW =423, along with the 111-16 ink like his new son ‘Zachariah’ =611. Walter =1106. DW’s sidekick is Launchpad =80, here at the 80th Masters.

  • Anaheim Ducks Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =186. Disney For The Win =86. Walter Elias Walt Disney =86. Anaheim Mighty Ducks Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =223. Masonic =223. Like the first ever Masters starting on 22/3. Islanders Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =223.
  • Masters finished on 10/4. Walter Elias Walt Disney =104. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim =104. Anaheim Ducks =401. Mighty Ducks =140. Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =140. Pittsburgh enters the playoffs with 104 points. Eight Equals Infinity =104. 
  • The Ducks play at the ‘Honda Center’ =336. Walt =336.


Walter =79/474. Champion =79/474. Gretzky’s old man is named Walter, too. Walter Gretzky =191. Anaheim Mighty Ducks =191. Disney born in 1901. Walter Gretzky =1146. Walt =11, Anaheim Ducks =64/46 and finished the season with 46 wins. Lord Stanley =46. Ducks Islanders =646. Both Wayne and Disney’s fathers were born in ‘Ontario’ =92. Anaheim Mighty Ducks =92.

  • Walter Elias Disney =1206. NHL was organized on 11/26 when Disney was 16. He’d die with 16 days left in the year and now it’s ’16. The 330th day of the year is 11/26 and Anaheim =33.
  • Walt Disney’s numerology: [12+5+19+01] =37, 18 (it’s 18,018 days from his death to the start of this year’s playoffs), 28, 19. [12+15+19+66] =93 (Walter Elias Disney =93 / Ducks founded in ’93), 112, 49 (Disney died 49 years ago), 31. Walter Gretzky’s [10+8+19+38] =56, 75 (Walter Elias Disney), 39, 30.

That’s all I got for tonight but lots here to work with, so pick up a thread and run with it, truth-seeker! Keep me posted on your findings. To end with, this shot from Space Jam of the Ducks Season ending (or is it) with what could be a POV from an island. Duck Season Ens =51. Anaheim =51. Walt Disney =51. Ducks Islanders =51.

13 thoughts on “NHL Stanley Cup Preview: The Disney Prophecy

  1. Any link to the mighty ducks film? Came out 10/2/1992 = 24. This year is 24 years later.
    10+2+19+92 = 123. The original cup before the ‘Stanley cup’ started in 1893. 123 years ago.

    And with the 22 connection, ducks are 22 years old.


    • Wicked findings buddy! I’m planning on doing a detailed breakdown of Mighty Ducks for sure. As for that 24… Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =2400. One Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions =202.


  2. I found the Dallas Stars to be worth further investigation. Take a dig Berg, they’re that 1st place team no one believes in. “No defense, no goaltending” is what the homers say. But they are stacked with Olympians, in the NHL it’s about timely powerplays. The refs can send whoever they want. Also note that the NBA is a star driven league and the NHL is jealous of that, trying to market these guys. Tyler Seguin is a perfect/ideal marketing tool, in texas.. Also has a birth numerology of 131…That’s just yummy for the NHL. John Tavares in New York… Orgasmic for the NHL, bald getzlaf and old Perry for Anaheim… Meh, maybe 4th best option for NHL growth and marketing potential.

    2nd note. I picked up a great clue from your last thread, pretty much making my 2017 grey cup prediction concrete already. You’re Canadian? I think… 9 team cfl is where the focus should be. I believe I’ve got this years champion figured out but wow next year, i think i might be making pretty close to an all in move. Send me an email if you want to collaborate an article on the sport no ones heard of haha


    • In both cases i like Anaheim and Dallas more than others because they share that 23 connection. Ducks in the 23rd year of existance, Dallas 23 years since moving from Minnesota. Both teams have 1 cup and 2 conference championships. Winning the cup would make it 2 cups and 3 conf.. Danny willet made that 23rd pga event count..


    • Excellent breakdown dude. Dallas =49 in their 49th season, 227 the 49th prime. Coach ‘Lindy Ruff’ =690 and next team to hoist the cup will be the 96th.

      Yeah I’m from Red Deer originally, grew up as a Stamps fan and definitely keen on decoding the Grey Cup. Send me your findings!


  3. It looks like you really worked on this one, and I loved that damned Darkwing.

    I predicted a Chi repeat, really based on tension in Chicago when the white fans win and it would be 4 out of the last 7 for the Hawks, but there’s no denying your work.

    I threw your page a shout out on a truther page who wanted to know someone who investigated sports as well as Z. Hope you dont mind.


  4. Since you made the Nyquist connection, I was thinking maybe Detroit was worth investigating. It didn’t disappoint..

    Detroit= 546/91
    Red wings = 594/99
    Detroit Red wings = 1140/190
    90th year of existance. That 99 on red wings… (redwings 90th… 99/90.. Or 666 because its 2016, hmmm…)

    Oddly enough, former coach Mike Babcock, considered to be the best in the business was told he wouldnt be back last year. He was replaced with this guy

    Jeff Blashill = 787 (jewish)
    612 (english Sumerian)
    102 (ordinal)
    237 (english)
    48 (english reduction)
    12 (greek isopsephy)

    Born December 10, 1973 (42 yrs)

    On top of the masonic connections we have 612 reflects this year 2016. Detroit is looking for cup number 12. That matches up nice. The 111 birth numerology is certainly nice given its 2016.

    Before detroit earned a playoff spot a couple days ago, it had a streak of 23 consecutive appearances. This marks 24, a reflection 42 years old coach. (23 has been coded in everything lately, since that miley cirus song) anyway… Detroit has 6 conference championships and 6 presidents trophies. With 6 being interchangeable with 9, you could say that looks allot like 99. Its the 99th stanley cup.

    Already interesting…

    Pavel Datsyuk announces he will retire following this years playoffs. Certainly handing the torch over to Gustav Nyquist, which syncs up nice with the Kentucky Derby..

    Some interesting players:

    Johan Fransen only played in 2 games this year. Perhaps a stat line clue? http://redwings.nhl.com/club/m_player.htm?id=8471309&season=20152016&view=stats
    The penalty minutes and game winning goals stand out.. Maybe Berg can make more of it. He has a birth numerology of 133. This last piece is pure speculation but if detroit wins the cup I’d assume it takes them 24ish games. That would give johan 131 career playoff games.. Pure speculation on that..

    Danny Dekeyser
    Birth num of 119, weighs 191.. Even the weights sync up on players.. Pretty weird, indeed.
    Local detroit guy, went undrafted. http://redwings.nhl.com/club/m_player.htm?id=8477215

    Pavel Datsyuk, the retiring star.. Played 66 games this year.. Another 99 clue perhaps, make what you want of it.

    Here’s the roster list..http://redwings.nhl.com/club/m_roster.htm
    To make it easier to scroll through.
    It seems maybe were only missing the 131 connection. However maybe champion 474/79 or with the s 588/98

    Or the halloween bday 10/31

    Surely we over look 10/31 too often.
    At this point I’m now doing further research as i write this article and I notice.

    Luke Glendening has 12 career playoff games and 102 career penalty mins. Remember detroit looking for cup number 12.

    ANDREAS ATHANASIOU if you do his birth numerology the short way you get 37, he played in 37 career games. Has 14 points, refection 41 and we know how 41 ties into 666 and how 666 ties into 2016, at least I hope at this point.

    Jimmy Howard, the goalie, 14 wins 14 losses this year.. Drafted 64th overall has 46 playoff starts..
    From Syracuse, New York… Thats allot Berg.. Creepy indeed.

    Kronwall, birth numerology of 113.. Guy has 3 goals and 23 assists this year in 64 games. 104 career playoff games, 41 playoff assists.. Add 5 goals to total his 46 points reflecting his 64 games he played this season. Also note 14 career game winners..

    You can find some odd connection all the way down the detroit red wing roster.

    Played 66 games this year. Freezing his stats at 11 points this year, 9 assists. 14 career penalty minutes

    Teemu Pulkkinen played only 36 games. Freezing him at 6 goals 6 assists. How many 99’s am i going to cross? The guy was drafted 111 overall. We discussed how thats fitting in 2016..

    Kyle Quincy, 47 games. 4 goals 7 assists. How mason like, he also weighs in at 216.. Oddly enough his stat line is frozen at 140 career points. Were getting a ton of beast connections. Gotta love it. I’m going to stop because at some point i just have to.

    Can’t wait to hear the Berg spin on this


    • With all of the 14s Detroit is connected to, i thought it was interesting that they play the Tampa Bay Lightning in round 1, who are in they’re 14th year of existance. Detroit finished with 41 wins.. The list goes on, i just stopped.


    • Oh yep you brought the horse up. Those are hot numbers, great decode brother. I’ll be digging more into this for sure.

      Stanley Cup named after Freemason ‘Lord Stanley of Preston’ =93 (Wings finished with 93 points), 102 (Jeff Blashill =102), 111. Stanley was the 16th ‘Earl of Derby’ =111/666. Especially hot now if Nyquist wins the Derby.


      • Boom buddy. You always have the angles i miss. I will email you my grey cup work tomorrow. I’m sure you could add a phone book to my findings


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