The Lifetime and Death of The Will Smiths

NFL star Will Smith is murdered on the day before actor Will Smith receives a lifetime acheivement award, the day after Jayhawks football player Brandon Bourbon was found dead. Like Bourbon Street, Smith, a former Saints player, was shot in New Orleans. Will Smith the actor starred in 148 episodes of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and Will Smith the football player played in 148 career games. Nigger =148. Satanic Ritual =148.

  • The film actor is 47-years old and the sports actor was born 7/4. Neither will be in the next Independence Day, as the upcoming movie remake won’t include Smith and the other, one, well he’s dead.
  • They were born 666 weeks 3 days apart, or 4666 days.

The body of Bourbon, who wore #25, was discovered 25 days after the Kansas Amtrak derailment on Pi Day. Investigating his Twitter, I found that his truck window got smashed in on his last birthday, 8/15. That’s 227 days before he was reported missing, another connection to Pi – and he was found on 4/2 – 3 months 14 days after Will Smith’s movie ‘Concussion’ =42. Bourbon =424 died at 24. And as Behrendt pointed out, even the railroad crossing sign is coded to 24 [9+6+9], and the orbital speed of Saturn is 9.69. The man who shot Smith had the NOPD after the cops killed his father – 10 years 3 months 14 days earlier.

  • $_35Bourbon died of ‘Suicide’ =34, in ‘Kansas’ =34, exactly 3 months 4 days after the Kansas Amtrak derailment. Will Smith died at 34. William =34. Murder =34.

The ominous window smashing event happened 233 days before his body was discovered, or 33 weeks 2 days. The movie Independence Day was 233 minutes long. 233 the next Fibonacci number after 144. Bourbon Street =1044, which is seven blocks from the start of Magazine Street, where Smith was shot dead. Smith’s character in Concussion is ‘Dr. Bennet Omalu’ =144. His full name is ‘Willard Christopher Smith Jr.’ =144. The Smiths =440. Will Smith =44.


Bourbon =33. Smith =33 and his wife aged 33, also shot. Hummer =33, which rear-ended his car then shot him following an altercation. MTV =330, where meanwhile the actor was receiving the Old Dude Award. Smith was shot 106 days after Concussion and 10 weeks 6  days before Independence Day 2. Prophecy =106. The Smiths event took place 7222 days after the ’96 release of Independence Day, for another Pi reference. Willard Christopher Smith =1722.

  • Will Smith died 8 weeks 7 days after Super Bowl 50 and 87 days before his next birthday. Bourbon =87. Bagger Vance =85 came out 805 weeks before the Smiths night. The Legend of Bagger Vance =1116. Eightieth Masters =1116. Having A Blast =116/44, Smith’s last ever tweet.

The picture on the left is a tribute by Bourbon’s buddy and the one on the right is the last image uploaded on Will Smith’s Twitter before his death. Notice the one-eye symbolism. And the entire Gematria of Smith’s last ever tweet = 187, the homicide code. 


3 thoughts on “The Lifetime and Death of The Will Smiths

  1. There’s a shit ton more we dumped out on Zach’s post, but you found some great stuff with the streets and the Bourbon kid. Thanks for rocking this out.

    And we are def of a like mind, I gematriaed? The Lifetimes and Death of the Will Smiths too…


  2. So Will Smith the actor must be shitting himself, as I’m sure he’s not ignorant about who pulls the strings. Did he piss someone off? Was he going to spill the beans on ritual sodomizing of actors? Did he resist the pimping out of his son Jaden on the alter of transhuman gender bending?


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