Another Bowie-Based Blood Sacrifice 


Dennis Davis, session drummer best known for his work with David Bowie, has ‘died from cancer’ – 2 months 27 days (12 weeks 3 days) after Bowie, who ‘died from cancer’; like his guitarist Mick Ronson who ‘died from cancer’, and about a dozen other Grade-A rockstars in the past four months who all ‘died from cancer’, all very much by the numbers. Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrificial Lamb =73/118. Died From Cancer =73/118. Cancer Weapon =118.

  • Born: [8+28+19+51] =106. Prophecy =106. [8+28+51] =87. David Bowie Drummer =87. Classic Rock Sacrifice =87. Died 87 days after Bowie. [8+28+1+9+5+1] =52. Blood Contract =52. Freemasons =52. Rest In Peace =52. [8+2+8+1+9+5+1] =34. Murder =34.
  • Died: [4+6+20+16] =46, like Mick Ronson born in ’46 died aged 46. [4+6+16] =26. Cancer =26. God =26. Lazarus =26.

Dennis Davis =48/120. Illuminati =48/120. Davis =330. Thirty-Three =66. Dennis Davis =66. David Bowie =66. Born ‘January Eighth’ =66 and was ‘Dead at Sixty-Nine’ =66. Changed his from name Davy Jones in ’66 after the success of the other Davy Jones, who’d die at 66. Davis drummed on ‘Young Americans’ =66.

And look at the image we get. Davis wearing a golf-themed Mickey Mouse shirt, as just yesterday I drew connections between the Masters and Walt Disney. That’s trippy but it gets even nuttier: David Bowie Drummer =1116. Eightieth Masters =1116. Like Willett’s 111-16 tattoo. Davis died the day before the Masters – same as Merle Haggard – and two days before the 31st Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

  • David Bowie =49. Mickey Mouse =49/58, 139. Freemasonry =58, 139.
  • Davis died 22 months 7 days later, 22/7 =3.14, the approximation for Pi indicating cycles and history repeating itself, blood sacrifices entangled with astrology. That’s 12 weeks 3 days: Conspiracy =123. Psychological Operation =123. Hidden Hand =123. Satanic Cult =123. Androgyny =123.

Davis died on the 116th day of a standard year, 22 years 11 months 9 days after Mick Ronson, who died on the 119th day. Davis died 1051 days (150 weeks 1 day) after bassist Trevor Bolder [Rockstar =51 / Conspiracy =51] who died 20 years 23 days after Ronson. Davis died 223 days after his last birthday and 144 before his next (powerful numbers connecting back to the playbook of Revelation, the 66th book of the bible like the names of Dennis and David). Time =144 (‘takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth’). Crab =144 (symbol of cancer). Forty-Four =144. Cancer =44. Disease =44. Medicine =44. Chemo =44. Kill =44. Like his initials DD=44.

Davis Died on the 117th day of 2016. David Bowie Blood Sacrifice =117. January Tenth Twenty Sixteen =117 (the 1/10 date of Bowie’s death from ‘Liver Cancer’ =110, two days after his birthday). Like ‘Lemmy’ =68 dead from ‘Prostate Cancer’ =68, four days after his birthday. Bowie died at 69, the astrological symbol for cancer, same as Alan Rickman, who died from cancer four days after Bowie. 3/4 of ‘Bowie’s Backing Band’ =69 (from Ziggy Stardust) are dead from cancer, giving a whole new meaning to the line from Moonage Daydream, “Ray Gun To My Head” =69.


And the important thing here is to not be afraid of cancer, fear-based programming being one of the agendas in the constant barrage of cancer-based stories. Whether they were given cancer by a proverbial ray-gun to the head and murdered when their card was up, or it’s a cover-story for something more insidious, the trick is that it’s all ultimately in our minds – and everything we experience as physical reality, or sickness, is an expression of the internal, thought-form made manifest. So be truth, be light, be love.

5 thoughts on “Another Bowie-Based Blood Sacrifice 

  1. Fear causes cancer anyway. It is obvious to me that we are in the midst of a great change with the master builders. Pop culture for the last decade has hummed with a tone of “this is all happened before, it will all happen again,” and our time and place right here and now is at the cusp of the reset. 69. Cancer. 8. Infinity. Its the great soul collection shuffle.

    Have some other theories on this too, but that’s all they are. Nobody really knows jack-shit.


    • I meant to say that about fear being the number one cause of cancer. That soul shuffle concept and the reset is part of my working theory too. I’d love to hear more of your theories on what this all means!


  2. HI brother Berg just a quick thankyou for the ride I and friends were on Sunday I bet on D J on Friday tried on Thursday anyway a 2000 return good til the last minutes No one believed me now they are searching your blog EXTRA CASPA {outside the box} Thankyou again ps. should have bet top 5 next time for sure Just took nyqist to win K D NHL next Brother Berg DUCKS?


    • Hey right on dude! My pleasure. I chalk it up as a win for Gematria regardless – the more we learn about the coding the more accurate these predictions get. I am really diggin the Ducks right now and my upcoming post is bringin even more crazy solid connections to the table so stay tuned!


  3. What’s your email and I’ll throw some of my thoughts at ya, I don’t want to ramble too long in your comments. I am Hit me up.
    I mostly specialize in
    The Year of the Dead Celebrity- —216


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