Danny Willett: Green Makes You Look Fat

CNN sure to show the heavily coded 111-X tattoo, which I was mistaken in reading as 111-16… As it turns out, X=24=6 so that’s 111-6: Eightieth Masters =1116. Green Makes You Look Fat =1160/104/239 and he won on 10/4 in the 239th year of America. If that’s not one of the single-most stacked cyphers of all time then pro sports aren’t rigged. And his newborn son was due on 10/4 and named ‘Zachariah’ =611. Danny Willett Wins Eightieth Masters =410, as he did on 4/10. Now what else could that be coded for?

  • With regards to the NHL: Philadelphia Flyers =1116. Predators =116. Rangers’ GM ‘Jeff Gorton’ =116. Red Wings have 11 cups 6 conference wins. Kings’ coach ‘Darryl Sutter’ =1160. Ducks’ captain ‘Ryan Getzlaf’ =1160.
  • Illuminati Family =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Anointed One =116. Eternity =116, like his infinity symbol. President Barack Hussein Obama =1016. The Supreme Court =1016. Assassination of President Obama =116. Love Is The Law Love Under Will =116, the motto of ‘Thelema’ =64, as is ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ =64.

And speaking of love, Davis Love III =64 (born in ’64) scored a hole-in-one on Sunday at age 51. Danny Willett =51 and finished -5 for 1st on ‘April Tenth’ =51. Love’s birthday is 4/13, the start of the NHL playoffs. Davis Milton Love III =1314, the perfect Pi mirror. And just cuz we can’t get enough, it’s even emphasised in the headline:


The article from 1:04. “Danny Willett Brotherly Love Helps Fuel Green Jacket Success” =223. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. The first ever “Augusta National Invitational” =322 was on 22/3. And with the ‘Brotherly Love’ line we get another reference to Philadelphia, the City Of. This plus ‘Philadelphia Flyers’ =1116 and the article coming on the day the Flyers’ owner dies, is extremely curious indeed.

  • The article emphasizes Willett’s brother’s tweet as “Winning Twitter” =2339/79. Green Makes You Look Fat =239. Champion =79.
  • Green Makes You Look Fat Refuse The Jacket =144/2378. Love Is On The Way =2378. What are the chances that buddy hits a perfect 144 with that tweet? One of the Master Fibonacci numbers and code for 666. Like the 144 strokes he had after Day 2. Magnetic Fairways =1044. Number of the Beast =1044: X=144 and Mark of the Beast =144 (leading some I’m sure to surmise that his tattoo is a literal mark of the beast). Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =144. Freemasonry =58. Danny =58. Refuse The Jacket =58. 

2016-04-11 (1).png

The tweet was sent at 18:29 Augusta time. That’s the 1109th minute of the day. Willett has 119 birth numerology [10+3+19+87] and won on ‘April Tenth Twenty-Sixteen’ =119. A tribute to the true Masters: God Saturn =119. Divine Rule =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Order of Death =119. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119.

This is all evidence of the scripting, and the extent to which it reaches. Also, since X=144 we could take the ‘111-X’ script as an equation: 111 – 144 = -33. Negative Thirty-Three =104/239. Green Makes You Look Fat =104/239. Can I get a BOOM! And in golf, negative is positive, in perfect harmony with the Law of Reversals. As Above So Below =48/156. Six Six Six =48/156.

2016-04-11 (3).png

8 thoughts on “Danny Willett: Green Makes You Look Fat

  1. You just blew my brains out with the -33. As above so below. When you hit a big drive buddy, be sure and yell FOUR!!!!!!!!!!


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