Philadelphia Flyers Owner Takes One For The Team


Ed Snider A Flyer Forever Comcast Spectacor =174. Comcast Spectacor =174. A Flyer Forever =156. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =174/156. Flyers Upset =1056. Ed Snider, the Jewish owner of the Philadelphia Flyers, has died the day after the last day of the regular season. Philadelphia Flyers =96. National Hockey League =96. Stanley =96. And the next team to win the Cup will be the 96th to hoist it. He died 96 days after his last birthday in Montecito =114 on 4/11, aged 30,411 days old. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =114. Flyers enter the playoffs with 30 losses. Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =130. Snider died from bladder cancer: Bladder =116. Philadelphia Flyers =1116.

  • Edward Malcolm Snider =85. Flyers =85, 510 (Philadelphia Flyers =105). Ed Snider =51, 78. Dave Haskol =708 (Flyers head coach). The Holy Grail =708. Lord Stanley’s Cup =78.
  • Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =139. Ed Snider Fake Death =139. If Flyers were to win they’d have 3 cups and 9 conference championships. Edward Malcolm Snider =193. One Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions =193. Lord Stanley of Preston =93. A Flyer Forever =93. Flyers finished the season with 93 points and a 41-30 record, like the playoffs starting on 4/13, the mirror of Pi.
  • As I’ve covered many times, 227 is a Pi reference and the 49th prime number – as the Flyers are currently in their 49th season. Flyers Upset =49. Snider was a member of a Jewish-only fraternity called ‘Sigma Alpha Mu’ =49/121. Revelation =49/121. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =121. Stanley Cup Champions =1210.

Flyers have won two Cups, in 73/74 and 74/75. Take One For The Team =74/83. Snider was a chairman of ‘Comcast’ =74 and he died at age 83. Stanley Cup Playoffs =74/83. Flyers play at the ‘Wells Fargo Center’ =183. He died exactly 66 weeks after his second last birthday. Philadelphia =606, the name from Revelation the 66th book of the bible. The finals begin on 6/6. Flyers Upset =166. Stanley Cup Champions =99, here in the 99th season of the NHL. Stanley Cup =919. Ed Snider Blood Sacrifice =199.


With 16 division championships for the Flyers you gotta love his birthday 1/6/33, as Sixteen =33. Stanley =33. Snider =33. Comcast Spectacor A Flyer Forever =330. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =330. NHL =16 and Lord Stanley was the 16th “Earl of Derby” =666. That 1/06 like the prophecy code; Flyers =601 and of course he “died” in ’16 as a tribute no doubt to the scripted outcome of the NHL playoffs. What exactly that is, we are working together to decipher.

PS: This being the 96th Stanley Cup presentation, it’s only been won by 18 teams. As 18 is an extremely hot number (6+6+6), I reckon we could scratch the teams that have never won a cup: Washington, Florida, St Louis, San Jose, Minnesota, and Nashville. That leaves us with a field of 10. I also like the Flyers reference connecting back to the Flying V of the Mighty Ducks. Flying V =41 and Flyers enter the playoffs with 41 wins 11 ties to match Snider’s 4/11 death date and Game 1 vs the Caps on 4/14. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =141. 

16 thoughts on “Philadelphia Flyers Owner Takes One For The Team

  1. Wow man. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out this kinda shit happens. Flyers play washington, no one will bet flyers.. That’s brilliant.


    • Nice!! And 131 days left in the year on 8/22. That’s the 234th day: Stanley Cup Champions =234.

      Brayden Michael Schenn =93 and Flyers at 93 pts, etc. Schenn =186. Philadelphia Flyers =186.


      • Any thoughts on pittsburg?
        Olli Maatta born 8/22 as well
        Bryan Rust 3/11/1992 – 131st day of year
        Nick Bonino 4/20/1988 4+20+19+80=131
        Ian Cole 2/21/1989 2+21+19+89=131

        From the end of the masters 4/10 to Sidney Crosby birth 8/7 is 119
        being the 99th season Connor McDavid just came into the league being the new Gretzky
        but Sidney Crosby and John Tavares both were consider the same when they entered the league


      • Those are some beauty finds bro! I’ll be diggin into Penguins soon enough. A lot of their numbers synch up with the Mighty Ducks prophecy, as I’ll be revealing shortly. They’re birds, too 😉 perfect for the overarching Flying V theme.


  2. You know its a good post when it gets me to believe the worst playoff team could be the best playoff team, ha.

    The Stanley Cup Final begins on 6/6 – Philadelphia =606.

    Now get this…Villanova just won, and they are from Philly. They won on 4/4 & if we day count that to 6/6 = 2mo 2 days…..or 63 days. Reverse 63 & Sum 1-36 =666. Stilll 4/4/, 6/6, 2mo 2 day…..anytime we have this many multiples of 11 something is def up – even if I can’t say exactly what?

    The Pope left Philly on 9/28/15, and to 6/6 =36 weeks. I don’t want to dig any further because I’m picking the Wash Caps to Win the Stanley Cup. The Owner of the Flyers is a Sacrifice for that as the Flyers face the Caps in rd 1.


    • Ed Snider was born in Washington D.C.

      How fitting… This shit is beyond ridiculous

      Last i checked birth is good and death is bad, so washington probably will win the series


      • Ha, it really is beyond ridiculous buddy. Yeah fair play on the life vs death angle, I like that take, though I do dig Flyers as surprise underdog. This matchup’s probably my favourite of Rd 1 as it will really boost our Gematria game big time regardless of the winner.


  3. Remember there was 3 train wrecks. Only 2 championships to show for it. Flyers the 3rd philly team?

    Paying +225 to beat Washington, that’s worth a touch


    • There was also a Duckboat crash in Seattle on Route 99 last year that I covered as one of my first ever posts, 199 days before end of the season or 204 to start of playoffs. NHL =204. National Hockey League =204. Lord Stanley’s Cup =204. Seems like a tribute to the Ducks – now just to figure out if that means their season will come to a crashing halt or not.


  4. Here we go again.. multiple narratives for multiple teams with blood sacrifices by the numbers. Think we’ll be able to get it solved by the start of the playoffs? It’s a fun challenge nonetheless. Wish I knew more about hockey!


    • I’ve taken a few days off work to go on a straight-up Gematria bender here for the boys and the goal is to get’er locked in ASAP. I grew up right between Calgary and Edmonton so was fairly saturated with stick-puck, though I played football and rugby instead – and stopped following pro sports around the time I woke up to mind control after 9/11. But now thanks to the wonders of Gematria I’m a fan again, haha.


  5. When I saw this I thought it may indicate the Flyers to be a sacrificial team to the eventual winners of the cup.
    Capitals beat Flyers 4-2
    Capitals 42nd season
    Alex = 42
    Ovechkin = 42
    There were 42 players who scored 500 goals in their careers before Ovechkin scored his on January 10, 2016

    Credit to Toni for that info:


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