Ride-The-Ducks Crashes Foreshadow Stanley Cup


Ducks Fly Together =199. As it turns out, 199 days before the end of the NHL’s 99th regular season, a Ride-the-Ducks aquatic tour bus crashed on Route 99 in Seattle, resulting in 4 dead 4 days after the previously documented shaming of Gretzky #99 with 99 days left in the year. Stanley Cup Champions =99. LAND & WATER TOUR =55. RIDE-THE-DUCKS =55/64. ANAHEIM DUCKS =55/64. Kings’ coach ‘Darryl Sutter’ =55. Lord Stanley =55.  The Cup =73. Ducks Fly Together =73. The Mighty Ducks =173. RIDE-THE-DUCKS =73. You reckon there’s a connection?

It occurred on the 24th of September, 204 days before the start of the playoffs. NHL =204. National Hockey League =204. Lord Stanley’s Cup =204. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =2400. The first Mighty Ducks movie released 24 years ago on 24 numerology. Stanley =24. Kobe wears #24 and the playoffs begin on his final game; and dude lives near Anaheim.

  • Four Dead =74 on a bridge called ‘Aurora’ =74. The Mighty Ducks =74. Stanley Cup Playoffs =74. Aurora Bridge =119. Anaheim Mighty Ducks =191. Stanley Cup =919.
  • Duck =234. Stanley Cup Champions =234. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =132. Duck Tours =132. So what’s the Seattle connection you ask? Seattle Washington =212. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim =212.


666 for 2016 and Lord Stanley the 16th ‘Earl of Derby’ =666. Pretty sexy with that 144 coded into the phone number when the first 144 decimal points of Pi equal 666. Lucky Duck =666. “Tour Starts at Space Needle” =110/281. Anaheim Mighty Ducks =110. Flying V =182. The Mightiest Duck =182. Stanley Cup Finals =1182.

  • It happened 139 days after another Ride-The-Ducks accident, in Philadelphia of all places. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =139. Duck Duck Goose =139. Or 140 with the end date: Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =140. Mighty Ducks =140. Flyers =40, captain Claude Giroux =140. Sharks =40. Pittsburgh =140.

The duckboat (officially a ‘DUKW’ =59) smashed into a coach bus operated by ‘Bell Air’ =59/137, the 33rd prime like the 33-foot duckboat. Anaheim California =137. Anaheim =33. Mighty Ducks =59. Black Mamba =59. Los Angeles =37. Kings =33. The connection between Philly and Bel-Air remind us of the Fresh Prince, Will Smith winning a lifetime achievement award on the last day of the NHL season, a day after NFLer Will Smith was shot dead.


And if you can believe it there was another Ride-The-Ducks crash in Seattle on 3/31 of this year (Anaheim California =313), 6 months 7 days after the last one. September’s was duck vehicle #6 and this latest was duck vehicle #7. Including the end date that’s 6 months 8 days (190 days). Anaheim Ducks =109, Mighty Ducks =68. And it’s also exactly 27 weeks. Ride-The-Ducks =127. Land Water Tour =172. Duck =217. This latest staged fender bender comes 14 days before the start of the playoffs, like the 140 days between the other two crashes. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

It should also be noted that the duck is a symbol of the goddess Isis, clearly a prevalent and ongoing theme. Again this Stanley Cup winner will be its 96th. Stanley =96. National Hockey League =96. Duck Tales =96. The Catcher in the Rye =96, a novel replete with duck references said to be an MK trigger for John Lennon’s assassin, ‘Mark Chapman’ =99. As the kids in the Mighty Ducks movie say, “Ducks Fly Together” =199. Stanley Cup =919.

I’m leaning strongly towards a bird-themed team to take it this year. Anaheim is top choice right now with the Flyers as a shock underduck and the Penguins and Red Wings flexing as contenders. Though there really might be something to this Capitals run… More on that to come so keep it locked to Extra-Capsa and don’t touch that dial.

9 thoughts on “Ride-The-Ducks Crashes Foreshadow Stanley Cup

  1. Might be a stretch but I think this foreshadows ducks vs stars in western conference finals

    Happened on aurora bridge

    Aurora borealis also known as northern lights normally emits green and yellow

    Dallas stars used to be the Minnesota north stars


    • Nice read. Gematria yoga is good for the mind and overall wellbeing. I was thinking about EMF and Haarp radiation with the aurora reference, mind control patterns in general. Aurora Borealis =74 too. Northern Lights =79. Stars GM is ‘Jim Nill’ =79.


  2. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck—-700, 4200, 3700(J)

    Strange to see such a big phrase come out all zeroes in the end digits. Anything on 7, 42, or 37 for these teams??


  3. Brother Berg, I have found the connection between Danny Willett’s masters win and the Amtrak train crashes / Thomas the tank engine spot you have detailed in your past blog. With your info, together with Maestro’s info plus other Internet info here goes ….
    Danny Willett Masters Champion = 333 (Maestro)
    Thomas and the great railway show = 333 (wiki info)
    As you detailed the Amtrak train crashes – Chicago bound train hit a BACKHOE on the tracks in Chester, Pennsylvania Train number 89 (remember that number).
    Also Amtrak train crash in Halifax, North Carolina … As you spotted
    Halifax North Carolina = 101/209
    Thomas the tank engine = 101/209
    Halifax and Chester are english town names, giving a clue to where these stories originate?
    Thomas the tank engine is the clue to Danny Willett masters win ….
    Train hit a backhoe – in Thomas the tank engine there is front loading digger called Jack, with concept artwork for this character shows Jack with a backhoe (wiki).
    Danny Willett’s caddy Jonathon Smart wore No. 89 on his jumpsuit. The same number as Jack Nicklaus’ son Jackie wore in 1986 when he carried for his dad in Jack’s historic 6th masters win (ref fox sports dot com).
    1986 was the 50th masters tourny.
    Jack Nicklaus aka ‘the Golden Bear’. Thomas the tank engine toy trains were produced by Golden Bear Toys.
    1989 Thomas the tank engine debuts in America on PBS.
    Golden yellow train called Stephen made debut in 2013 film King of the railway in which Jack appears.
    Stephen is based on Stephenson’s rocket, which originates from the book
    Thomas and the great railway show = 333


    • Sorry to tie up your comments section …. Forgot to mention –
      In your video you mentioned coach Williams wanted to be crowned ‘King of tobacco road’ = 159/78.
      How about ‘Cavalier King Charles’ = 178/88.
      There was a lot of ’66 coding in the Amtrak train crash, Danny Willett started the Masters at 66/1. ’66 was coded into the Royals world series win as well. Alot of king references.
      Even this past weekend there was the Grand National horse race winner in the UK called – Rule the world, also starting at 66/1 and won the race at 33/1 odds. Remember horse racing is the ‘sport of kings’.
      One final note regarding the Stanley Cup. There was a narrow gauge rail engine called Stanley featured in Thomas the tank engine. An american engine built by Baldwin locomotive works in Philadelphia. It was a rough rider and had a tendency to derail ….. Ref – ttte dot wikia / wiki.
      All the best.


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