The Mighty Ducks Prophecy


The Mighty Ducks =74/83. Stanley Cup Playoffs =74/83. The movie starring ‘Estevez’ =102 came out on 10-2 in 1992, the day that leaves 90 in the year. Stanley Cup Champions =90. [10+2+92] =104, like the run-time of D3 with its 10/4 release. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =104. Anaheim Ducks =401. Mighty Ducks =140. Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =140. The Holy Grail =140. In the image above there are 14 badass humans.

[10+2+19+92] =123 and this is the 123rd season of the Stanley Cup and the Ducks’ 23rd year in the league. Emilio =123. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =123/330. Anaheim =33. [10+2+1+9+9+2] =33. Stanley =33/24. Lord Stanley’s Cup =204. National Hockey League =204. NHL =204. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =2400. [1+2+1+9+9+2] =24. I guess you could say that’s a pretty damn coded release, especially when it’s now 24 years later.

  • Gordon Bombay =131/59. Mighty Ducks =59/68. Championship =68/131. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =113. Hockey =31. Ducks =13. Coach Bombay =43 and the Ducks’ GM is ‘Bob Murray’ =43. Champion =43.
  • Emilio =63. It’s 63 days from the Villanova win on 4/4 to start of the Cup Finals on 6/6. Villanova from ‘Philadelphia’ =606. And from the Pope’s departure of Philly to 6/6 is exactly 36 weeks. Of course the sum of 1 to 36 is 666 and the Stanley Cup is named after the 16th ‘Earl of Derby’ =666.


Flying V =95/1182/59. Mighty Ducks =59. Stanley Cup Finals =1182/74. The Mightiest Duck =182/74. The Mighty Ducks =74. Stanley Cup Playoffs =74. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =95 and the Cup’s currently been won 95 times (by 18 teams). The rival team in D1 are ‘The Hawks’ =95, like Blackhawks won the cup last year. The Flying V =128. Knucklepuck =128. The Cup =28. Flying V =41. Champ =41. Anaheim Ducks =401.

  • Their rival in D2 is ‘Team Iceland’ =42/87. Los Angeles Kings =87, Kings =42, and they’re the Duck’s real-life rival for the Western Conference. In fact the Kings are the only team in the playoffs with that code pairing.

The star player in the movie is ‘Charlie Conway’ =1520/822. Brotherly Love =1520 and we’ve found a few players with 8/22 birthdays; that’s the 234th day (Stanley Cup Champions=234) that leaves 131, and comes 131 days after the start of the playoffs. If we connect that all the way to Philly, the Flyers have a kid named Brayden Schenn =93/102/183 (Flyers at 93 points, Mighty Ducks released on 10/2, and Philly plays at ‘Wells Fargo Center’ =183). Schenn =186. Philadelphia Flyers =186. Flyers’ coach ‘Claude Giroux’ =59/140. Mighty Ducks =59/140.

You gotta love that Conway’s #96. Duck Tales =96. National Hockey League =96. Stanley =96. Philadelphia Flyers =96. Like the next team to hoist the cup will be the 96th to do so. Conway =81 like current Ducks’ captain ‘Ryan Getzlaf’ =810. Stanley Cup Champions =81. 

  • And if we keep the bird trend afloat, the Penguins have ‘Olli Määttä’ =104 (like their 104 points, and the other synchs covered in the intro paragraph) born 8/22. He’s played 98 games and it’s the 98th season of play in the NHL. Penguins also have ‘Bryan Rust’ =48 (like their 48 wins) born on the 131st day; Nick Bonino born with 131 numerology [4+20+19+80], as does ‘Ian Cole’ =59. Pittsburgh =59. Mighty Ducks =59. Sydney Crosby =59, and he’s stacked with 119 birth numbers.
  • Penguins also have a 99 reference with the GM ‘Jim Rutherford’ =990. Emilio Estevez =990. Which all begs the question, which is the mightiest duck? Perhaps the Red Wings have something to say about it.

(Notice the 40-13 like the playoffs 4/13 start date). The Mighty Ducks was spoofed in an episode of South Park called “Stanley’s Cup” =1009. Anaheim Ducks =109. Detroit Red Wings =190/1140 and it was episode 1014. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =114. The Colorado Avalanche let the kids’ pee-wee team (wearing the old North Stars colours) play the final period in a game against the Detroit Red Wings.

  • Entering with a 2-2 tie (Ducks =22 and are in their 22nd season), the Red Wings win 32-2. Here in 2016, they enter the playoffs with 93 points. Emilio Estevez =93. Stanley’s Cup =930. One Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions =193. Red Wings =99 and it’s the 99th year of the NHL. Stanley Cup Champions =99. Emilio Estevez =990/66.

On June 4th 2008, exactly 81 weeks after the episode aired (on 11-15-06), the Red Wings hoisted the cup. Stanley Cup Champions =81. Lord Stanley =810. It was their 11th cup and their 5th conference win, like the 11-5 coded into the episode date. As prophecied, they swept the Avalanche in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Now let’s work some other durations and see what we come up with here, eh team?!

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Ducks Prophecy

  1. In the First Film when Bombay drives out on the Ice, Goldberg even says he won’t be there all season because he’s moving back to Philly but then never moves back to Philly. “Goldberg the goalie”=152 Pennsylvania=152


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