150,000 Dead Penguins Hoax and Pittsburgh Cooler Than Ice Cold


This might be one crazy coincidence, but there’s a story from 2/23 about 150,000 dead penguins in Antarctica who perished after being landlocked by a giant iceberg on ‘Cape Denison’ =51/105. Penguins =51/105 (and there’s 15 in the image above from the article). {Philadelphia Flyers =105. Flyers =510. Anaheim =51. Mighty Ducks =50.} Pittsburgh =50 and this article from the ominous 2/23 date comes exactly 50 days before the start of the NHL playoffs – and Mario Lemieux is 50 years old, born 10/5. But yo don’t worry about the penguins, because this article is the follow-up to a Lupercalia story that said they were all dead – the 2/23 article says, (and I’m paraphrasing) “Actually they’re probably all OK and just moved on somewhere else, our bad.”

This may very well prove to be a foreshadow for the NHL Penguins to fade at first then come back so strong all the way to the Finals. A hoax blood sacrifice, as it were, just like the Flyers’ owner. Only penguins can’t fly; suckers. May as well be called the Pittsburgh Emus, amirite? (Let’s be honest, even on the ice an emu would beat a penguin in a fight). 

One Hundred Fifty Thousand =114/123. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =114/123, and it’s the 123rd year of the Stanley Cup. Penguins open the playoffs against the Rangers with their coach ‘Ryan McDonagh’ =123. One Hundred Fifty Thousand Penguins =156/174. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =156/174.


Sidney Patrick Crosby =236. Stanley Cup Playoffs =236. Sid the Kid =239 here in the 239th year of the United States of America. Crosby born 8/7/87 and wears #87, the best Penguin since ‘Mario Lemieux’ =870, aka ‘The Magnificent One’ =87. Lord Stanley =870. Eighty-Seven =139. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =139.

  • Crosby =28 and he’s 28 years old. Crosby =82. The Battle of the Birds =82/199, which is what pundits would probably be calling a Ducks-Penguins final. Ducks Fly Together =199 in the 99th season of the NHL for the ‘Stanley Cup’ =919.
  • Dead Penguins =56/119. Star of David =56/119. The Penguin =119. Lemiux’s nickname in French (as per the Wiccapedium) is “Le Magnifique” =119. Antarctica =116. The GM of the Rangers is ‘Jeff Gorton’ =116. Reminders of Willett’s 1116 tattoo.

But wait… a narrative of penguins killed by an iceberg then turns out they’re actually just killin the game? Penguins first game of the playoffs against the NY Rangers comes on the 104th anniversary of the Titanic striking an iceberg (Pittsburgh =140 finished with 104 points), and sinking early the next day — which came exactly 47 years after Lincoln was shot and died early the next day. Pittsburgh Penguins =1470. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =147. And get this: TITANIC =76. NEW YORK RANGERS =76.

  • So in the first round edition of NHL role-playing, Rangers are the ‘RMS Titanic’ =54, as it’s officially called, and just as history repeats according to pi cycles, ‘Rangers Sink’ =54. Penguins are cool, those little dudes love icey water.

(Spoiler Alert: two people could float on one door…) Jack Dawson =101 and Rangers finished with 101 pts. The dead penguins who weren’t actually dead didn’t die on ‘Cape Denison in Antarctica’ =101. And speaking about heart-breakers, Rangers lost in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last year at Madison Square. Never let go, indeed.


And bringing it back to the Disney Prophecy, Sidney is an anagram of ‘Disney’ =76. NY Rangers =76. Titanic =76. Sid the Kid =89. Donald Duck =89. And with regards to the duckboat tale from the previous episode of Extra-Capsa, it may very well be foreshadowing an oncoming derailment of the Anaheim season, much like how the Tar Heels-coded train wreck the day before the Final Four final signified its defeat. Both Villanova and Pittsburgh are from Pennsylvania, where Pope was last seen in America. Pennsylvania =152. Stanley Cup Playoffs =1552.

  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania =292. Mario =29. The killer duckboat crash and the Tar Heels trainwreck came 192 days apart. Pittsburgh Penguins =92. Stanley Cup Playoffs =92.
  • {Or 193 days} One Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions =193.  That’s also 6 months 11 days coding up with Willett’s tattoo, if we wanted to make the stretch. If our veins are sufficiently ice-free.

Tying it back into the false dead penguins story from Lupercalia, the festival of death; that article dropped the day after Patriarch Kirill met with Pope Francis in Cuba on 2/12.  Vladimir Gundyayev =212. Pope Francis Bergoglio =212. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim =212. That 2/12 leaves 322 days in the year. And speaking about Pi cycles and history repeating itself, without further ado, may we present to you: Patriarch Kirill absolutely killin the game with some penguins while dressed like a combination of Lorraine Baines and Marty McFly from Back to the Future II!

“Yo, ‘Santa Claus’ =666, there’s no penguins in the North Pole,” (though I haven’t been there myself so fuck there might be). But hey, as above so not always below, as it turns out. While meanwhile these penguins be all, ‘Why dis fool wearin a dress AND a life jacket on land. Who he think he is?’ Continuation of the black vs white saga from Super Bowl 50, this time with the penguin representing the ultimate merger of black and white.

Stranger things have happened, truth-seeker.


*Disclaimer* This post was composed under the influence and Extra-Capsa is not responsible for any faulty wagers made on impaired judgement calls, unless they’re big wins in which case Extra-Capsa will bare the burden with Kirill-like stoicism. 

52 thoughts on “150,000 Dead Penguins Hoax and Pittsburgh Cooler Than Ice Cold

  1. I just wanted to point out a few things. In the movie the mighty ducks coach bombay used to play for the hawks and is now coaching against them in the championship. Team Iceland was from the 2nd movie. So who’s a coach that was a former player? Or maybe a GM, is it possible they could coach against they’re old team? Coach bombay went on to sign a minor league contract with the Minnesota North stars affiliate. They moved to dallas for the 93 season (23 years ago) yes the movie came out 24 years ago but the NHL did have a lock out year. So the movie came out 23 NHL seasons ago. The movie was 101 minutes (the big apple, Philadelphia) the big leagues are coded deeeeep.. At least for this special year. Maybe these puzzles will get easier

    Also I believe you mentioned Claude Giroux to be a coach, he is a forward and Coach Darryl Sutter coaches the kings, not ducks. So there may be a bit more decoding to do there.


      • Oh shit! Ha, there’s the Bombastic Bombayness comin atcha. Last time I payed attention to NHL was when my Flames got robbed in the ’04 final with that bullshit no goal in Calgary (which finally makes sense now that I understand how it all works). I lost a bet on that game and had to march down the Red Mile buck-ass naked save for a Joel Otto jersey and my Air Force 1s.


    • Lemieux was player-owner for a spell. Holds the Penguins records for most assists at 114 and was the only guy who ever took his skate off and tried to stab somebody. Er wait that’s Dustin Johnson. Too many stats on the table.


      • Whoaaa

        So Bombay was a hawk then duck but so was Adam Banks, which now reminds me of Patrick Sharp. Sharp got the cup with chi last season. 2 notable points. Our Prime Minister gave some speech with Obama where they argued over what nation is better at hockey. Mention of Canadian Goods or some reference about how the canadian players is why chi has the cup. One he mentioned was Patrick Sharp, I remember laughing as he no longer plays their. Point 2) Around the same time a picture of Bieber with the Stanley Cup appeared after a concert in Chicago. A jersey hanging on the wall. #6 Bieber. Bieber Six = Patrick Sharp.


      • Patrick Sharp =140. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =140. May likely have been some more scripted bullshit to pump/flaunt the code, as more evidence that literally everything these clowns do/say is to the narrative.


  2. I also love how Dallas has 1 cup and 2 conference championships because if they win it all that brings us to 2 and 3, 23 years after they move, 23 seasons after mighty ducks was released. Lindy Ruff =690 which can be played as 99.. He is a retired player (buffalo, new york rangers) Dallas has a 47 year old owner with just about zero info available on him.

    Texas.. Massive untapped market✅
    A #1 seed that no one believes in ✅ (reminds me of the broncos)

    Forgot to mention the bieber six thing is in jewish gematria.


    • Texas is steamin right now with all the major events going down there 52 years after JFK in the 239th year – and that 51 train here on the Penguins story? We gotta give a shoutout to Super Bowl 51 synching with 123rd Cup for the Conspiracy =51/123 angle. The Programmers playing the Long Game.

      I’d love to get the exact date of Ruff’s brother dying in a bush crash with the Swift Current Broncos in ’86.


      • Keep digging, you’ll find it.

        Patrick sharp =140 reminds me of all the 14s i seen with Detroit. Then it totally reminded me of your south park reference. Those are dallas stars colours.

        Dallas detroit=140

        41… It’s so fitting in 2016


    • That victory green dallas wears also looks kinda like what the mighty ducks wore in the movie.

      I’m still stuck on patrick sharp leaving the champion hawks to join the team in green

      Lol too much.


    • Yeah buddy shoot good catch. So those years are the age of the team but the asterisk -1 year is the number of seasons. Fucking beautiful reference. I was going to your PGA guide multiple times a day with the ctrl-f move and will be doing the same with this work of art.


      • I just noticed from Jeremy’s reference page that Dallas had 109 points. Flip that 9 and you have prophecy. Also GM: Jim Nill =34, 79/474, 728
        Tyler Seguin born 1/31

        Prophecy, champion and championship sound nice together


      • Ok I noticed there are 2 brothers on Dallas. The Benn brothers with Jamie being the captain. May be an angle worth looking into since we saw the brothers on the Nova/UNC game; and this brother stuff on Danny Willett also. Plus Philly brotherly love.


  3. There’s a guy on the Islanders with a 1/31 birthday. Name is Mikhail Grabovski.
    Mikhail = 117, 63, 378, 36/45
    Grabovski = 689, 104, 624, 41/50/59/68
    Mikhail Grabovski = 806, 167, 11002, 77/86/95/122

    Since this name has so many K,S, and V’s I want to make sure I ‘m doing the exceptions right:
    Grabovski in E. Reduction = 41
    Grabovski with S exception = 50 (add 9)
    Grabovski with K exception = 50 (add 9)
    Grabovski with K and S exception = 59 (add 9+9)
    Grabovski with V exception = 59 (add 18)
    Grabovski with K, S, and V exception = 68 (add 18+9+9)


    • Mikhail Grabovski = 11002
      Reminds me of 112, like Houston, seems to be a part of some recent riddles. No cup for him yet, his 131 is up for grabs. Good call on the brotherly love connection for the Benn’s too. Those are my top 2 reads, make detroit, philly and anaheim the rest. But with Nyquist the horse, my own work on detroit and south park spelling it out. Its hard not to make Dallas vs Detroit the most likely senario


      • Should be 1002 (English gematria), had a lil typo in there.
        Also in Jewish gematria: Mikhail Grabovski = 1036

        I was looking at futures odds for the cup. Detroit is the longest shot in the field at +3300. Best is Washington at +400.


  4. Mattias Janmark, 0 years experience, born December 8 1992. 12+8+19+92= 131 boom!
    Dallas Star

    Stars Red Wings =1056 (156th prime is 911) that also seems fitting this year, aren’t we to expect another 156..


    • Nice buddy. That’s too perfect! Really digging detroit. We have so many comments on each team littered all over the place but I do recall nice numerological connections. Add Datsyuk retiring, Nyquist the horse, Nyquist the man will be the wings best player when Datsyuk retires. Hell he will probably be the MVP, Nyquist kentucky durby winner and NHL MVP in the same season. Some announcer will say “you can’t write this stuff” ha!

      Now another mighty ducks comment to support the movie possibly being about the Dallas Stars. It takes place in Minnesota the year before the North Stars moved to Dallas.

      Is there a connection that can be made between Disney and Dallas? I’m gonna start digging around again now


    • Yeah mate we can bundle up our top picks with the strongest code in a parlay. I’ll need to work out the details with the squad today but right now I’m liking a five-pack on Wings / Islanders / Ducks / Kings / Hawks. 100 pays 2800. Might end up whittling that down to top 3 though. Plus a gamble on Flyers.


  5. I think the best chance to make a nice chunk is a parlay of who will win the cup and who will win the other conference. I turned 30x payout on the superbowl by doing that with broncos panthers…
    Maybe even add the Cavs onto a parlay if we are sure about them.


    • 30x! Nice one brother, I was too green with betting at that point to know better even though I had Denver since week 5. Still made a good chunk. Thing is we’ve got so many angles right now at play so may as well throw down on round one with our top picks eh, while we getter sorted by round two. Then that parlay once we haver as good as locked will be beauty


  6. Easy on the massive parlays guys. Betting on sports is something I’ve done at a high level for a long time. I promise you 5+ games statistically is pathetic.
    Take 2 underdogs that you believe in, bet them evenly, hit one and you’re up.
    Parlay 2-3 tops on these favourites to get the odds to plus money. Maybe something like dallas/anaheim to get those +125ish odds.
    Slow and steady, manage your bank rolls. Make sure you can afford to be wrong because as soon as we are wrong, the answer always pops up. If we figure it out in the 2nd period of game 7 in the final, we can still go online and make a live bet. Patience is the message.

    Berg, as far as those 5 teams you want to parlay, where did the kings and hawks come from? I didn’t pick up much on those teams, personally I think both of those teams are in extremely tight series and although the kings were my pick (pre learning gematria) it kinda feels to me like the sharks are owed this. Having said that, I didn’t look into them..

    My top 6 reads would be:

    The most interesting connections are definitely Detroit, Dallas and Anaheim. Realizing now that the movie the mighty ducks might actually be about the stars. The teams both started in 93. So this leaves me confused. The boat crash clue is probably the correct one, as we discussed travel clues have been recent winners. Hwy 99 lol let’s go back to those clues


    • That’s sound advice right there. Thank you my man. Last World Series was the first time I ever bet on sports and I’ve been learning lots since then. Extend the calculated approach from the decoding into the investment. The Kings Hawks angle came from the theory that Coach Bombay was previously a Hawks player and battled his old team, just like Sutter was an old Hawk and could face them in the conference final. Anaheim and LA share a lot of the same code. We share the same top reads though. And yeah the travel clues, let’s get our Carmen Sandiego on!


      • Disney’s latest movie is ‘The Jungle Book’ =55/64/1097. Stanley Cup Finals =197. Anaheim Ducks =55/64. Comes out on 4-15 the 106th day. Anaheim Ducks =109. Stars with 109 pts and their franchise from ’67. The original Jungle Book cartoon from ’67.

        Mowgli =79/1016. Baloo =123.

        You got Jeremy’s cypher on the go eh? Muy necessito for the search function.


  7. I’ve got Dallas or Ducks in the West. Washington or Pitt in the East. You guys are making things much more complicated then they need to be.

    One thing I think you guys are hot on is picking all the 1st rd series winners. Hawks, Stars, Ducks – Pitt, Washington, Redwings. That leaves Islanders-Panther & Sharks -Kings. Don’t have a good feel for those two series, but whoever wins those – I’ll then pick them to lose in the 2nd rd.

    Overall I like Pittsburgh the best because I like the Gematria on Sid the Kid & Super Mario. I like Dallas 2nd best, but I believe in Bergs work, and the Mighty Ducks connections. 3 Mighty Duck movies – how many Stanley Cup Finals have they been in?

    I’ll be betting Pitt vs Dallas as my main wagers.


  8. On July 4, 2013, A day of 44 numerology, so more special than regular independence day, Seguin was traded by the Bruins to the Dallas Stars. It was a pathetic trade that ultimately lead to the firing of Pete, who is now the GM of Edmonton. You gotta look at the bigger picture, he was put in Dallas for a reason that doesn’t include the GM is a moron. It’s scripted..

    So I keep thinking there’s a Tyler Seguin/Disney connection. I’m on his wiki page and I see he’s good friends with rapper: mike stud= 612/102 same numerology as the coach of the wings. This rapper threw Seguin a party at: cape cod=47 after Seguin was traded on 4/7 lol. Why is that wiki relevant? I think we now know why..
    It also mention Seguin bought Mike Modano’s house in Dallas. Is he a clue? Mike played for 2 teams, Dallas and yes… Detroit. Also wore number 9.

    Then I found this article:

    Here’s a quote from it I really like: “Overall, the record of 50-23-9 says it all”
    i see 239 and 523..

    Seguin has a butt load of tattoos, I’m having some trouble making them all out. But he does have: 5-3-1 tattooed by his neck. No idea wtf that means.

    But now I remember the Seguin/Disney connection. Disney was to build a park in seguin texas, this was announced right around the trade in summer 2013. Also Disney ABC is located in houston.

    I really think that movie is about Dallas guys..


    • Beauty buddy!! If we google ‘Texas Disney’ there’s a highlighted result of Disney denying rumours of a theme park from 9/2/15. That’s exactly 32 weeks before the playoffs. Stars =32. Or 224 days: Lord Stanley’s Cup =1224. National Hockey League =1224. And the 9/2 date: Stanley Cup Playoffs =92.

      With end date that 32 weeks is 321 and ‘Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions’ =474. Stars GM ‘Jim Nill’ =474.


      • Bingo! The first day i heard of gematria i made the patrick sharp /bieber connection and said Dallas is winning it. I just cant believe how much deeper it was


    • The Disney scam article is worth it just for the perp’s pic, ha. North Texas =45/54/144. Dallas Stars =45/54. Stanley Cup Champions =1404. Story from ‘Sherman Texas’ =48, about ‘Thomas W Lucas Jr.’ =48. Stars in their 48th season. And they’ve got 1 cup 31 playoffs for a nice 131 going on 232.


  9. Good work Jeremy and Berg. That was productive and fun, let’s see it come together.

    Start a few parlays with dallas. Tomorrow i will send my cfl info, we can get that thread going in little while


  10. Get this fellas, Dallas coach Lindy Ruff has 131 career regular season wins with Dallas (though his 133 overall is worrisome), and 16 wins in the playoffs for Lord Stanley would put his overall career win total at 777. Still trying to find a site that lists team all time playoff records, as hockey reference does not.


  11. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were founded in 1993 by The Walt Disney Company. The franchise was awarded by the NHL in December 1992, along with the rights to a Miami team that would become the Florida Panthers.


  12. I found this stat in regards to Dallas and Detroit:
    The Stars played their first game in Dallas on October 5, 1993, a 6–4 win against the Detroit Red Wings. In that game, Neal Broten scored the first Stars goal in Dallas.


    • So that’s 23 years 99 days before the start of the playoffs. Neal Broten =106. Played in 1099 regular season games. He was part of the ‘Miracle on Ice’ =255. City of Brotherly Love =255.


  13. King Penguins – 146/65
    Prince of Wales – 146/65
    Berg, please check out the ‘English Civil War’ (171), info is on wiki. Involving Charles I (Charles the first (171), supporter of the Cavaliers / Royalists against the Parliamentarians / Roundheads. 3 wars in total, third involving Charles II.
    Charles I was second son to King James (tall King James / talking James from Thomas the tank engine). King James parents were catholic.
    The nba finals seem to be a tribute to the English Civil War.
    The Amtrak train that hit the Backhoe in Chester – Charles I was Earl of Chester.
    Current Prince Charles was also made Earl of Chester 26 July 1958.
    Chester (UK) has a relation to Sheffield (UK) through Royal Crown Assey Offices, hallmarking Gold. Willett was born in Sheffield.
    Remember, Stephen ‘The Rocket’ from Thomas the tank engine has the King’s crown on his funnel as well as a Lucky Horseshoe.
    The ultimate outcome of the English Civil War (after the third war) was victory for the Roundhead warriors. Time will tell if this has any significance to the outcome of this nba finals?
    What a tangled web, dont know if you can use your gematria skills to find connections?


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