Dallas Stars Aligned With Stanley and JFK


After some brilliant teamwork by the Gematria Squad, Dallas Stars have emerged as the hot pick for the cup. Let’s start with their season record of 50-23-9 and 109 points: Fifty-Twenty-Three-Nine =109/1626. Minnesota North Stars =262, as they previously were known. Jamie Benn was third in the league for scoring with 1.09 pts/g. The playoffs start on a date that leaves 262 days remaining. That’s also a 523 and a 239 in their record. The 99th prime is 523: it’s the 99th year of the NHL and the 239th year of USA. Two Hundred and Thirty-Nine =293. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =293. Stanley Cup Champions =99.

  • Fifty =66. Minnesota =660. Dallas =166. (Dallas face Minnesota in the first round). JFK =616. Stanley Cup =919. Dallas Tx =966. Adam Banks =66 (star player in Mighty Ducks 1). Victoria BC =66 (Benn bros’ hometown). The Dallas Stars =69. Lonestar State =169. Jamie Benn born on the 199th day with 166 remaining. Stars shooting to be the 96th Cup winners. Jordie Benn =96. Stanley =96. JFK killed on a date with 96 numerology (11+22+63), like sum of the degrees of the Scottish Rite (31+32+33) =96.
  • Fifty Wins =50/1560. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =156. The 156th prime is 911. Fifty Twenty-Three and Nine =119. Dallas Stars Win Stanley Cup =119. Nill =119, their GM, born on 4/11/58 – celebrated his 58th the day the Flyers’ owner died – with the 411 reminiscent of JFK shot from 411 Elm Street by an ‘Assassin’ =411 in Dallas.
  • Kennedy =78. Dallas Texas =708 and Texas just hosted the 78th NCAA Tourney. Seventy-Eight =159. The Dallas Stars =159. Benn Brothers =59. John F Kennedy =59/131. Fifty Wins =59/131. And therein lies the 131 championship code.
  • Stars have 1 cup from 31 playoff appearances. Tyler Seguin born 1/31. Mattias Janmark born [12+8+19+92] =131. Seguin and at least one Benn both have tattoos coded with 131. Benn Brothers =68. NHL =68. Championship =68. John F Kennedy =68. Minnesota Wild =68. 

We got to thinking that The Mighty Ducks movie might actually be programming a Stars win. It came out 23 NHL seasons ago (counting the lockout) and Stars moved to Dallas from Minnesota 23 years ago. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =123 and this will be the 123rd year of the Cup. A few stars on the Stars include the Benn Brothers from ‘Victoria British Columbia’ =123, born 1 year 11 months 23 days apart, and ‘Tyler Paul Seguin’ =1230. Lonestars =123. Abraham Lincoln =123 and the playoffs begin 151 years after his assassination to the day. Minnesota =51. Ruff =51. Jordie Benn =51. 


The Mighty Ducks takes place in Minnesota the year before the North Stars moved to Texas. Bombay =22. Dallas =22. The Lonestar State =202. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =122. Bombay was a star player for the Hawks and he had to face his old team as Duck’s coach, a parallel to the young star Adam Banks who got moved from the Hawks to the Ducks. On a real life parallel, Patrick Sharp won the cup with the Blackhawks last year and now plays for Dallas. Patrick Sharp =140. Benn Brothers =140.  The Holy Grail =140. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =140. Jack Kennedy =40. 

  • Patrick Sharp =502. Coach ‘Lindy Ruff’ =52 and the 52nd prime is 239, like the year and the Stars’ loss-tie record. It’s 52 years after the ‘JFK Assassination’ =52. Jamie Benn with 52 birth numerology  [7+18+1+9+8+9] =52. North Stars =152.
  • In the previously decoded South Park episode, proven to foreshadow the Red Wings ‘next cup, the boys’ peewee team is the green and white of the Minnesota North Stars. Red Wings were framed as Team Iceland and the GM of Dallas played 9 seasons with Detroit. Tyler Seguin was traded to Dallas on 7/4 of ’13 and bought Mike Modano’s house; Modano #9 who also played for Stars and Red Wings. Modano =26/62. Minnesota North Stars =262.

Benn Brothers from ‘Victoria BC’ =102 (where Brother Berg lived for a decade). City of Brotherly Love =102. Lord Stanley of Preston =102. Victoria BC=48 (located on the 48th parallel and Stars’ 48th season opening the playoffs agains the ‘Wild’ =48). Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =148. Benn Brothers =840. Victoria BC =957. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =1759. Twenty Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =121. Stanley Cup Champions =1210. Victoria Canada =121. 

  • Victoria’s motto is pretty relevant: “Forever Free” =123/1022(JG). Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =122. JFK Assassination =1122 (like the 11/22 date). Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =123, again the 123rd year of the Stanley – with Lord Stanley connections to British Columbia, like Stanley Park here in Vancouver (where the Canucks similarly have the Sedin Twins).
  • Frederick Arthur Stanley =327 and the Benn Brothers born 723 days apart.

Following the Disney thread to Texas, there’s a highlighted story about a man (with an awesome picture, nice one-eye) swindling investors with a fake story about a Walt Disney theme park in ‘North Texas’ =45/54/144. Dallas Stars =45/54. Coach Ruff =45. Stanley Cup Champions =1404. Walt Disney Theme Park in North Texas =144. Lindy Cameron Ruff =1444. The story involves one ‘Thomas W Lucas Jr’ =48, from ‘Sherman Texas’ =48, and Stars are in their 48th season of play. The playoffs start exactly 48 weeks since the last birthday of George W Lucas Jr (notice a similarity?) – who sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. Lucas’s middle name is Walton, like Walt Disney and Walter Gretzky. Walton =1111 (JG). 

  • Fake Disney Park Scam =109. Lucas got ‘Seventeen Years’ =96. Stars finished with 109 points (Benn with 1.09 pts/g) and looking to be the 96th team to hoist the cup. President John F Kennedy =106.
  • From the start date of the playoffs it’s 32 days until  George Lucas’s next birthday and 10 months 31 days (131) since his last. The 32nd prime is 131. Championship =131. Lucas was born with 231 days left in the year: Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =132.
  • Lonestar =32/41/104. Lindy Cameron Ruff =1104. The Lonestar State =1014. Jamie Benn with 114 birth numerology. Playoffs start on the 104th day. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =104. Dallas Wins =114. Dallas Stars Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =141.

The fake Disney park article is from 9/2/15 – exactly 32 weeks (224 days) before the playoffs. Stars =32. Dallas Stars Win =1032. Lord Stanley’s Cup =1224. National Hockey League =1224. The playoffs start 4 months 22 days after the 52nd anniversary of JFK. And the 9/2 date: Stanley Cup Playoffs =92. Including the end date that’s 32 weeks 1 day and it’s the 123rd hoisting of the Stanley. ‘Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions’ =474. Stars GM ‘Jim Nill’ =474. Nill =47. Dallas Star =407. Masonic =74/444. Lindy Cameron Ruff =1444. Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Champions =144/2160. 


7 thoughts on “Dallas Stars Aligned With Stanley and JFK

      • I posted over on jeremys blog but i figured i would add it here.

        The 1st game the Benn Bros played together was against Detroit, 9 total goals in that game. Between that game and the start of the playoffs is:
        1563 days
        223 weeks
        51.3 months

        Look at those numbers
        Seguins tattoo 5-1-3
        Skull n bones

        I feel like we closed the case, lets drop that fucking puck


  1. 99th cup, wings looking for their 12th. Add it together.. 111 another beast connection. Both detroit and dallas have this in common. The all time face of the franchise’s…
    Gordie howe
    Mike modano

    They both wore… #9


  2. Just like to point out that Villanova won the college championship and they’re the Wildcats like the team from the Disney movie high school musical. The Following players were signed in free agency this year by the Anaheim Ducks: Chris Mueller, Shawn Horcoff, and Harry Zolnierczyk. They still play for the ducks. “Chris Mueller” equals 62 in English reduction. “Stanley Cup Finals” equals 62 in English Reduction. “Shawn Horcoff” equals 136 in English ordinal. “Stanley Cup” equals 136 in English Ordinal. Finally “Harry Zolnierczyk” equals 99 in English Reduction this being the 99th season of the NHL’s operation. Looks like this ones for the mighty ducks! Just like the Disney movie..The start date is June 1st 2016 a date with 16 numerology. The next day is June 4th 2016 which the big way equals 46 in numerology. “Anaheim Ducks” equals 46 in English reduction. The final date is June 8th 2016 which the small way equals 23. This is the Ducks 23rd year of existence. Keep in mind that they were originally the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and this is only their tenth season with the name Anaheim Ducks. They won their first championship the year they changed names so the 2006-2007 season. The Disney movie the Mighty Ducks came out in 1992 about a hockey team and then the pro sports team was established one year later. I’ve never watched the nhl but there’s more money to be made betting on them than the Cavs at this point. Looks like they’re the winners.


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