Stars Player Dies* On Bench


March 10th 2014. Dallas centre Rich Peverley collapses on the bench during a game and almost dies for a quick second before being resuscitated by medical staff. RICH PEVERLEY =92/146. Dallas TX =46. Lord Stanley =46. Stanley Cup =46. Stanley Cup Playoffs =92. GM Jim Nill born with 92 numerology [4+11+19+58]. Seguin born in ’92, Mighty Ducks released in ’92, the year before Stars moved to Dallas. D Star =17/26/62. Minnesota North Stars =262.

  • PEVERLEY =1275. Minnesota North Stars =1572. PEVERLEY =108. JOHN RICHARD PEVERLEY =108. Frederick Arthur Stanley =108. Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Champions =108. Peverley =45. Dallas Stars =45. Coach Ruff =45. Seguin =450. Lord Stanley =145.
  • RICH =38/29. Nill for the triple birth number synch of 38 & 29. Minnesota =38. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =138.
  • JOHN RICHARD PEVERLEY =216. Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Champions =2160. 6x6x6 =216. Could that be 2nd cup in 16?

Birth Numbers: [7+8+19+82] =116, like Willett’s tat. [7+8+82] =97. Stanley Cup Finals =197. Champion =79. Jim Nill =79. [7+8+1+9+8+2] =35. Benn =35. Born 7/8 and played in ‘Dallas Texas’ =708. That’s the 190th day this year and Stars finished with 109 points, J Benn with 1.09 pts/g. He’s currently 33 and his next birthday is 12 weeks 3 days after the start of the playoffs. Again, it’s the 123rd year of the Stanley Cup and ‘Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions’ =123.

He collapsed on 3/10, the 69th day of the year. The Dallas Stars =69. Stanley =96, this year will be its 96th ceremony. Stars have 31 playoff appearances and Seguin born on the 31st day of the year. Hockey =31. Dallas =13. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =113. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =130.

  • [3+10+20+14] =47. Rich Peverley =74. Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions =474. Jim Nill =474.Nill =47. Seguin =471. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =147. [3+10+14] =27. Dallas Stars =27 and there are 2700 seconds in three periods of hockey.

He collapsed 121 days before his 32nd birthday. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =121. Stanley Cup Champions =1210. Stars =32 and the 32nd prime is 131, the championship code, and that duration is also 29 days 3 months. Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =293. Like their season loss-tie record of 23-9 here in the 239th year. Sharp =239.

8 thoughts on “Stars Player Dies* On Bench

  1. Fuck yes Berg, the work we covered in the last 24 hours looks like what Zach releases after we find out our pick was wrong.. Like how did we miss all that.. Well, this time we didn’t.

    Cheers Berg, Jeremy
    I’m so pumped about this alignment


    • Hell yeah, buddy. Great work boys. Let’s just hope this isn’t another runner-up prediction! Stars really do have the strongest synchs though, based on what we know. I really like the assassination tribute angle, too.

      And yo I just updated, J Benn had 1.09 pts/g this season as 3rd highest scorer. 9th last year and the year before that. There’s 2 Benns. I spy with my little eye, a 99 and 239.


      • I could see Dallas losing in the finals, remember unc.. Remember the added clues before the last game… These guys leave the script open. Plan B exists.

        But let’s look at this from a sports investing perspective. Fuck who’s winning it all. Find out who’s going to be in the picture and you’ve already won.
        Unc to make the final 4 paid around +150 sweat free cash, we got greedy. Dustin Johnson top 10 paid again around +150, never a doubt. If cleveland isn’t in the nba championship then i don’t know wtf to say. Imo the -350 or so to win the east is free money. We think they will win it all but we know theres spurs and warrior gematria, we don’t have to fuck with it. Just laugh because we cashed already. The difference between a -350 favourite and a +400 dog is enormous, we get greedy, greed is a problem.
        -350 = 77.7 win probability
        +400 = 20% win probability
        According to odds makers.
        Not saying they have it right, just coaching 😉 so let’s say something like Dallas to win round 1 combine with the cavs to win the east.

        On one sight i seen cle to win the east at -300 and stars round 1 at -275. Parlayed equals -122. It aint losing.


  2. Nice spelling of site lol.
    But anyway, when you think you’re on top of the mountainl, there’s only one way to go. So we better keep climbing, further research on another team that we had in our bubble.


    • Great coaching buddy, thank you! I appreciate it. I’m really digging a Seguin VS Crosby matchup in the final. Maybe look into Caps and Lightning in case our underdog picks there don’t pull it together. 12 years since my Flames were robbed by that no-goal against the Lightning.


      • I know exactly where i was at that moment and i freaked out saying its rigged lol. Everyone seen it and still couldnt admit the fix was in. Canadian teams get jobbed every time they get to the final. Since Montreal won in 93, it aint happened, question is how much longer? I remember a comment Zach made about how the yankees will probably never win another title because they have the most at 27. Which matches the gematria. Montreal has 24, which matches the gematria. Is it fair to say never again?
        I do believe we will see NYI winning round 1. Giving us a possible Crosby vs Tavares. Crosby vs Ovechkin. Battle of Pennsylvania? There’s so much Crosby great match up options. I will start digging into them but I gotta say the Detroit connections were beyond amazing. That’s my front runner. Parlay round 1 Detroit and round 1 dallas, equals +215. That’s good quick cash and I think will be my round 1 move


      • Oh man I was on the Red Mile for it, same shit as that Seahawks SB play – and still people refuse to see. The Flames scenario got me skeptical and that pick confirmed by suspicions.

        Montreal in 93! The same year Stars moved. Zach asked me earlier this evening who won the cup in 58 and 77 and it was Habs both times. Maestro has a theory that since no Canadian teams in the playoffs it’ll go to a Canadian star. That with my sense of the Lord Stanley tribute and the coding sets the stage for a nice battle of Crosby / Fleury vs Benns / Seguin.

        I like ‘Battle of Pennsylania’ =89 in the 98th season.

        Where in Canada are you?


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