On Seguin’s Ink and Achilles

SEGUIN =351 in Jewish Gematria, an anagram of his 5-3-1 tattoo. As we saw case closed with Masters’ winner Danny Willett and his highly coded ink projecting his Green Jacket, this is a genuine thing – and may prove doubly conclusive for the Stars in the Green Sweaters. FIVE THREE ONE =69/132. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions  =132, in the 123rd year of the Cup. Big D =132. The Dallas Stars =69. Achilles Tendon =69, which he lacerated last month (though is expected to be hot to trot for the playoffs); they’re calling his progress ‘Markedly Better’ =69, here shootin to be the 96th winners of the Stanley Cup. TS Ninety-ONe =960. Seguin Ninety-One =196.

FIVE THREE ONE =87, like Crosby who wears #87 (born 8/7/87) and Seguin’s teammate BENN =87 born ’87. National Hockey League =87. Lord Stanley =87. Stars’ Patrick Sharp enters the playoff with 807 games under his belt. Dallas Texas =708.

  • Lacerated Achilles =75. Seguin =75 (Dallas at 7.5 odds for the Cup). Lacerated Achilles Tendon =93. Tyler Seguin =930. Centerman =93. Stars Penguins Stanley Cup =93. So did he really get injured or is this all part of the Masonic ritual? It happened 27 days before the start of the season: Tyler Seguin =207 (in Bacon method). Ty Seguin =720. Dallas Texas =1072. Seguin VS Crosby =72/198, the fulfilment of the 98th season.
  • Achilles Tendon =141. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =141. That’s an injury of the Heel =30. Seguin =30. Like Tar Heels. Cavs calves. Colts horsehoes. All lower leg business. Might be something to it, perhaps connected to movement and travel, like these trainwreck riddles.
  • The supposed injury occurred on St Patricks Day, perchance a tribute to Patrick Sharp who was traded to the Stars this season off Chicago, the current Cup-holders. Sharp aged 34 and Seguin was out 3-4 weeks. Champion =43. Sharp =239 here in the 239th year with an interesting birthday of 12/27, like the fulfilment of pi (22/7) – history repeating with a Stars championship as Sharp keeps the ongoing back-to-back theme alive?

St Paddy’s Day is also the 77th day of the year, the greenest of all holidays (except 4/20). Championship =77. Stars =77. Hundred Twenty-Third Stanley Cup Champions =177. St Paddy’s Day =39. Seguin =39. TS =39. Dallas Stars Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup =507. Seguin VS Crosby =157. Fifty-Seven =131. Championship =131. Seguin born on 1/31.

His #91 is somethin, too. Stars finished with 109 pts to match J Benn’s 1.09 pts/g. Stanley Cup =919. Ninety-One =49/121. Revelation =49/121. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =121. Stanley Cup Champions = 1210. 


43 thoughts on “On Seguin’s Ink and Achilles

  1. Penguins fun facts:
    Owner has a birth numerology of 94, the team is in it’s 49th year of existance.

    Coach: Mike Sullivan = 888
    Which fits a theme this year. North carolina/ Jared Thomas Goff =888. But his mother would call him
    Michael Sullivan = 966
    There’s a 99 for ya. Heres another, mike was drafted 69th overall in 87, crosbys birth year.
    And another..

    GM: Jim Rutherford = 990
    Drafted in 69
    Has a birth numerology of 87
    67 years old.

    Mario Lemieux= 870
    Birth numerology of 99
    50 years old
    Inducted into the hall of fame 9 years ago
    Crosby in his 11th season, birth numo of 121, as previously mentioned syncs with the cup.

    I didn’t realize how synced up the pens really were.


    • Oh those are good. Yeah they’re looking pretty stacked, more fuel to the proverbial fire. Back when I last gave a shit about pro sports I was a fan of Fleury =87. Turns out he’s turning 32 (the 131 prime connect) on the 333rd day that leaves 33. So the fulfilment of his current age could be a 131, and maybe hint at his next year masterpiece season? Especially if the 32s on Dallas are green-lit.

      Flower =79/1061/34. Flower Power =66/156/2156. Two Thousand Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =156. (Fleur means flower if any non-Canadians didn’t catch that reference).

      Though if the Finals end on 6/6 as it often does, that would be 224 days before Fleury’s 32nd bday. Lord Stanley’s Cup =1224. National Hockey League =1224.


  2. Another thought is to keep all of this research in mind for next year as it will be the 100th/99th and all these 99 clues count again. One of these teams is definitely next years champ, if we sync that up we can eliminate them from our line up this year


    • Yeah mate that’s a solid strategy right there. So we got our Top 3, Penguins Ducks Stars, and one of em will have to wait til 2018. Back-to-back Stanley Cup Finals for one of these squads? The process of elimination is an angle I can get behind.


    • Yeah dude. 131 years ago was 1885, the year Lord Stanley became Secretary of State for the Colonies. Colonial Secretary =87. Lord Stanley =870. National Hockey League =87. Eighty-Seven =139. Secretary of State for the Colonies =139. Freemasonry =139. Twenty-Sixteen Stanley Cup Finals =139.

      Oh shit, ‘Hundred Thirty One’ =91, Seguin’s number born 1/31. Some bold font on that 131 alignment with Ty.

      Also there’s a town called ‘Seguin Texas’ =144/45. Dallas Stars =45. Lindy Cameron Ruff =1444.


    • Well mate the top three finds here are damn-near guaranteed to move into the next round so triple-up on Dallas Anaheim and Pittsburgh, is what I’m doin. I’m locked in on CHi too, and Detroit is coded up like mad. Philly maybe surprise underdog upset, though some of the boys are hot on Caps. Dallas and Pitts conference champs is the ticket based on the present findings. Cup winner is up in the air. Make a few safe parlays with those picks for the investment.


      • No worries man, it’s all about the best-of-seven series as a whole. This is my first season with the sports bets and only about 8 months into knowing Gematria so while NHL and NFL are my most familiar sports, it’s still in its experimental stages. I deciphered each game of the Blackhawks-Blues series synched to date numerology and found CHI-CHI-STL-STL-CHI-CHI to have the strongest synchs, so we’ll see. I could be wrong but I’ll still throw a little bit on Blackhawks to win 4-2 @ +425.

        I put a four-fold on Ducks-Islanders-Wings-Blackhawks, series winners. And when my Intertops site gives me the option for Penguins and Stars I’ll be doing another one or two parlays, and a future for Penguins Stars conference champs, I reckon. Good luck!


  3. Has anyone looked into the Florida Panthers yet????

    It’s their “23rd” year of existence…..

    And 123rd Stanley Cup……. 123 = the completion of 23???

    Also The coach Gerard Gallant was a player back in 84-95…

    This part of his wiki reminds me a little about the mighty ducks movie….

    “Gallant was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. He grew up near a local ice rink, and could be found sweeping the stands with his buddies in exchange for extra ice time.[1] Gallant has had the nickname “Turk” since he was three of four years old.[2] Gallant himself noted that when he first got to the NHL, a lot of the guys also called him “Spuddy” because of Prince Edward Island’s reputation as the potato capital of Canada.[3]

    While playing for the Summerside Crystals of the Maritime Junior A Hockey League at the age of 16, he netted 60 goals and 115 points in just 45 games.

    As a junior, Gallant played for three teams in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League: the Sherbrooke Castors (1980-81, 1981-82), the St. Jean Beavers (1982-83), and the Verdun Juniors (1982-83). Gallant served as team captain during his final year in juniors.[4]

    After his first junior season in 1981, Gallant finished as runner-up to Claude Verret in voting for 1980-81 Michel Bergeron Trophy as QMJHL offensive rookie of the year.[5]”


    • Yeah there’s some Bombay there but nothing that sways me, though that division is the foggiest. As my first preview said, Islanders have some hot numbers and the only esoteric angle I like about panthers is that whole jaguar ritual with Obama I covered on his trip to Patagonia and the assassination tribute code in Dallas. That’s theorizing and floating way above the page though. Next round we’ll dig deep into each team.


    • I probably over looked them myself, probably because I was into the Islanders early on. I just noticed Jaromir Jagr finished the season with 66 points. In 202 playoff appearances, he has 199 points in those games. Florida would tie into the disney theory as well. So I’m not sure really what to say. I would be shocked if the NHL lost the entire new york market in round 1. Those ratings are far superior to Florida. Also Berg had a theory that we would stay at 18 total stanley cup champions this year, Florida would be the 19th. I guess we will find out soon


    • It’s possible dude, I’ll ask Zach about it, he’s the man on the hoops. Stick-puck and football is enough rigged sports for this truth-seeker. I know that at the start of the season Warriors were going for the 33-in-a-row record and got snubbed at #28. Thirty-Three =156. Twenty-Eight =156. Six Six Six =156. And today has 33 numerology, so could be a sacrifice. They didn’t make the 66-6 either.

      It’s their 78th all-time regular season matchup currently at 39-38 for GSW. Thirty-Nine Thirty-Nine =122. Golden State =122. Forty Thirty-Eight =233, the next Fibonacci number after 144, which is coded all over the Warriors in their 44th season.

      I’ll throw a small gamble on Memphis. Getting stuffed for the record would certainly bode well for the Cavs projection.


      • We should be able to crush it when NFL season rolls around. I know the most by far about NFL. Used to play a lot of madden I almost knew every teams whole roster. Seems like NFL has the most scripted story lines etc. as well.


      • I think if GS wins its better for cavs/spurs
        They will sit at 73 wins 73=sacrifice
        I noticed after day 3 of the masters the only players at the top that didn’t score 73 for a round was willett and matsuyama


      • Great observation Sev. 73 is way more telling for a Cavs/Spurs victory, especially with that absence of 73s on Willett’s card! Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrificial Lamb =73. Goodbye =73.


  4. I think taking a couple home run shots is what I try to do when it comes to wagering. Like a parlay of Stars to win, Pitt to face them pays +5000. Add in a Cleveland Cavs ‘ship and it goes to +22,000. $100 for 22K… We didn’t do all this research to make a couple hundred bucks. Then try to hit some parlays each round, as you are saying the teams we have the gematria on should be advancing. That’s my thoughts…


    • Good call. Take a few home run swings and a few sensable bets with it. Were making money this month, guarantee that.

      Remember south park
      2-2 going into the 3rd
      32-2 final
      Kinda like the stars 3.22 goals per game and the 223 weeks since jordy benn joined the stars.

      Then again that was against Detroit and I keep thinking of the water crisis in flint, which jeremy mentioned was 99 days before today and 66 miles from Detroit. I think that clue is heavier than some of the Pittsburgh coding. Sure there is a million 87 and 99 connections in Pittsburgh, clearly that has allot to do with Crosby and Lemieux being the franchise. Detroit had just about everyones stat line with 14/41 coded into it. The coaching switch from greatest ever to some bum I’ve never heard of should be a big sign, especially when you go over his numerology. Neither one would shock me to go all the way. Both should be a round 1 lock.

      Before i mentioned how both dallas and detroit have the all time face of the franchise wear number 9
      Mike Modano
      Gordie Howe

      But since 6’s are 9’s
      Lemieux vs Modano is also interesting..

      Now the more we look into teams, the more connections we find. Were supposed to, because everyone involved is coded, you’ll always see something interesting. I’m going back to the travel clues, that’s been the money. As far as I’m concerned, that duck ride crash on 99 symbolizes not a ducks win but a disney connection. Florida, Cali or Texas. I will use my imagination and assume its pointing to the rumoured to be park in Seguin, Texas.


  5. Hi to the Gem Team I live in Ontario I need to know which online site you guys use in Canada I’ve been using bet sports way from the UK good but the opptions are’nt the same as Jeremy posted Iam a newby at this online betting my first was Dustin Johnson You know somethig it’s not betting for them in the know soon the GEM TEAM will know too keep on gemotreing Thanks Brother Berg England beat Gemany in golf at the masters [nationalities]


      • Maestro and I use intertops and it’s great. Check the small print on any bonuses though, I took one with a deposit for the super bowl and still have another grand to rollover before I’m able to make a withdrawal


      • Thanks Brother Berg looking at inter tops hard to figure out for a old guy like me just want the game bets. Hey Brother Berg I lived in Esquimalt BC in the navy on a submarine the HMCS RAINBOW 1970 to 76 great Island been all around it Gibson Landing my favorite port Beachcomers was filmed there at the time.I beat Bruno G in a game of pool for 10 bucks lets beat these guys at there own numbers game lets make some big bucks


      • Yes sir! I actually lived right up from the base on Admirals Rd for a while. And intertops.eu is super easy to use, you go to the Sportsbook option and have all your sports down the left column, fill out your ticket, and make some big bucks beating the Programmers at their own game.


  6. Guys,
    Has anyone considered Los Angeles Kings to win the tourney?
    Los Angeles Kings like la Kings.
    Recent acquisition veteran Vincent LeCavalier. Won Stanley cup 12 years ago.
    Vincent = 33
    LeCavalier = 88
    Cavalier King Charles = 178/88
    King of tobacco road = 78
    Vincent LeCavalier = 76
    Kings of the rink = 76/166
    Danny Willett started the Masters at odds of 66/1. Backhoe called Jack in Thomas the tank engine had a supporting role in ‘King of the railway’. Mainstream calling Willett ‘king’ after masters win.
    So, la Kings to win the Stanley Cup plus a double with the Cavs looks tempting.


    • Kings of the rink = 996 Sumerian.
      During LeCavalier’s time with the Lightning, Art Williams proclaimed Vincent LeCavalier would be “the Michael Jordan of hockey”. -wiki
      Although he didn’t reach his potential, could this be his swansong?
      All the best.


    • That’s a great read! All this in the wake of the Royals WS. Vincent for a big V too, with the 5th-age symbolism. Kings share a lot of Gematria with Ducks, and we’ve shown how they’re being propped up. Also, the Gretzky connection again, #99 in the 99th season, and he came to LA in ’88, the most monumental year of his life. I’ll have to look deeper into the Kings but for now I see them matched up with the Ducks next round. Then its Battle of Los Angeles =1140. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =114. The Great Los Angeles Air Raid =136. Stanley Cup =136. It happened in ’42, 74 years ago – two of the biggest Masonic numbers.


      • Wow, just realised just how deep the symbolic coding was of the 2 Amtrak train crash locations linking to Danny Willett and possibly Kings Stanley Cup win –
        Chester, Pennsylvania and Halifax, North Carolina … Chester (english town name) used to have a UK assey office for hallmark stamping gold / silver items (similar to us ‘sterling’ mark. Halifax (english town name)s in yorkshire, UK so is the birth place of willett, born in Sheffield. Sheffield has a UK assey office and their hallmark stamp now is a rose, but used to be a CROWN picture stamp. Hence, crowned ‘King of tobacco road’.
        The crown stamp links in with the LA Kings, as they have a picture of a crown on their shirts. Time will tell whether this link to the crown bears fruit.
        Sheffield, England is also home to the ‘Man of Steel’ sculpture, Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team and ‘the blades’ and ‘owls’ soccer teams. Was, looking at Sheffield and few months back because of all the owl, superhero symbology in recent psyops.


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